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May 16, 5:07 PM

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We've had numerous discussions here about the question of how old is considered "old" with respect to anime, so let's turn it around the other way.

Thinking about the current year, the current season, how long do you think it will be before it's considered "old"? That goes for either when you'll think of it as old, or when you think a significant fraction of the fan community will consider it old.
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May 16, 5:44 PM

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Seasonal anime considered old when the season end.
May 16, 5:58 PM
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to me old anime is 10 years before the current year
May 16, 7:24 PM
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I honestly have got no idea, depending on where you are from I guess this varies but for me at least I consider an anime "Old Anime" if it came out 15 years from this year. This makes me feel a little bit bad hahaha I feel old when I answer questions like this, it is as if time went by so quickly I only had time to eat a banana.

How about you guys? Who else agrees with me? of how old can anime get for you before you consider it old? Let's see how many of you are older than 30 years old hahaha just kidding, I hope nobody feels as old as I feel right this moment, because seriously though, time flies!

By the way, if some of you guys find a good anime to watch please leave a link or name below, I have gotten bored with current animes
May 16, 8:20 PM

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It feel old every time season ends and new one starts but probably about 7-8 years
May 16, 8:24 PM

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Most Anime loose relevancy after their season ends so after a year some can already feel old.

Most of the times it takes roughly 10 years though.


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May 16, 8:32 PM

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2119 is when I would consider it old, the brain dead fanbase sometime around next month.
May 16, 8:47 PM
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I would say anything from 2009 is now considered old a lot of things change in 10 years and that includes anime as well from art style etc. So I would say in 2029 the anime currently airing will be considered old I don't think isekai anime will be popular in 2029 and I think something else will be the popular genre or type of anime
Jun 16, 12:57 PM

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As long as it carries relevancy, entertainment and a great narrative then it hasn't aged to me at all. Most 90's Anime haven't aged at all in my opinion.
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Jun 16, 12:58 PM
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Judging by the most MAL members, next season.
Jun 16, 12:59 PM

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All anime become old when they finish airing
Jun 16, 1:02 PM

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The year 2039. I consider the 20 years between then and the present to be the line set for" old" shows to cross
Jun 16, 1:05 PM

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Ahmad_o said:
Seasonal anime considered old when the season end.

Unfortunately, that's true. Most people just tend to pretend that that anime which aired during a certain season didn't exist.
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Jun 16, 2:12 PM

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Basically after a decade has past. So for this years anime to be old it would have to be the year 2029.
Jun 16, 2:12 PM

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I'd say it roughly takes about a decade, though it depends on the context.

If you ask people whether they've watched something that you found and thought was new and cool and it's even just a couple seasons old they'll probably tell you that you're out of date.

But if you ask people whether something feels old to them, then they might look at the art style and make their call based on that.
Jun 16, 3:20 PM

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In about six and a half months, it'll all be considered "sooo last decade."
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Jun 16, 4:23 PM

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This is all going to be highly relative and dependent on what age someone is. When you're 12, five years is a long time. When you're 18, not as much. When you're 25, even less. When you're 30+.... and so on and so forth.

I hate the way "old" is used in the first place as a derogatory term as if something has lost its value or importance because of age, that it should be rendered irrelevant and obsolete. I despise that mentality. Old doesn't equal bad and new doesn't equal good. Everything should be evaluated on an individual basis on its own merit.

And I can understand when people refer to a silent film from 1915 as too dated (still wouldn't be the way I see it, but I understand it more), but I shake my head and roll my eyes a bit when I hear stuff from the early 2000s being referred to as so dated as if it's somehow unwatchable for audiences today. Give me a break.

I can understand content roughly 15 years+ in age being classified as "older", but it's just laughable to me when stuff from 2004 is labeled retro as if it's so distant and alien it's from the WWI era. It really isn't that different.

The leap from silent to talkies in film was huge. The leap from black and white television to color was huge. The leap from VHS tapes to DVDs was huge. There really isn't that great of a leap from some digitally animated show from 2002 or 2004 to now from the perspective of a viewer. It's more like the DVD to BluRay difference.

I also think this has more to do with teenagers doing what teenagers have always done in every era and ignorantly viewing the inherent worth and value of something as synonymous with its social currency and how popular a topic it on the street (or the internet) at the moment. Content should strive to be lasting, not trendy, but the people with that mentality feed into that and make everything older than a year look like some dusty antiquated fossil.
Jun 16, 7:19 PM

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Jun 16, 7:25 PM

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Any anime that is 10 years ago is consider old to me.
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Jun 16, 7:28 PM

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I don't get why people are so concerned with what's considered old in the first place.
Jun 16, 7:36 PM

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18 years from now, anything less is too young..
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Jun 16, 10:41 PM

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Any new anime can be old fashioned when it follows the same old trends we've seen the last 10-15 years
Jun 16, 11:07 PM

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Probably depends on the anime. Some anime seem old and forgotten about just a year or two after they air while others will stay fresh for decades. I'd probably say 5-10 years.
Jun 17, 4:14 PM
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but its already old bro, SAO is ancient history and slime is already kind of dated.
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