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Poll: Fairy Tail: Final Series Episode 31 Discussion

May 11, 4:12 PM

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Natsu vs Gray, here we go.

And kind of a shame that Dimaria's body is covered with clothes most of the time;_;
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May 11, 4:15 PM

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I'm shocked by the quality. It feels like I’m reading the manga again but just in colour.

E.N.D awakened! GoOd AnImE.

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May 11, 4:27 PM

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E.N.D awakened!
The Brandish vs Lucy fight was hot.
May 11, 4:34 PM

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Levys reunion with Gajeel was priceless.

Lucy vs Brandish felt kinda meh but I didn't expect much from it. Lucy's fearlessness this episode though. Dimaria made a big mistake...and paid for it.
May 11, 4:44 PM

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wow ... I never thought i'd be excited from watching Lucy in a fight ... loved the moment when she used Aquarius's magic
May 11, 4:51 PM

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Lucy has really gotten stronger, I'm really impressed. I think she has gotten to an almost level with Erza.

Another cliché Gray vs Natsu fight huh!
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May 11, 5:52 PM
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I feel disappointed about the animation. The color of Lucy's Aquarius form is better in second season. Ahh...

I love the way how Lucy fight.
May 11, 6:08 PM

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They’ve been hyping END vs Gray since Tartaros arc, you hate why they fight but you simply love the sport of the fight. Lucy stepping up against Brandish was cool, she one of the better 12s. Natsu awakening to destroy Dimaria was still a great visual too
May 11, 6:31 PM

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I like that Lucy changes her attires with every different spirit.

Levi wants some cowgirl action, give it to her already Gajeel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
May 11, 7:38 PM
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Lucy has really stepped up - how brave she was in the face of being about to have her eyes taken out! Glad Mavis is finally back with friends. Next week should be good, with Natsu vs Gray - hope they both save some energy to fight Zeref together!
May 11, 9:44 PM

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okay now I'm pleased seeing cocky Dimaria getting beaten by END awakening, lol.

next episode is really unnecessary
May 11, 9:53 PM
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best girl Dimaria is not drawn beautifully unlike in the manga and this is her last appearance too if i remember the manga right, we only see her briefly after that on the sequel manga

and damn that bra of Brandish is hard as fuck, Lucy keeps slicing it but no good lol

May 12, 2:38 AM

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I know the fight against Brandish was manipulated by Brandish to trick Dimaria, but I still loved the fact it showcased more of Lucy's growth, like she has become really strong now, despite having no chance if Brandish actually fought at full power.
May 12, 3:58 AM

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Brandi is bae!

Gajeel and Levy got their moment in this episode, pretty cute and funny. And Dimaria got the quick rekt by Natsu - now he's on demon mode. So I wonder how long this fight, Gray vs Natsu!

May 12, 4:51 AM

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Not a bad episode.

Lucy has gotten stronger.

May 12, 6:58 AM

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Brandish is bae..
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May 12, 8:23 AM

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Thumbs up for Lucy for being brave when she was about to get her eye slashed out.

Natsu "woke up" and i wanna see him wreck some shit while in that state lol. But i guess Gray is gonna stop him(?). Well, next episode is gonna be one of those nakama are important episodes, but hey, i'm enjoying the season so far so, keep the episodes coming!
May 12, 8:46 AM

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I really liked the fight between Brandish and honestly was pretty well animated...though I was kinda upset that we have to wait a week to see the fight between Natsu and Gray...I'm still really excited for it, though.
May 12, 8:52 AM
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Lucy rocked today. Also RIP Natsu OHKO the spriggan girl lol.
May 12, 10:02 AM

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Loved the Gajeel and Levy part uWu.
And pleasantly surprised with Lucy this episode.
Finally END -huh- been waitin since tartaros but this fight doesn't make much sense now at all lol.

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May 12, 12:12 PM

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Next weeks episode is gonna be soooo fucking sad! I don't want to see Gray and Natsu fight each other!
May 12, 5:38 PM

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Hype stack, hype after hype...
May 12, 10:23 PM

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God I love Brandish. Every scene she's in makes me smile.
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May 13, 2:24 AM

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Damn, this episode felt great but, again, everything that happens in this series feels like a macguffin to keep the plot going.
May 13, 10:06 AM

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Why Gray even want to kill END he did nothing to him it was another demon of the book.
Brandish is already a FT member lol.
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May 14, 8:24 AM
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Finally E.N.D arrives!!! Well I was expecting a lot more darker animation for natsu and a dark theme considering how manga portrayed him darker. They could at least made a the flames enveloping natsu a little darker than his normal ones. Except for certain changes in his hands there is no such big transformation in terms of animation; the manga transformation was very much quite visible. Well awaiting Natsu vs Gray next episode.
May 14, 2:51 PM
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The END is near One last Natsu and Grey fight
May 14, 6:35 PM

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END doesn't look much different from Natsu, really lame considering how cool he looks when he's full Dragonforce.

This does feel really pointless, Gray vs Natsu I mean. And the doctor showing up being like "oops, that wasn't a tumor" was so stupid. I have to admit I've always wanted a serious fight between Gray and Natsu. But that was fire vs ice, not demon killer vs demon. I hope they at least give us more than stills for the fight.
May 15, 5:05 AM

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Ah yes. Boobs fight. This why I liked Fairy Tail.

Also, Naruto vs Sasuke hype. I mean, whatever.
May 17, 10:20 AM

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So Gray will really fight Natsu? Why? He was always E.N.D. and it was no problem for Gray. He doesn't seem to wanna hurt any of his guild members, so just let him destory Zeref already instead of standing in his way.
May 17, 2:58 PM

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Holy s***! That ending...omg
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May 19, 2:43 AM

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well this is getting more serious...
May 31, 5:06 PM

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Okay, Omaera (お前ら). Here we go...
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Jun 3, 6:33 PM

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Wouldn't be Fairy Tail without some torture porn. Well Natsu is gone all END form and is probably gonna fight Gray. Thing is I feel like this is just going to end with neither one really "winning" and their gonna be best buds on their way to stop Zeref by the end of the ep. i.e. a waste of time.

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