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Poll: Akatsuki no Yona Chapter 175 Discussion

May 20, 2:36 PM

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This episode was great!!!!!!!!!!! Yona is so brave and am so happy Hak found her! When she "brings him water" his resolve finally snaps, you ve done well poor Hak ! I wish they killed Gobi though it feels like one of those characters that always return and i cant even tell if it s a guy or a woman xD.
May 20, 2:43 PM
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Oh my gosh, this was a great chapter! It's nice to see that Yona, Hak, and at least Jae-Ha are together; I can't wait for the rest of the dragons to be reunited. *sigh* when Yona brought the water over to Hak, I started to squeal...I can't take this anymore >.<
May 20, 3:14 PM

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that sweet relief when you finally see your faves reunited!!!!!!!!! i feel like some bullshit will happen in the next chapter cus it ended on a high note.
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May 20, 3:18 PM
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The passing of water by mouth that turned into a kiss was great. I suppose it is too much to hope for that Gobi will die Hak was pissed about her imprisonment but glad that the wife helped her escape
May 20, 7:55 PM

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It took me 23 minutes to go to the next panel from those precious ones! T_T

May 20, 10:12 PM
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Oh my goodness!!!! Yassss! I must have already read this chapter more than five times. I’m just so happy Hak and Yona are back together!!!!!! And finally, finally thank the Lord, Yona’s feelings seemed to get across to Hak and he couldn’t help himself after she brought him the water. Kyaaaa!!! Haha. I honestly think I could just about die happy right now. But I want to see all of the Happy Hungry Bunch safe and united again. Also, that maniac Gobi better not try anything funny before Jea-ha gets back...
May 20, 10:59 PM

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THAT CAME UNEXPECTED!!!! Damn, Hak's finally snaps because of that "water passing" and I believe all fangirls is squeling at that scene. XD

I seriously need to stop watching idol anime... The fact that I can't afford to buy their CDs yet keep making my heart broken..
May 20, 11:57 PM

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Amazing Chapter!

Hak’s steel resolve gave away for a second during the eventful ‘water passing scene’ and that was honestly a delight to see. He’s come so far and held off his feelings for so darn long, you can’t really blame him for losing grip of that as such. On another note, looks like Hak is in a pretty dire situation nevertheless but good thing Jae-Ha is here now. Please don’t let Gobi escape now, please! Yona showing some concern for Kuel-bo and his wife was very nice to see too, she’s become a really strong character (I know I’ve said this countless before too).
May 21, 1:43 AM

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FINALLY I'M SO HYPED!!!!! I'm crying, this is just too good ;____; <3
May 21, 3:59 AM

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Well its definitely not their first kiss but, its their 2nd, 3rd......6th!! So damn yes! And they are finally gonna get out of this mess, its nice to see them rewarded.
May 21, 1:16 PM

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Liked this a lot. The moment wasn't forced, she was just trying to be practical.
May 21, 1:36 PM
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Yes I've been waiting for this day to come they finally kissed❤❤❤
May 21, 2:27 PM

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Can they just kill Gobi already?

May 22, 6:58 AM

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OH SHIT HDFKJKKFJDJS FINALLY *velociraptor scream*
May 23, 5:01 AM
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Hak is a bae! Im in love with him too but they are tooo cute! More of them please! I hope Hak get treated soon please.
May 25, 5:54 AM

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*fangirl volcano*


It took them 174 chapters to reach this stage... 😌
Long long journey, and it has just begun. Fufufufufufu...

Lol Yona was probably just thinking - "but wait, wait! There's no water! How thirsty are you?! I'll get you more, can't you wait!"
And Hak was probably thinking - "What are you doing? Do you even realise what you're doing? How could you do this to me, and expect me to stay calm, or stay away..?"

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaah.... *Sighs*

I kept hovering back and forth those pages, all those cute moments for like 2 hours.. haaaaaaaaaaaaaah.....

It felt like Jae-ha saw, and felt a pang.

I thought Hak killed Gobi in the previous chapter as he was reaching Yona. Gosh dangit.. I hope Algira or Vold or Yoo-lan kill him.
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May 26, 5:48 PM
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Only one vote with #4 stars!? WOW!

Main attract of the chapter was for sure the progress happen between Hak and Yona: You start exactly from where we left off, changing to Hak's POV, as I was expecting because of state Yona was in. As it would be completely understandable!
And also after what she said...

After it, we get a lot of lovey-dovey moments and they speak about her being a prisoner of Kuelbo. But I didn't want to focus much on it.

Gobi got out again. WHY!? What Kusanagi really wants with him? What exactly can he bring more to story?

I mean manga is already at chapter 175, so we already expecting it could end some years. maybe 3 years... But could Gobi still being around mean we will get more chapters? Manga sales keep increasing and getting more and more famous

It this we close volume 30.
Next chapter will be chapter 31.
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May 26, 6:39 PM
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May 29, 10:16 AM

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Now I can die in piece.
May 30, 1:15 PM

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Great chapter. That kiss was really well done.

Jun 14, 4:27 PM

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I was like kyaaaaaaaaaaa when they kissed. >.< Finally!! xD
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Jun 14, 4:29 PM

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Meira_Eve said:
THAT CAME UNEXPECTED!!!! Damn, Hak's finally snaps because of that "water passing" and I believe all fangirls is squeling at that scene. XD

Not only the fangirls, pal. The fanboys are having heart attacks too. xD
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