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Poll: Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine Episode 6 Discussion

May 12, 9:59 AM

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Yup, more practicing this week at the batting cages.

Whatever the case, these girls still need more time to improve. Dunno how I feel about Arihara Tsubasa right now. She has the passion of baseball but I'm curious to see how far she can get into the sport. Fight!
May 12, 1:25 PM

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Its nice that Akane is getting better at not just catching but also observing after overcoming her fear. Looks like Tomoe's lack of progress is being exasperated by the increased skills that the rest of the club are showing. Still its good that she's trying hard to learn on how to improve her skills and fix her flaws. Despite being on opposing teams the insight into the struggles faced by Seijo's leader Jinguji was quite interesting. Though Tsubasa was well within her rights to be angry i think she needs to understand that just because her skills are good doesn't mean that her team can just follow her and get the same results. Its good that as a result of both taking a step back that both were able to realise the problems that had existed between them. While allowing both to mend their bonds it also allowed both to rediscover the fire that was inside them.
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May 12, 4:06 PM

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It's hard seeing others improve while you get left behind huh? Know that feeling.

We got another appearance from the rival captain!
May 12, 5:38 PM
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This episode was very emotional, at this point Tomoe sees how the rest of her teammates improve, it was obvious that she would feel that she is falling behind and above all feel that Tsubasa is treating her in a different way because they are best friends.
Seeing that Tomoe distanced herself from Tsubasa every day was very sad and seeing them suffer for this was the worst.
I felt so sad when Tomoe tells Tsubasa not to be friends, poor Tsubasa broke in tears when she heard those words, but in the end Tsubasa and Tomoe manage to understand each other and thus stay united by baseball and so they continue together as best friends.

On the other hand, seeing Akane finally overcome her fear of the ball and seeing her catch the ball was very nice, I also liked that the girls kept some distance during the fight between Tomoe and Tsubasa, on one hand they tried to help, but they also tried not to be intrusive.
I already want the girls to play another game and win it, now that the girls are motivated and have improved their skills, but another thing I want to see is when the last two girls come out in the OP join the team, especially the red haired girl with that long braid.
May 12, 6:17 PM

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Hmm... seems like things could have worked out a lot easier if those two were more willing to talk or if Tsubasa wasn't entirely in charge of training (which she apparently is, I guess). A fight between friends is fine, and sometimes necessary, but this escalated far beyond what was necessary.
May 12, 6:27 PM

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I think Tsubasa and Tomoe could still have kept their BF relationship if they only learned to tore the line. It didn't make sense for them to break that bond, lame episode and a bit useless in my view.

If they aren't bffs or comrades then what are they? Just teammates?
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May 12, 6:39 PM

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Was nice of the other captain to help her out seeing as though they are rival teams, perhaps had a similar thing happen to her in the past?

Wasn't the best episode, but I suppose there's always going to be a bit of drama between people.
May 12, 6:43 PM
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There are words that I would use to describe Tommochi, but I can't use them in polite company. If I could rate this episode a big fat zero, I would do so. It was stupid, unnecessary, and did not add anything positive to the story.
May 12, 10:25 PM

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Some shows are so generic that they're actually good. Others are so generic they're just generic.
(With a nod to Gokujou Seitokai.)
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May 12, 10:57 PM

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you grow jealousy when you find out your best friend hangs out with another woman after school. so gay.
May 13, 3:17 AM
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Oh, the inevitable friends drama.

Always knew that Arihara was too soft, even by the team's baseball standards. And Tomoe isn't buying that Shit because she already feels too far-fetched behind everyone, amateur or rookie. And so she decides to enlist the help of Seijo High baseball frontman Jinguji to help improve her skills.

And...this forced Arihara to think twice about this relationship with her. Best friends or comrades? In baseball, team spirit, not friendship, prevails.

In the end, they see each other as not friends, but comrades, which is a good ending.

Another meh episode that helps on character drama.
May 13, 3:18 AM

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Usually it's the other way around when I'm with my best friend I can be very strict and still be comfortable but when I'm with regular friends I will be soft and be shy to be strict on them.
May 13, 4:12 AM

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glad to see that Yoshinon.. err.. I mean Ukita is improving! her hard work in practice paid off, she can catch the ball properly now. :)

did not expect Tsubasa to get angry. Good thing the mess got sorted out.
May 13, 10:32 AM

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This is the worst episode so far

Tomocchi have her chance to tell Tsubasa exactly what was on her mind, she chose not to do so. Tsubasa on the other hand did everything the right way, my girl was very vocal and didn't let it pass when she saw a problem. She addressed it, that is exactly how i want my waifus to act and behave.

And i was very surprised when Tsubasa spoke up, i never thought for a googolplexian year that my girl have it in her. But she roars like a lion when she feel mistreated , that was a really nice surprise .I like it when my girls roar!! They should stand up for them self and don't accepted being mistreated!!

You are not suppose to downgrade any type of female relationship in my anime. After the best friend stage is supposed to go at the dating stage, followed by the lesbian couple stage. Points off for messing around with my girls and their relationship. This can now only be corrected if a lesbian wedding will occur in the anime ,then its water under the bridge, not because i think it's going to happen but a one can dream

I didn't enjoy my self watching this ,it was depressing dark and everything i don't want from my cute girls shows. It,s a huge different between and good fight and this, this is just toxic

Some other redeeming factors, My girl wants other girls to be "more strict with her" YES i like that,,,or how she likes to put it exactly "" Please, don't hold back! Be strict with me"" she even say please i like that to .That make me happy and i really hope Tsubasa going to be a lot more strict with her in the future and don't hold anything back, and don't forget to say please =)

And she gets very jealous when her girlfriend are showing interest in the other girls, Oh that's so sweet. Tomocchi Sweetheart if you want your girlfriend do be more dominant in your relationship you should tell her!! If she had look her in her eyes and asked her "Please be more strict with me, I need a dominant girlfriend" this anime would easily get a ten from me .But for some odd reason it chose to downgrade their relationship, and with that crash and burn something that i loved in this anime

You made my girl cry!!! You buffoon!!!!! For that and messing around with my girls relationship!!! Then also for all the bad drama. Your punishment is a massive points loss!!! You had 8/10 now you only have 3/10 . You should be ashamed of yourself and your behaviour!!! I'm utterly disappointed!! Improve your self or be dropped

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May 13, 9:14 PM

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"BFs forever" feel before this episode were just a dreamlike, as it usually goes with women friendships, men tho "brothers in arms" +1

You know that meme about women and men friendship thing? :D
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May 13, 9:17 PM
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Ahhh! What an intense, sad and emotional episode.
I do not understand why Tsubasa made such a scandal because Tomochi practiced, if he wanted to do it was his decision, he did not have to meddle or react in that way. Well, they are things of girls and best friends that I will not understand clearly 😅.
If they are not best friends or companions, then what are they? Only friends, or rivals?
I admire Tomochi's effort, he takes the training seriously.

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"You have to let them let their fists talk until they fix it" ... I like that girl. LOL.
May 13, 10:44 PM

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WolfDFireBreidi said:

If they are not best friends or companions, then what are they? Only friends, or rivals?

Indeed they are not "best" friends anymore, that thing is in the past. It sounds harsh, but they are not just comrades either, but as you noticed from the episode, they both understood why they had to make this scene, to grow stronger as they can be.

They might continue with their own team, or maybe as in usual sports life, they might leave to different teams (very likely, as they mentioned "grow stronger as they can be", from team which they start, will NOT give them all they can get, that is for sure) to gain important experience.

But I really like that how far they go for baseball, that for sure is not just playing around for fun.
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"A half moon, it has a dark half and a bright half, just like me…"
May 13, 11:44 PM

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This episode went full drama.
May 14, 4:24 AM

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ButtSlapper said:
you grow jealousy when you find out your best friend hangs out with another woman after school. so gay.

can't let her waifu get taken away. just kidding


Anyway, forgot to say this. Nice to see Shinonome smiling when she saw that Ukita has improved. :)
May 14, 11:36 AM

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Not bad! eto yuri time for the two bestfriends Tomocchi & Tsubasa!
May 14, 6:58 PM

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I like this show but this episode was errr... bad.

The whole drama was so stupid. I completely understand where Tomocchi is coming from - Tsubasa isn't as strict with Tomocchi due to being so close and probably not wanting to hurt her feelings by admitting she's the weakest player - but what normal person would suddenly jump to not being best friends anymore? That's so ridiculous. All Tomocchi had to do was tell the truth to Tsubasa, and then Tsubasa should have changed her coaching strategy. There, problem solved. Roll credits.

It just seems like such an overreaction to quit being best friends over something that can so easily be fixed. I mean, how fragile does your friendship have to be if you choose being better at baseball over your best friend? And as much as I'm getting frustrated over Tomocchi's decision, I can't help but think that Tsubasa is pretty dumb if the only way she can coach her friend to be better is if they're not as close anymore. She didn't even consider the idea that they could still be best friends without her babying her.

I hope the next episode is better.
May 15, 3:48 AM

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- Almost no best girl Ryou this episode.
- Pointless drama.
- Weird conclusion.
All in all slightly disappointing episode for me, but I was glad to see more of Jinguji-san.
May 17, 11:45 AM
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Uh... so the conflict was... artificial at best? Stupid at worst?
I mean, Tsubasa being angry that, from her point of view, her girlfriend best friend Tomocchi chose Jinguji over her for training is clearly on-character and makes sense. But the fact that from THAT it follows that Tomocchi ends up concluding that 'I don't need a best friend then,' in a utterly... unncessary way? Like, I mean, there's just no justification plot wise? Of course, it makes sense that Tsubasa is lenient with Tomocchi when coaching, I suppose, but it's just as easy as telling Tsubasa not to be so lenient, or even just of Tsubasa accepting that having Jinguji help Tomocchi is also a good thing, however jealous she may be that her gf is spending time after school with another girl. Plus, the conclusion that 'you can't be bestfriends and work well on the field' in general is just dumb? Rather you'd work even better the better friends you are! To end this in a happy note, I'll just conclude that the fact that they're neither bestfriends nor comrades now means they're practically girlfriends <3.
But, yeah, bad episode. And I hope Tsubasa and Tomocchi's relationship doesn't change because what we'd been seeing so far was really cute and good for the show. Wouldn't want to see them distanced or anything like that :/.
May 18, 3:56 PM

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Didn't like the pointless drama in this one, or the denouncement of being best friends. Just seems kinda dumb all around.
May 19, 7:31 AM

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Decent episode.

I wanted them so still remain as best friends.

May 21, 7:13 AM

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the drama here was very uh.. pointless and didn't really contribute much.
May 26, 9:06 PM
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lihle808 said:
I think Tsubasa and Tomoe could still have kept their BF relationship if they only learned to tore the line. It didn't make sense for them to break that bond, lame episode and a bit useless in my view.

If they aren't bffs or comrades then what are they? Just teammates?

Lover, i guess...