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May 20, 12:35 PM
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AlucardNoYuuutsu said:
JoyBoy_316 said:
Why have you people been so fixated on others list recently? Seriously why do you care?

I don't know it too. Various guys have been saying to me "lol ur mean score is low u hate anime" and that pisses me off.

Yeah it's so damn annoying especially with the recent threads about why you rate so low or vice versa
May 20, 12:49 PM
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I've never given a full score and I won't. because nothing (animes, games, movies, series, etc.) can be perfect. but there are those who approach. What I've given 9 points, those who are most near perfect.
May 20, 12:52 PM

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My ratings are based on how much I enjoyed a particular series when I watched them. Not the same as how good I think they actually are. A couple of shows I've rated 9 for instance, I actually ended up forgetting everything about them. On the other hand there are several shows I've rated 8 or under that I thought a lot about subsequently and since then they've been on my internal "all time fave" list. I don't usually change ratings retroactively so the initial ratings are stuck.

Maybe other people do the same too, they'd rate more anime higher if they went through their list and re-watched some of the old stuff.

Also a sidenote, I'm curious to see comments about people leaving 10's for perceived flawless/perfect anime. It sounds interesting because I usually do it the other way, I'll give a 9 or 10 rating to something even if I think it had noticeable flaws in it, if I really enjoyed watching it.
May 20, 1:19 PM

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Because many people don't rate the worst things 1/10
May 20, 9:33 PM
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Because anime is shit, every anime is shit, why isn't everything rated one anyway?
jk, but maybe that kind of people just haven't found that title that deserves a ten out of ten. mindblowing right?
May 20, 9:34 PM

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Nightmare21st said:
I give them out all the time, probably way more then I should if I really think about it

me tbh. i dont give them out all the time but i do give out 10/10s yknow
May 20, 10:14 PM
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Constant unnecessary forum posts about how individuals rate Anime on this website gives me a brain aneurysm.

To be serious, most of any media, regardless if its Anime, Hollywood movies, books, etc, are filled to the brim with badly made media, whether it is mainstream stuff or obscurities nobody has ever heard of. The total amount of actual good media in comparison to the total is small and minuscule. Thus mean scores will be low if you truly explore any sort of media. In regards to not giving 10's, its a combination of the fact no Anime has come close to warranting such a status, the highest I will give is a 9. Also I do this in a vain and hopeless attempt to help adjust the bloated scores on this website. Practically any anime from 2004 and after that is not obscure is guaranteed to have a 6 or 7 something mean score.
May 20, 10:26 PM

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They want to have standards, I guess.
May 20, 10:28 PM

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The same type of people that try to save their virginity until marriage.
May 20, 10:46 PM

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They're waiting unconsciencely for HakoMari to get animated because they "know" it's the best thing ever.
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May 20, 10:49 PM

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Well, this thread is not for me I have given 67 10's ... lol
May 20, 10:50 PM
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There are few anime that I give 10s. I only give a 10 to the best of the best anime, which is barely any.
May 20, 11:52 PM
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PorchmonkeyD said:

See, this is way more understandable. I don't usually question it if I only see 1 10/10, because that makes perfect sense in my eyes. What I really have difficulty understanding is why people would just refuse to give 10s for whatever reason. Just doesn't make sense to me.

Let me reverse the question first. Why do you think some people give 10s? Is it because it's their favorite show made by their favorite author and directed by their favorite author? Is it because the show was so deep, thought-provoking, highly appraised by critics, the bestselling anime ever? Is it because it was their childhood anime or feel a strong emotion towards a particular character or scene? There's plenty of reasons out there. People will rate how they would like to rate. We might have seen the same show, at the same time, at the same place, and gave the show the same rating. You would've rated some show 3/10 because there were plenty of plotholes, dull characters, etc and I rated it 3/10 simply because I hate mecha or there was this character that was very annoying that made my watching experience really bad.

Point is that people have different ways or criteria on rating. MAL's rating system doesn't help at all. It just doesn't make sense. What's a "masterpiece"? What's "average"? It's easy for people to just use it however they want to. Some even came up with their own rating criteria and based on these, it's possible they came up with some system that not even a single show they've seen had passed the criteria that would merit a score of 10. Some people rate in binary, simply give X if they liked the show and Y if not. Some treat the 1-10 scale as an exponential scale which could explain why there's a huge gap between a score of 9 and 10.

I'm curious why people are so curious about other's people rating system. It doesn't make sense when you can just choose to have one yourself or not unless you're trying to prove something.
May 21, 12:17 AM

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Because they think nothing is perfect ?
May 21, 12:22 AM

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I've never given anything a 10, even my favorite shows, because I've never enjoyed every single moment of one. My ratings are subjective and that is what it will take for me to give something a 10. I keep watching to better understand what I like in an anime and be able to find things I enjoy more often. I believe a 10 is out there somewhere, I just haven't found it yet.
It's not like I like anime or anything.

May 21, 12:25 AM

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Because they hate loving something with all of their heart. They're afraid of commitment.
Ericonator said:
By definition, everything is retro since by the time you realize something has happened it's already in the past.
May 21, 12:39 AM

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Because I knew that someday some sorry ass s***poster would notice that I don't give 10s and proceed to make a post about it on AD, just so I could reply and insult them directly in their own thread and on top of that dodge the question entirely.
May 21, 8:36 AM
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probably because they don't want to. does it even matter if they don't want to rate something a 10 besides it being a preference of theirs ?
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May 21, 12:58 PM

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Greyleaf said:
Sometimes you just come across a series so good (or in my case, life-changing) that you adjust your entire scoring system. I only have one 10 right now, but that's because I just don't feel right putting anything next to that show, as it's clearly a cut about the rest in my eyes. I may give more 10s in the future, but they'd have to be able to live up to my current standard for the score.

This happened to me once, except in the opposite direction, lol.
I was one of those idiots that only used the 6-10 scoring scale for all my anime. Finally watched something so bad I felt it deserved less than a 6, and ended up expanding my entire system after that, admitting how I truly felt about some shows. And just like you with your single 10, I only have one 1 for right now
May 21, 5:35 PM

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better question:
why do some people care about others ratings?
May 21, 8:06 PM

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i really don't care how users choose to rate anime but i guess the reason they might not want to is because they don't want to or they didn't enjoy every single minute of it
May 21, 9:06 PM
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I can understand that some people rarely give them out unless they really feel the anime is THAT good. I understand that no anime is a "masterpiece" though, they all have flaws. I give out 10's if they are extraordinarily good in my opinion.
May 21, 9:42 PM

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I guess it's because they think something can only be a 10 if it's perfect?

I still give 10's but only to my absolute favourites

May 21, 9:47 PM

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MLY137 said:
I give out 10's if they are extraordinarily good in my opinion.

That's the definition of masterpiece, though.

I think more people should look it up on the wiki
May 21, 10:04 PM

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Because some people treat rating anime as some kind of an exam score, thinking that 10/10 represents "perfect", when MAL specifically says a 10 is for something that you would consider to be a masterpiece. An anime can have flaws and still be a masterpiece. When I rate anime, I see whether the whole ends up being greater than the sum of the individual parts, because nothing is going to be perfect. What matters to me is how good the final product ends up being, despite having a few flaws.
May 21, 10:12 PM

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Maybe because their rating system works in a way that makes giving out a 10 very unlikely.
Go read the One Punch Man manga please, this awful adaptation by JC Staff is a disgrace.
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