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May 14, 5:09 AM
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I know this question is extremely subjective, but since I love Kyoto Animation very very much and I’m going back and watching every main series that KyotoAni has worked on (ex. Full Metal Panic), do you think KyotoAni is the best studio? If not, what is your favorite studio?
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May 14, 5:13 AM

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they don't have an extensive catalog like the other big hitters but their production quality is definitely top 2 and not 2
May 14, 5:13 AM

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because of past disapointments I utterly dispise kyoani, but I still try out some of the anime that come out from them. I don't have a favourite studio, but I noticed I enjoy mostly madhouse, bones and white fox's works. shaft is also a goof pick, but after fireworks I'm kinda disapointed at them.
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May 14, 5:14 AM

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they lack artistic design in characters and enviroments which is something i appraise more than how good is the animation made
May 14, 5:16 AM

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Not really the best. But their other works are topnotch. The production quality is superb. Some of their works are my favorites.

My other favorites are Madhouse, BONES, etc.
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May 14, 5:16 AM

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I like KyoAni and their visuals are stunning, but I can't say one of my favorite series is from KyoAni. Although I liked them and all, but they aren't one of my favs and their characters look too similar to each other as well.
I came to love Ghibli, Bones and Wit and some others. Especially Bones and Ghibli for its movies.
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HaruhiismX said:
I know this question is extremely subjective, but since I love Kyoto Animation very very much and I’m going back and watching every main series that KyotoAni has worked on (ex. Full Metal Panic), do you think KyotoAni is the best studio? If not, what is your favorite studio?

Where is the poll?
They are probably in my top 3 favourites
May 14, 5:18 AM

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I like KyoAni a lot, although I'm not sure if they're my absolute favorite studio. I really enjoyed Koe no Katachi, Violet Evergarden, and Hibike Euphonium

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May 14, 5:24 AM

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They're consistent with their Animation and there's only about a few duds under their belt compared to decent to good series so they are one of the top running studios atm, if they continue doing stuff in the style of Liz and the Blue Bird and A Silent Voice I can see them surpassing Shaft, Madhouse, and Bones.
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May 14, 5:25 AM

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Great studio overall, just not one that has many personal favorites. It's more like, I appreciate the good and consistent effort it makes and how healthy it is as an institution in the current state of the industry rather than praising it specifically because of its content being among my personal faves.
May 14, 5:29 AM

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I like a lot of their work, but I don’t consider them the best... That honor would probably go to Madhouse.
May 14, 5:30 AM

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If it's the best, no. Far away from it.

If we talking pure Animation, Kyoto have done a amazing job with the recently works.

But if we go back 10 years or more, they have done animes like Kanon and Air.
They are both pure shit when it comes to character design, animation.

FLCL was made in 2000 to 2001 and it's anime that beats alot of works that is coming out even now, 18 years later in character design and animation.
As it's always the first thing you see when it comes to a anime, how it's made.

Kyoto have done amazing works the last 10 years, but that's that.
While it exist studios out there that have done amazing job for 20-40 years.

It's a nice studio, I love the work they produces, but it's far from the best anime studio out there.

Well, that's what I think atleast.
May 14, 5:36 AM
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if you are a fan of them then give this a read
The Evolution Of Kyoto Animation: A Unique Anime Studio And Its Consistent Vision

i say in terms of production quality especially animation quality they are the best (since Studio Ghibli is dead now) but their plots are not that good for me personally
May 14, 5:37 AM
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Nah, that would be Madhouse. There used to be other great studios but they are either out of business now or fell into mediocrity. Outsourcing the work to SEA doesn't help either.
May 14, 5:39 AM
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Incoming plethora of unpopular opinions...

Yes, I think their works are fantastic from a visual perspective, but that's really about it. The actual writing is mediocre at best for me. Frankly, Violet Evergarden is the only series I've seen from them that I actually consider to be relatively good (even then, there were a handful of episodes I really didn't enjoy at all). Of the other series I've watched/attempted from them, Chuunibyou was an utter disaster, Hyouka put me asleep three times in the three episodes I saw of it before dropping the show, I dropped Dragon Maid after four episodes and Tamako Market after only two. Nichijou's been on my on-hold for an eternity now (some of it was really funny, but most of it bored me). And Koe no Katachi is unbelievably overrated in my eyes. Sure, I respect the message of the film, but I really couldn't vibe with it.

Yeah, go ahead and hate on me for this, but unfortunately Kyoto Animation as a whole has just left a bitter taste in my mouth. I'm willing to give some of their other works a shot someday (namely Clannad and K-On!), but it may be some time before I get around to them.

But this post actually made me realize that I don't have a favorite studio. All of the series I've truly loved have come from completely different studios.
May 14, 5:40 AM
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Im not sure if KyoAni is the best, some studios also produce anime very well. But i believe they are top tier studio, one of the best studios in Japan. I love their works, the production quality is superb. Violet Evergarden, Koe no Katachi, Kyoukai no Kanata is the example how stunning their visual. They have their own style on art and writing, like Ghibli or CoMix Wave, you will know that is KyoAni when you see their anime.

I rarely pay attention to this before, but after checking, KyoAni is the number 1 studio on my list.,anime
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May 14, 5:42 AM

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I don't think kyo ani is best. There are studios like bones and shaft which I think are better.
for me, sunrise is my personal favorite studio followed by doga kobo.

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May 14, 5:45 AM

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short answer: no
long anser:nooooo
May 14, 6:00 AM

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Most of the works they animated can be considered mediocre at best so I wouldnt consider them the best, not even in my top 5.
May 14, 6:11 AM
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if you check my fav section its very easy to tell if my answer is yes or no
May 14, 6:11 AM

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Nowadays maybe not but it's definitely one of the best
May 14, 6:13 AM

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No, absolutely not.

They've created some good works, such as "Violet Evergarden," and "Tsurune," but many of their other works are not something that I would watch.

May 14, 6:20 AM

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I feel like they stick to the same code and that's why their characters look so similar, but I can't deny their great animation work. I wouldn't call them the best however, they're far from it.
May 14, 6:26 AM

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Bones are the ones who animate the best, and Jc Staff sucks.
Go read the One Punch Man manga please, this awful adaptation by JC Staff is a disgrace.
May 14, 6:29 AM
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Trigger and gainax are my favorite studios. KyoAni is great and all but I think in terms of animation I value creativity over graphical fluidity so Trigger kinda takes the cake in terms of that. In terms of animation, my 5 favorite studious are Trigger, Old Gainax, KyoAni, Bones, and probably Madhouse.
May 14, 6:43 AM

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In my opinion, I’d say KyoAni or Bones. KyoAni has the best animation (for non-action, that is) and most of their anime look absolutely gorgeous. Bones is really the only studio that I can say rivals KyoAni since they have a great track record and have some of the best and most consistent animation (especially when it comes to action series).

So ima address the studio I know a lot of love to praise but rarely take into account their failings. Madhouse. I wanna first say yes, they have made some great and amazing shows, but they’ve also got a few too many flops and disappointments under their belt that was 100% avoidable since the source material is good cough Overlord cough. Finally, if I’m going to be honest here, their animation isn’t usually all that impressive. The only 2 anime I can think of that the animation stuck with me was One Punch Man and A Place Further Than the Universe.

In conclusion, to me the best studio has to have consistent and good animation as well as the anime they make being good on the regular. To me, the talent KyoAni and Bones has at their disposal really shows in their work and they share the title of best studio.
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May 14, 6:53 AM

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HaruhiismX said:
I know this question is extremely subjective, but since I love Kyoto Animation very very much and I’m going back and watching every main series that KyotoAni has worked on (ex. Full Metal Panic), do you think KyotoAni is the best studio? If not, what is your favorite studio?
KyoAni stuff I recognize

Clannad, Air, Kanon - no, I don't like the art style
Koe no Katachi - excellent
Haruhi - great comedy
Kyoukai no Kanata - excellent story
Maid Dragon - looks interesting but I haven't watched it yet
Lucky Star - Konata is annoying, go away
Euphonium - I might watch it because music
Full Metal Panic - I like the art and for some reason this reminds me of Kiddy Grade, but its being a comedy makes it less my thing Wait actually it IS a Gonzo thing; it's just that KyoAni worked on one of the seasons
Takamo Market - maybe?
K-On - I'm aware of this but the general look doesn't appeal to me
Nichijou - not my preferred style of humor
Chuunibiyou - not my preferred subject matter
Inuyasha - not currently on my radar
Free! - not currently on my radar
Violet Evergarden - I've thought about watching this
Munto - this movie seems interesting and I just PTW'd it

Overall it seems that Kyoto Animation's work is concentrated on a bunch of well-known franchises, some of which I know and like, but much of their stuff has to do with slice-of-life school life in modern realistic settings with comedic and often moë elements.

This really isn't my thing, since I'm more into fantasy/sci-fi and drama, typically. Like, I ran across Munto when looking through the full list of everything KyoAni has done, and this is the first time I've heard of it, but it has a premise that caught my attention, even though it's kinda nothing like most of what KyoAni is famous for.

Anyway, I'm not sure I have a favorite studio, but if I did it'd probably be Gonzo.
May 14, 6:57 AM
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In terms of how beautiful their shows look- yes. They are great in technical area, however sometimes unwilling to take risks, especially looking at the source material of their shows. They risked in terms of writing with Haruhi Suzumiya and in my opinion it payed off; it's my favourite out of their catalogue. Violet had some filler and had good narrative. Nichijou is a technical masterpiece, as is Hyouka, however first one may be too wacky (Shaft-like) and is only a little better than a gag show, and the other lacks something in storytelling. Kobayashi Dragon Maid is just ok, warm yet not that funny (Hinamatsuri does the job better)
I really liked the studio until I tried watching Chunibyo. Gosh, what a painful show. Clannad bored me, however I'll give it another try. Euphonium is my last chance for Kyoto Animation and I hope I won't be disappointed.
To sum up, they often lack in creativity (apart from Haruhi, Nichijou, maybe Hyouka and Violet), choose "easy" source material and don't take risks (no original productions)

As for my favourite studios, there's Shaft, maybe White Fox and feel, some teams in A1 also did astonishing works (YLIA, Kaguya-sama, AnoHana)
May 14, 7:30 AM

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Nope! they're not, unless they majored in literature and know how to write original stories rather than making adaptations of basic literature. I can easily tell that KyoAni has no real experience in literature and has hardly ever majored in college-level or higher literature (what real literature is). Manga and light novels are far from being the gateway or even a doorstep to real literature with all that basic writing KyoAni depends so much on.

Basic literature is like their facelift and crotch, just holding back the ability to write stories of their own. Look at Xebec and even AIC, at least they tried to write their own stories.

If KyoAni was a person, then that person would be nothing more but a producer rather than an entertainer who knows how to produce and know how to walk on his two feet as well as knowing his s*it.

Update: Gonzo made the first season of Full Metal Panic and the second season is like dessert or a late-night snack to me
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May 14, 7:40 AM

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To me, Kyoani is one of the best, if not the best, when it comes to art work and art direction. It's stunning and really beautiful, quite refreshing. Since Yamada Naoko got there and became a staple of the studio, it has certainly "specified" more in one type of show, but, to me, it's still amazing. Only thing to detract in their work is really the lack of courage to spice up their already successful formula.

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May 14, 7:41 AM
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yes kyoto is the best animation studio , (just look at violet evergarden) and they aren't overrated as madhouse or bones .
production IG is the 2nd best studio tho..

May 14, 7:43 AM

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They haven't disappointed me yet and they made two of my favorites so I'd say yes, they are my favorite studio. Malgraph seems to agree with me too.
May 14, 7:46 AM

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Their animation quality is amazing and consistent, the animation in most of the anime they did is top-notch, as it is realistic to an extent, they're one of the best animation studios, but not the best.

I prefer Madhouse, but that's just me.
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May 14, 8:18 AM
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Nearly all of their works are very visually appealing.
May 14, 8:21 AM

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I think that they pay their animators trough a salary so that inmediately makes them better than the rest.
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May 14, 8:24 AM

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From what I’ve seen, yes! Everything they’ve touched turns to gold.
May 14, 8:25 AM
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Historicall speaking, definitely not. Their early stuff was pretty meh and even the recent stuff is often hit or miss. They are arguably the best at animating characters, facial expressions, body language ann that kind of stuff, which is not a small deal, but it doesn't make them the best studio in any other sense than the one I described.
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May 14, 8:28 AM

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"Is Kyoto Animation the best animation studio?"
There is no such thing as best animation studio.
Every studio has it's ups and downs.
May 14, 8:29 AM

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the consistency of their work as well as what i've heard of their working conditions gives them a special place in my heart, though i understand why you might not consider it the best studio
May 14, 8:40 AM

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This pretty much matches my thoughts to a T. KyoAni is a respectable studio, but they're definitely not the best. Their shows are pretty-looking but nothing much of substance that can be considered a classic. So many of their projects have such mediocre writing behind it that whenever I see their name attached to an anime, I immediately dismiss it because I know I'm going to be bored to tears watching it. If their shows appeal to you, to each their own, but outside of production value, none of their shows are particularly fantastic outside of maybe certain moments that happen within the show itself.
May 14, 9:43 AM

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I won't say they are the best animation studio but they've been doing consistently good on the visuals and animation/sakuga department these days.

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May 14, 10:50 AM

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FrankyP said:
whenever I see their name attached to an anime, I immediately dismiss it because I know I'm going to be bored to tears watching it.

this lol


I really like their art and animation, they are the best in the aesthetics department along with ufotable and I have nothing but respect for them,
*but* most anime's that they produce are boring as fuck. I literally fell asleep on the 3 anime's they've done.
May 14, 10:54 AM
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Seeing as I have two favorite KyoAni anime in my favorites list, yes indeed. Have watched almost all of their stuff except Full Metal Panic and some others, and the only ones that were total shit was Air and some of Munto while the others are meh or above average. Story wise they can disappoint you a lot with their anime original thing going on, but animation wise just expect eye candy every time you watch one of their anime.
May 14, 10:54 AM

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If they were, they haven't been since they started focusing on in-house LNs around 2013
May 14, 11:52 AM

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They have consistent animation quality, but my favorite studio will always be Sunrise. Gundam will always be my favorite anime franchise.

May 14, 11:56 AM

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HaruhiismX said:
I know this question is extremely subjective, but since I love Kyoto Animation very very much and I’m going back and watching every main series that KyotoAni has worked on (ex. Full Metal Panic), do you think KyotoAni is the best studio? If not, what is your favorite studio?

Putting my money on Ufotable and Production I.G.

Seriously, go look at their shows, none of them have bad animations!

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May 14, 1:26 PM

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For TV maybe.
But I remember watching a Silent Voice on cinema and found the production values subpar for the big screen. Bad color quality and blur everywhere.
Ghibili and even Makoto Shinkai and Mamoru Hosoda movies are way ahead in cinema quality.
May 14, 1:32 PM
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shaft is my personal favorite animation studio :D
May 14, 1:46 PM

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Clannad: Average slice-of-life. Liked the parents, didn't like the side characters except for Tomoyo and kinda Kotomi. Especially didn't like Sunohara. Kinda liked the MC. Pretty damn slow anime. 5/10

Clannad After Story: First ten episodes were kinda strange but a little enjoyable I guess. I really liked the ten episodes after that. And then the few episodes of the end were BS. 6/10

Clannad Tomoyo OVA: Best girl and I thought it was well done for its 20 minutes. Series would have been way better if this was the couple. 7/10

Kanon: Same thing as first season of Clannad but the I liked the MC less and the parents weren't nearly as likable of characters. Kanon did come first tho... 4/10

Koe no Katachi

Overlong movie with a lot of deadtime and somehow left all of its side characters completely stagnant. The main girl was lacking in personality (fish?) and I thought it was distasteful that they added a romance between Ishida and her. Ishida was a bland character who gets forgiven despite not really doing anything. Talking to your abuse victim ten years after the fact is not redeeming yourself of shit lol. I did like the comic relief guy a little bit though. 3/10

Violet Evergarden: I only liked the stargazing episode (4th episode) and the 10th episode. The shonen style war scenes with little Violet didn't do it for me. And I found all the other episodes boring and forced. Especially the pedo prince one. Ugh. Also the war arc at the end was poorly done. 4/10

Violet Evergarden Special: Better than the series. More runtime helped it with pacing but other than that, felt like a normal episode of Violet Evergarden which gets apathy from me. Couldn't care about the characters and the whole "letters make me feel love" felt rushed and detached. Not a fan. Still better than most of the episodes of Violet Evergarden. 5/10

So overall a negative view on the studio. I will continue to see more anime from them to find one or more that I really like. The closest one was the Clannad OVA so far. It did happen with A-1 Pictures since I thought Shinsekai Yori was great.

I'm a fan of Brain's Base, Madhouse, and from what little I've seen, PA Works.

Nippon Animation is easily the best so far although I haven't seen much from them either.

May 14, 1:50 PM

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KyoAni has great animation due to their inhouse teachings and stuff, and the amount of time they take to make an episode.

They are definitely up there, together with MAPPA, Wit Studio, Ufotable and Bones.