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Poll: Real Chapter 85 Discussion

May 21, 2019 8:37 AM

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Alright it's back, what's happening right now?
May 21, 2019 9:18 AM
Thug Hunter

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Good chapter. I mean, it was an average chapter, but I think Inoue is aiming somewhere with that Nomiya training he is showing. Nomiya has potential to become a great player (don't know how his position is called in english). Also, Hisanobu is learning from Nagai what he wants to do for being like him and the Tigers were defeated again, don't know if they would win anytime soon.

Expecting the next one soon, master Inoue.
May 21, 2019 10:02 AM

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Finally we see the three of them together
May 21, 2019 5:30 PM

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Despite Nomiya's lack of training leading to his weight gain, he's actually pretty fine if nit better if he did some training to his form and positioning.

While it's kind of a downer to see the Tigers lose against the Warriors right at the beginning of the tournament, I guess that they were just unlucky with the match-ups considering how big the skill gap is between the two teams. This led to a fated meeting between three of the main characters though so I'm very excited to see where it leads.

May 22, 2019 1:46 AM

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I didn't think I'd see the day that we will get a return from Real. It's been so long that I have to re-read it again to remember what about. It was a very good chapter and I missed Inoue sensei's amazing art.
May 22, 2019 10:37 AM

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can’t believe we are seeing all three of them together.
it was a great chapter and i’ve missed inoue’s art ;n;

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May 22, 2019 10:57 AM

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I still can not believe that my favorite manga is back. After waiting for 4.5 years I was losing my hope but suddenly it is back. I will write a bit long so bear with me here.

First things first. We are getting a finale. I think Inoue is back at it to finish it. Even though I am very sad that it is ending, I also think that these stories needed a closure and I'm happy to see it. I believe that we are getting a finale because there isn't much to tell after all those years. Chapter starts from Togawa telling the story from the future ( I'll explain this below) and our main characters came together for the first time ever since the first chapter 3.

It was a short and lovely chapter but it has very small signs about where the story is headed. As I have mentioned above, chapter starts sometime in the future and Togawa tells the story of how their team was doing shortly after the events of vol 14. I don't exactly know when our story takes place but from the old phones and other stuff I would say that it's based in early 2000s. Togawa is shown using an iPhone (either a 6 plus or 6s plus) so we can assume that that scene is not "couple of weeks later" scene after all. We see that shortly after the camp they have entered a tournament and defeated by one of the top 4 teams of Japan. team is not in a good place after Izumi has left. On the other hand Takahashi is doing well and Nomiya will be on the rise again.

To see what to expect from the next chapters we have to remember why our characters love basketball and who are their role models . Togawa was not basketball player until he met Tora and Yama and Tora are his role models-supporters along with Azumi. For Nomiya I think basketball mean belonging to a group and not being alone, he was bullied as a child and he was shown being alone multiple times. Even though he was fighting with his teammates in the past I think he kept playing because he liked the idea that he belonged to the team. He did not have a supporter or a role model if I remember correctly. And for Takahashi, his love for basketball was somewhat related to his issues with his father, he was extremely cocky and he has believed that he was "A class" and he did not have a role model or a proper supporter.

So, even though Togawa is a good player and he keeps doing his best, Tigers have been losing matches constantly and he still keeps dreaming about running. Yama is back but Azumi (who has a huge role for the whole team and not just Togawa) is gone. I believe Tora will be back at some point before the finale but before that Togawa has to choose between running and basketball and I believe we will see him struggling about this choice in the next chapters or volumes.

For Nomiya, it's slightly different. he doesn't have a role model and he does not have someone supporting him so after failing the tryouts for Tokyo Lightnings he let go of his dreams, he has gained weight as well so he is down at the bottom of the pit again. But this time he will have people around him who can properly support him and teach him about the basics of basketball (as we can see from this chapter he is very bad at it) so he will be better in time but with baby steps and learning everything properly this time.

For Takahashi, I think we have seen the most of his struggles and most of his progress (and I have to admit that it was a very very depressing journey) he has somehow solved his issues with his father (or let's just say that he has accepted many things) made peace with himself and started to get inspired by others, forgot about all that A class bullsh-t. Only thing he was missing was a role model, someone whom he can follow and gets inspired by and we can say that Fujikura will be filling that role (he is one of my favorite characters in the series for no reason at all, he is just very very cool)

at the beginning of the story Takahashi and Nomiya had to start from the beginning while Togawa was having okay-is time compared to other two. Now Takahashi is in a better place, Nomiya will be on the rise again and Togawa will be struggling probably.

It's a shame that next chapter will be out in August. hen it was being published regularly it was being released in every two months and when I saw this chapter I hoped that it would turn into monthly (since Vagabond is still on hiatus, lol) but I guess it's not happening/ Takehiko Inoue's art style has changed quite a bit as well, it looks a lot different compared to the chapter 84. I don't want to say it looks more simple but maybe it looks slightly more cartoonish?

Anyway, It was a nice chapter and gave me lots of things to think about and I can't wait until August!
Aug 9, 2019 10:48 PM

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KirinKirin said:

Anyway, It was a nice chapter and gave me lots of things to think about and I can't wait until August!

I didn't want to quote your whole post since it was so long but there is definitely a lot to talk about there. I just finished catching up with REAL and I think your spot on with your predictions for the future.

Togawa has always had trouble working as a team because he's so used to running track. We might not have seen him struggling with this in this chapter but thats definitely where his character is going. I'm also interested in seeing how Azumi being gone will play into the rest of the series and if it will affect Togawas decision to pick basketball over track.

It feels so weird to see Nomiya back in the pit after being in such a positive place for so long. I was crushed when he didn't make pros but it makes sense considering how he started playing basketball. I still really think that Nomiya will make pros by the end of the season and I absolutely agree that this training is the start of that. Nomiya can only improve from here.

Takahashi is my favorite character as well. I always love character arcs where terrible people slowly become more kind and compassionate and Takahashi nailed it for me. I think his story is nearly done at this point. He just needs to start practicing more at wheelchair basketball and finally become friends with Nomiya. I really think Nomiya could give Takahashi a push to do great things.
Aug 13, 2019 1:07 PM

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gonna have to reread - i barely remember what's happening.
AnimeFreak-San said:
is this a male gender issure...human issue...mental illness perhaps?