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Poll: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze Episode 30 Discussion

May 28, 3:02 PM

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Shoryuuken said:
I honestly don't give two shits what a nobody thinks about my demeanor online, nor do I have anything to proof, nor do I have the motivation to discuss with someone so insecure to think that anyone always has an ill motive on this godforsaken website. I said it was a coincidence, yes, but that has nothing to do with YOU as a person. You're acting like a an ass that's sensitive of any form of feeback on their view of a Japanese series. Your "feeling" is kind of off though, I know that for a certain.
No point then. Carry on.
"This emotion is mine alone.
It is for Madoka alone." - Homura
or how I would descripe Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.
May 31, 6:20 PM

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"Yoshi yoshi yoshi!" moment destroyed me. xD But on the other side it shows how Cioccolata and Secco really are like - bunch of two psychos killing and tormenting people for pure enjoyment. If even the Boss loathed them then surely he also felt that their methods are too radical and cruel, although wasting their abilities would've been a huge mistake.

It was a solid episode, with beautiful-drawn and emotional scene in the car, with Giorno and Bucciarati talking with each other. We also got a confirmation that Bucciarati had been dead since the moment after he faced King Crimson back in Venice. So should we assume he is like, dunno, a zombie? :P

SomaHeir said:
Heck, I would love to see Fugo vs Cioccolata. Let's see if he's mold can stand with the virus.

Not only you, mate. I'm wondering what Fugo was doing while Bruno's group was fighting for their lives in Rome, lol.
Jun 28, 4:35 PM

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I wonder who would win between Cioccolata and Fugo
Jul 13, 4:30 PM

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Looks like Bruno’s days are numbered. Rest in pepperonis Bruno, it was nice knowing you.

Its amazing how many injuries Mista can survive.
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