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TBH, we should have more of and "Anime counter-culture"

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May 26, 10:46 AM

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This discussion on whether something "looks anime" is honestly kind of a sideshow relative to a discussion about whether the anime fandom is one cohesive whole.

But yeah, I can agree that certain shows look less stereotypically anime than others. Though that doesn't give them any less of merit than others, and it's not like liking them means not liking anime as much...unless one personally feels that way about one's taste of course.
May 27, 6:09 PM
a car

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I've read through the entire thread and... I think I understand what was originally meant to be said. But the mindset through which this thread was derived involves doing one of the objectively worst things anybody can do: Lump all of mankind into subcategories. It's especially annoying in the west where the US has such a sphere of influence that it can't help but overshadow other cultures.

But in my experience, the real reason why the mainstream stuff is mainstream is not because they feel Western, but because they feel teenagery. I have consumed a lot of Western and Japanese media in tandem for the past year, and honestly, teens more or less have the same desires (okay, maybe I shouldn't say that after I literally disparaged lumping people into subcategories... NOR say that after only consuming two cultures' media...).

The sheer visual spectacle of SnK or OPM is enough bait to hook any adolescent humans, because the core human instincts are still there regardless of lifestyle. As much as I hate people like Mother's Basement's mentality of everything having to be as appealing to as many people as possible, regardless, that handful of shows defined as "Western-ish" just so happen to be able to appeal to pretty much all teens, even if the intent was just to appeal to Japanese teens.

(I won't be surprised if someone has a good rebuttal to this...)
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