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Why is it that so many people on here seem to just hate every single anime they watch?

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Poll: Do you think it's stupid for people to trash every anime they watch?

May 22, 7:35 PM

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Imagine hating anime and still spending 100+ days of your life simply watching anime.

No logic there whatsoever.

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May 22, 8:42 PM

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Probably because people tend to watch seasonal shows instead of seeking out shows they would likely enjoy.
May 22, 10:49 PM

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It's always the same kind of people who ask this question and have this narrow-minded view.

You need to realize that everyone consumes media differently, and this no doubt also applies to anime. Everyone has different opinions, standards, and scales. We all seek something different from it. Some people watch anime mainly for pure entertainment, while others may watch more for depth and understanding. Some watch casually for simple pleasure and have no desire to think too into it, while others may value criticality and analysis to go along with it. Either way, there is no right or wrong way to go about it.

Just because you think someone has a "low" mean score doesn't mean that they hate anime and everything they watch is trash. Having a critical view doesn't solely lie in negativity. I'd even say that a lot of people with lower mean scores actually tend to love and respect the medium more than the average fan who rates everything they watch positively. Casuals and the like certainly don't dive as deep into anime. They generally don't care about the history of it, the inner workings of how things are said and done, or understanding animation as a whole. They don't go out of their way to seek anime regardless of genre, if it's popular or obscure, acclaimed or panned. Can you wholeheartedly claim that you love anime more than me simply because you like everything you watch and I don't?

OP, you're clearly still a newbie anime fan. You don't have much experience or knowledge of the medium, and that's perfectly fine. We've all been there at some point. I also loved pretty much every anime I watched when I first got into it. As I got older, watched more anime, and understood more about animation in general, I eventually started to view it with a more critical lens and more specificality. Perhaps once you get to that point, you will also change the way you view anime. Again, whether you do or not doesn't matter because there is no right or wrong way to view it in the first place.
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May 23, 4:10 AM

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They're probably troll accounts giving low scores to bring down the mean aggregation of specific highly-praised anime. It's the only logical reason!
May 23, 4:24 AM

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Haters gonna hate. Special snowflakes who think highly of themselves will think of them as smart or deep just by hating stuff.

If you hate everything, and keep consuming it, you are just dumb.
May 23, 4:33 AM
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Yeah I agree that there are quite a lot of people that hates every anime they watch but why would you even give a damn about them. I respect every people's opinion weather it agrees or disagree with my own opinion because it goes without saying that every single person is different.
May 23, 4:53 AM

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4-5 isnt even in THE HATE ZONE and ive literally never seen someone with a mean score of 2 or below

Having a low mean usually just means someone will give almost anything a try, which as far as im concerned is a highly positive trait. IIRC drop score factors in to it as well, which if you're not dropping garbage and slapping it with a bad score i dont know what's wrong with you.

That being said, scores are dumb anyway, they'll never really tell the whole story. I use little micro """reviews""" instead cuz i find it's more stimulating to look back on (tho it makes comparing scores with people not a thing which is sad :((( cry)
May 24, 6:55 PM

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FMmatron said:
I'm all for using the whole scale, but I think having a mean between 2-4 is usually pretty ridiculous or it's a sign that someone has a very specific taste and that he won't appreciate most stuff that doesn't align with it, just don't take it too seriously.

fuck this topic btw

I firmly believe that if one’s mean score is below 4.00, then they really got problems.
May 25, 1:13 AM

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Animxee said:
Every time I check someone who gave a bad review, I also notice that they gave most shows a 4 or 5, and honestly I just learned to not care what their scores are, but rather leave it up to my own judgement. I rarely rate shows lower than a 6, I think I may have rated one show either a 5 or 6, but other than that, mostly 7's, 8's, and 9's.

I mean, I think that also depends on the individual's perception of the scores. I give a ton of shows I watch a 5, but that is due to the fact I see it as the "average" category, in no means does that mean it's a bad show. Anything below it however, is what I see as a bad show. I think it's common thinking for others with "lower" scores too.
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