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The streets are silent. Town halls that used to resound with the arguments of the justice-seeking masses now lie deserted. The gallows have begun to fall into disrepair after weeks of neglect. The few people who dare venture across town now do so with nervous expressions on their faces. The Mafia has won, and those few townfolk who had dared to stand up against them have either been assassinated or have fled in terror.

One might would assume that with the new supremacy of the Mafia, some form of peace would reign. Perhaps with their threats disposed of, they would see no need for continued acts of violence. However, those who assume this have little understanding of what the enigmatic Mafia truly is. It isn’t a cohesive organization that works together as one. It is a complex assortment of men and women with unique individual interests. So while the Mafia has established that it will rule the town, a ferocious fight is about to begin that will determine: Who will rule the Mafia?

“Everyone is Mafia” Mafia (or EiMM for short) is a Mafia-based free-for-all in which every player is aligned with themselves and their wincon is to be one of the last 3 players alive.

How to Play:

  1. The first 3 Night Phases will be 72 hours. All other Night Phases will be 36 hours.
  2. In between nights there will be Twilight Phases. The first 3 Twilight Phases will be 24 hours. All other Twilight Phases will be 12 hours.
  3. There will be no day phase, and therefore no lynch.
  4. This game is OC (outside contact allowed). Players may communicate with other players using any means at their disposal at any time during the Night Phase. Restrictions on this will be discussed in the rules.
  5. With a few exceptions, every player will have the following:

    1. A factional shot that can be used every night;
    2. 2 BPVs which will each block one factional shot;
    3. Unique role abilities tied to the player’s character choice;

      1. “Passive” abilities are abilities that are active at all times.
      2. “Active” abilities are abilities that require a target chosen by the player.

    4. An “alias”, a codename chosen by each player. Actions can only target aliases, not actual player names.

  6. Every Night Phase, players must submit targets for their actions before the deadline at the phase’s end.
  7. After the Night Phase ends, all players must remain silent for the Twilight Phase. During this phase the host will resolve actions. At the end of this phase, results will be announced and dead players will be flipped.
  8. If a player runs out of BPVs and takes damage, they will be killed. Dead players will be removed from the game and will have no further involvement with the living.
  9. Once 12 or less players remain, players may submit “##LOCK” with their actions to lock them in. If all players lock, then the phase can end early.
  10. The game will continue until 3 or less players remain alive. The surviving players at the end of the game win!

Important Rules:

  1. Don’t be more of a jerk than you have to. EiMM is a game where players can use deception and treachery to their own ends. This is perfectly legal. However, let’s not make this game saltier than it needs to be by adding insult to injuries through unnecessary gloating, temper tantrums, or personal attacks. If you feel like a player has crossed these lines, please let me (the host) or a Mafia Society moderator who isn’t playing know.
  2. Pregaming is not allowed. You may not make plans or trade info with other potential players before the game begins.
  3. Share all logs with the host. Either add me (the host) to your conversations or DM me the logs later. This is for your own good as it allows me to be sure that players are not cheating and that you are getting a fair shake in the graveyard. I can be reached both here on MAL and on Discord (@Sully#5288).
  4. Don’t share screenshots. In order to make this game fun and balanced for everyone, sharing screenshots of real or faked private communications from other players is illegal. However, you may copy/paste real or faked private communications from other players if you would like to.
  5. Don’t share host/mod communications. You may not copy/paste or screenshot real or faked private communications with a host or moderator. This includes your Role PM and action results. You may paraphrase these if you would like, but sharing them verbatim is expressly forbidden.
  6. Don’t deadtalk. If you are dead, you may not talk to living players about the game. If you are a spectator, then you are effectively already dead and must follow the same rule.
  7. Don’t talk during Twilight Phases/Phase Pauses. During the Twilight Phase, every player exists in a Schrodinger’s box where they are simultaneously both dead and alive. You may not talk during these phases. Additionally, some abilities may cause the game to pause in the middle of a Night Phase. You may not talk if a Phase Pause is announced.

Game-Specific Rules:

  1. Actions will typically be resolved in the following order: High-priority > Disruptive (Blocking > Redirecting > Delaying) > Protective > Same-night Utility > Damaging (Lethal > Non-lethal) > Next-night Utility > Investigative > Other. If you have any questions about what priority level your actions occur at, feel free to let me know.
  2. All abilities are implied to be non-consecutive. This means that unless your Role PM states otherwise, you cannot successfully target the same alias with the same ability two nights in a row. This does not apply to your factional shot.
  3. All abilities are implied to be non-self-targeting. This means that unless your Role PM states otherwise, you cannot use your role abilities on yourself. This does not apply to your factional shot.
  4. You may not idle your factional shot consecutively. If you do not submit a target for your factional shot for two nights in a row, you will be forced to shoot… yourself.
  5. Actions target aliases, not player names. Unless your Role PM states otherwise, you may only target aliases with factional shots and abilities. A list of aliases will be provided at the start of the game. Finding out which aliases belong to which players is up to you.
  6. If your Role PM conflicts with these rules, your Role PM is correct. This is pretty self-explanatory.
  7. Information given by the host is not guaranteed to be accurate. 😉

If you have any further questions about the game, feel free to run them by me at any time.

How to Sign Up:

  • DM me (the host) with your choice of an alias and character.
  • Your alias is your secret codename which other players will be able to target. Your alias can be anything as long as it is inoffensive and of a reasonable length.
  • Your character will be what your role is based on. Your character can also be anything from living or non-living from the real or fictional world. However, keep in mind that if you choose an incredibly obscure character, my ability to create a perfectly matching role for them will be inhibited.
  • You may also post “/in” in the thread below. This is for hype purposes only though, and I will not consider you a part of the game until I receive your alias and character.
  • If you would like to spectate this game, DM me.

Signups will run until Friday, June 7th or until the cap of 30 players is met. The game will begin on at 7:00 PM EST on Wednesday, June 12th.

I would like to thank Shinichi for introducing me to you all, Osie for helping me arrange this, and Anime27Arts for the amazing graphic. Let's have a fun game people!
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haven't actually read the rules but I did say I will join so

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I don’t really understand the rules. But I’m considering myself as a fast learner so I’m in


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