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What do you think of Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The TV Series?

Poll: Do you like Patlabor?

May 21, 5:54 PM
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I started giving it a watch and I can say that while it is still not bad, it doesn't compare to Mech anime that has been done before it. I bought the collectors edition blu-ray set and I was excited to watch it but I'm just a tad bit disappointed so far. Maybe I had my hope's up. Hopefully it gets better soon.
May 21, 6:12 PM
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it doesn't, they can discuss it below the poll.
May 21, 6:18 PM

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Great things I like about mobile police patlabor are its approaches to the sol genre (i. E. Work environment, variety) and how it approaches mech battles (ground mechs, susceptible to overheating, weight limits of carrying heavy items, and limbs can be ripped apart)

One thing that was difficult for me was being interested in the characters. Took me a while to start liking one which was almost near the end of the series
May 22, 3:24 AM

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"What do you think of Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The TV Series?"
You can say that there are two different universes inside the Patlabor franchise (not counting the eventual reboot).
1. Patlabor OVA 1988 + 3 movies.
2. Patlabor TV 1989 + Patlabor OVA 1990.

The first is really interesting and experimental. You can see Mamoru Oshii's evolving style from something like Urusei Yatsura toward Ghost In The Shell.

The second tries to serialize the ideas of Patlabor OVA 1988 and to appeal to wider family audience but what it lacks is quality overarcing plot and detailed animation.
Yes some of its concepts are fun to watch in the earlier episodes but not that spectacular. It's mostly an episodic show but when it develops the main plot or some of the subplots they almost make no sense.
Toward the end of the TV and in Patlabor OVA 1990 you can see clearly that the writers are out of ideas and recycle even some of the most stupid stuff (like the alligator subplot) just to get the episode count right.

So yeah the TV and its sequel are somehow curious projects but way below the standards of the other part of the franchise.
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May 22, 4:09 AM

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It's great if you're looking for the "real robot" type of mecha show, a cop show, or a decent comedy, having all of the above, but it's mostly character driven and episodic.

The first two movies are the best of the franchise in my opinion.
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May 22, 7:52 AM
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It's a great franchise, the rare type of mecha show where I actually enjoy the mecha aspect of it because it's more on the realistic side and it's set on Earth instead of space. I might even have enjoyed the Series more than the movies because it was just a very fun kind of slice of life show and I don't really need a main plot since I love episodic shows. The cast is just very likable and comfy and gets to shine more in the series.
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