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I can think of a couple of situations where you could get away with it ;) but anyway, it was just for a laugh :D
Sep 20, 8:23 AM

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day 1 of just regular harassment
Sep 20, 9:14 AM

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@DeadlyRaven thank you for the sweets.~☆

*Gives a homemade cookie from my friend @Nokkun*~☆♡
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We both can't be bad witches, Nona...

𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓗𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓷

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Don't worry this isn't final I'm still playing around as to what to actually use as a pic lol it's more just a test >.<
Kinda having a hard time making a signature, because it feels like I lost all my creativity somewhere ;_;
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how is life back in the north western farmlands sempai
Sep 20, 8:30 PM

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Yeah, that's why it's probably best to give gold fous to your star Servant, may I suggest a loyal fox wife that's always there for you, or any of her other forms~?

Haha, Claude seems like the most smug leader of out all of them. I'm definitely going to be happy being a GD with him in my party. Golden Deers, rule! (ღ✪v✪)。o○

Imagine if the three amigos actually made it to Three Houses though, wouldn't their color schemes be perfect for their respective houses? (。૦ω૦。)? I can quite imagine Owain as a GD and Servera as a BE. Pfffft.

It's going to involve Claude annoying Lorenz, I just know it. Like Owain and Inigo's legendary supports, or Forsyth and Python?

Thanks, Mae-nee. You always try to cheer me up. (๑•̥̥̥́ω•̀ू๑)
I've always have problems with these things for some reason...

𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓗𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓷

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And for what characters didn't make it to Smash, can be make up for with Smash mods!
This KOS-MOS one in particular looks rather impressive, wouldn't you agree?

I feel like the last one is going to be from yet another old crossover series that I'm too young to remember judging by the pattern here besides Joker.

Just kidding :3c, but personally I never really liked Astolfo in Apocrypha... but you can never really go wrong when you choose a Servant you like! Now you'll have both Astolfo's and Merlin's Spiritron Dress to look forward to. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
I ended up choosing Wu and hoping I could get Salter in the Merlin gacha
More SQs were sacrficed for the Salt Magus, but in the end I only got 4* CEs and Lalter like you did...

Whaaaat~?? Bern's not a real witch? ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) Aw, I was completely making her out to be a magic user since the Black Eagles looked like a magic school in the trailer. My gestaltzerfall is withering... (ᇂ_ᇂ|||)

Same Japanese voice actor Aoi Yuuki, mind you. That means Lysithea shares the same CV as Okita! Yaaay! Okita-san DAI-SHOURI~!!
Although Celica and Futaba do share the same English VA for Echoes, and it's played straight with Marianne sharing a VA with Haru Okumura in English as well.

I don't know, I'm not really looking into reading anymore new visual novels that aren't TYPE-MOON, Key, or Ryukishi07, and I've got my hands full with them and Persona 3 already. I've started out Little Busters! which has become one of my favorite novels and was thinking of playing Rewrite next. You seem to really enjoy Dies irae though.

With the amount of gag scenes in HA, I feel like Nasu just wanted to put every joke he wanted to make in stay night and use it in there, ha.
And Avenger looks so much like young Kerry, which I'm sure wasn't a coincidence. Bazett kind of looks like Touko Aozaki from Kare no Kyoukai and they're both really cool. I wish we could've seen more of them in action with ufotable's Unlimited Budget Works. I like Caren a lot since she looks like a mysterious heroine with white hair you see in visual novels. I hope her and Hakunon become a Pseudo-Servants real soon.

I forgot to mention that Gilgamesh got his new animations recently!

They look so refined, I thought the thumbnail was from a FGO Arcade video for a second.
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Chaet said:

What does this username even mean
Bring Tokyo and Kyoto back

oyasumi=oyasueme= oh yea sue me.
Sep 21, 12:41 PM

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oyasueme said:
Chaet said:

What does this username even mean
Bring Tokyo and Kyoto back

oyasumi=oyasueme= oh yea sue me.

Join the most Mangonificent club!

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Lol. I actually gave it to Tamamo Lancer. xD You read my mind.

That comic described Claude and Lysithea's support in a nutshell.

I can see it too. Owain would be part of the Golden Deer, Inigo would be part of the Blue Lions, and Severa would be part of the Red Black Eagles.

Yep, that sounds like all of Claude's supports. He loves to come up with schemes and tease/annoy people. Though, it is all for a greater cause (at least the scheming part...).

I'm glad that I cheered you up!

Here is another wholesome picture:
Sep 21, 5:45 PM

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I knew you would. ;> Make sure you Servants eats lots, and lots

Claude better take it easy on the teasing, Lysithea can end the Death Knight's whole career.

Well, Severa doesn't really wear red on her starting gear, and her Nohrian mercenary outfit is black, so it still really fits!

I have my suspicions that Claude is really feh or Marvel Loki in disguise, or Claude is what Loki looks like. Speaking of Claude, I can't help to mention his placement in the game cover, is he Spiderman? Ha!

I have tons of wholesome Bandori fanart, you should check this artist. ( •⌄• ू )✧

I was not able to get Kanon... but at least I got a bunch of new costumes and 3★s! ( •⌄• ू )✧

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Sep 22, 1:52 PM
The End

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Heh, some Smash mods are impressive. Maybe KOS-MOS will be a real playable character someday, but even if she isn't we still have the cool mods. I still can't believe Sans Undertale is in Ultimate, only as a costume, but even that was thought impossible before Ultimate.
I think Astolfo was one of the best characters in Apocrypha, but I can understand why other people don't like him. I liked him a lot in the Agartha singularity, he and D'Eon were cute. I think to favor the servants you like the most, regardless of how good they are in gameplay, is important. I have a friend that got Medusa to level 100 because he loves her. I think that's amazing, I don't see many people grail three star servants I don't even know who I want to grail yet because I like all of my SSR servants.
Wu is a good choice, she's a splendid assassin. Sorry, you couldn't get Salter. I wanted her too, but Lalter is just as good. I'm saving my Quartz and Tickets for that Musashi banner.

Yeah, Bernadetta starts as an archer but I think you can change her class into a mage. I see. I don't pay much attention to voice actors, so I never noticed.

Oh, I've heard good things about Little Busters but I've never seen the anime or read the visual novel. I might read it someday. I've heard a lot of praise for Rewrite. Another VN to add the list of "things I should read". I don't know what I'll read after HA though. Speaking of TYPE-MOON, I hope Mahoutsukai no Yoru gets translated eventually. I like Nasu's writing and having Aoko Aozaki as the main character sounds interesting.
The comedy in HA is really good and funny. Some jokes in Carnival Phantasm make more sense now, like the Berser-CAR is in HA. Caren or Bazett as Pseudo-servants would be super cool. I hope there's a Tsukihime events one day, so Shiki and Arcueid can be servants too. Those new Gilgamesh animations are spectacular. It's all so good, even his posture is different. I can't wait for western servers to get them in two years.
Sep 23, 4:03 AM

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Do you also have the problem that they don't let you play the missions which are "westerners only" my team has only westerners in it, but it just kicks me back to the title screen anyway.
Sep 23, 5:48 AM

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where's the regular harassment
Sep 23, 7:42 AM

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day 2 of regular harassment
Sep 23, 7:56 AM

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It seems like a widespread issue. There's nothing you can really do about it except wait for the devs to fix it.

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@freezingmoon no need to apologise, i love being called that word. tis my username for a reason >////<

Sep 23, 10:39 AM

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Ah I hope they will fix it soon, because I want her NP5 >.<
Sep 23, 6:17 PM

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@Nek0 Thanks for the insight info on how the P is shaped like a Penis while the V as a Vagina. Keen eye there.~☆♡
Sep 23, 6:41 PM

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@Lielaxea That image reminds me that I need to save for Eresh and Skadi. :>

Lysithea is ready to throw hands with him (especially if he eats her cake).

Oh no, I'm starting to forget her character design. I don't feel so good....

Indeed, Claude is Spiderman. Lorenz is his Mary Jane.

Thank you for the recommendation! Their art looks cute. :3

I had the same results. I'm actually mad at myself for rolling on this gacha. Especially since Halloween Aya and Dreamfest are next. I'm not going to get her at this point. ;w;
Sep 23, 7:17 PM

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See you laters, Master

Sep 23, 7:19 PM

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day 3 of just regular harassment

today's special: calling you a wanker
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me n u in a lighthouse when
Sep 24, 3:18 PM

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this... this is what it means to be alive
Sep 24, 6:41 PM
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Yuri Connoisseur

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See you later, Master

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Maybe the true goodest boys are the friends we made along the way
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day 4 of just regular harassment
today's special: calling you a bad friend
Sep 25, 6:00 AM

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@freezingmoon how am i meant to give you an obligatory response when your comments are disabled? smh ><
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@dokubachi where are my weird voice messages at
Sep 25, 7:52 AM

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@tangerine :^(
@cucky that's the point :^)
Sep 25, 10:01 AM
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@dfsafsaf Username#1234
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@username dfsafsaf #8698
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day 5 of just regular harassment
today's special: calling you a boomer
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@cucky it's a thread about reverse-engineering Nintendo 64 games and I made a tool that will plug in labels for things

labels for Super Mario 64: (still making the list)

01 G_MTX
04 G_VTX
06 G_DL
0DC480 osSetTime
0DC4B0 osMapTLB
0DC570 osUnmapTLBAll
0DC5C0 sprintf
0DC670 osCreateMesgQueue
0DC6A0 osSetEventMesg
0DC710 osViSetEvent
0DC780 osCreateThread
0DC8D0 osRecvMesg
0DCB2C osSpTaskLoad
0DCC8C osSpTaskStartGo
0DCCD0 osSpTaskYield
0DCCF0 osSendMesg
0DCE40 osSpTaskYielded
0DCEC0 osStartThread
0DD010 osWritebackDCacheAll
0DD040 osCreateViManager
0DD3A0 osViSetMode
0DD410 osViBlack
0DD480 osViSetSpecialFeatures
0DD640 osCreatePiManager
0DD7C0 osSetThreadPri
0DDB30 osContStartReadData
0DDBF4 osContGetReadData
0DDD90 osContInit
0DE150 osEepromProbe
0DE480 osInvalDCache
0DE530 osPiStartDma
0DE640 bzero
0DE6E0 osInvalICache
0DE760 osEepromLongRead
0DE8A0 osEepromLongWrite
0DE9E0 bcopy
0DFDF0 osWritebackDCache
0F4210 vec3f_copy
0F4250 vec3f_set
0F429C vec3f_add
0F42F4 vec3f_sum
0F434C vec3s_copy
0F438C vec3s_set
0F43D8 vec3s_add
0F4430 vec3s_sum
0F4488 vec3s_sub
0F44E0 vec3s_to_vec3f
0F4544 vec3f_to_vec3s
0F4660 find_vector_perpendicular_to_plane
0F4748 vec3f_cross
0F47D0 vec3f_normalize
0F4878 mtxf_copy
0F48C4 mtxf_identity
0F4934 mtxf_translate
0F4994 mtxf_lookat
0F4E50 mtxf_rotate_zxy_and_translate
0F5000 mtxf_rotate_xyz_and_translate
0F51A8 mtxf_billboard
0F5328 mtxf_align_terrain_normal
0F54B4 mtxf_align_terrain_triangle
0F5970 mtxf_mul
0F5CAC mtxf_scale_vec3f
0F5D58 mtxf_mul_vec3s
0F5E44 mtxf_to_mtx
0F5EC8 mtxf_rotate_xy
0F5F60 get_pos_from_transform_mtx
0F60AC vec3f_get_dist_and_angle
0F6198 vec3f_set_dist_and_angle
0F6270 approach_s32
0F62C4 approach_f32
0F6334 atan2_lookup
0F63B8 atan2s
0F6598 atan2f
0F65FC spline_get_weights
0F69C8 anim_spline_init
0F69F8 anim_spline_poll
0F6C30 init_scene_graph_node_links
0F6C5C init_graph_node_root
0F6D1C init_graph_node_ortho_projection
0F6D90 init_graph_node_perspective
0F6E58 init_graph_node_start
0F6EBC init_graph_node_master_list
0F6F40 init_graph_node_render_range
0F6FC4 init_graph_node_switch_case
0F7080 init_graph_node_camera
0F7154 init_graph_node_translation_rotation
0F7208 init_graph_node_translation
0F72AC init_graph_node_rotation
0F7350 init_graph_node_scale
0F73F0 init_graph_node_object
0F74E4 init_graph_node_culling_radius
0F7558 init_graph_node_animated_part
0F75FC init_graph_node_billboard
0F76A0 init_graph_node_display_list
0F7734 init_graph_node_shadow
0F77C4 init_graph_node_object_parent
0F7838 init_graph_node_generated
0F78DC init_graph_node_background
0F7994 init_graph_node_held_object
0F7A54 geo_add_child
0F7ACC geo_remove_child
0F7B48 geo_make_first_child
0F7BF4 geo_call_global_function_nodes_helper
0F7D70 geo_call_global_function_nodes
0F7DE0 geo_reset_object_node
0F7E58 geo_obj_init
0F7F2C geo_obj_init_spawninfo
0F8068 geo_obj_init_animation
0F8118 geo_obj_init_animation_accel
0F81E8 retrieve_animation_index
0F8254 geo_update_animation_frame
0F83F8 geo_retreive_animation_translation
0F8520 geo_find_root
0F8570 read_vec3s_to_vec3f
0F85D0 read_vec3s
0F860C read_vec3s_angle
0F8684 register_scene_graph_node
0F8770 geo_layout_cmd_branch_and_link
0F8834 geo_layout_cmd_end
0F88F8 geo_layout_cmd_branch
0F8980 geo_layout_cmd_return
0F89D0 geo_layout_cmd_open_node
0F8A28 geo_layout_cmd_close_node
0F8A60 geo_layout_cmd_assign_as_view
0F8AE0 geo_layout_cmd_update_node_flags
0F8BE0 geo_layout_cmd_node_root
0F8D38 geo_layout_cmd_node_ortho_projection
0F8DB4 geo_layout_cmd_node_perspective
0F8E9C geo_layout_cmd_node_start
0F8EEC geo_layout_cmd_nop3
0F8F10 geo_layout_cmd_node_master_list
0F8F6C geo_layout_cmd_node_level_of_detail
0F8FE4 geo_layout_cmd_node_switch_case
0F9050 geo_layout_cmd_node_camera
0F9100 geo_layout_cmd_node_translation_rotation
0F92E4 geo_layout_cmd_node_translation
0F93A8 geo_layout_cmd_node_rotation
0F946C geo_layout_cmd_node_scale
0F9560 geo_layout_cmd_nop2
0F9584 geo_layout_cmd_node_animated_part
0F9620 geo_layout_cmd_node_billboard
0F96E4 geo_layout_cmd_node_display_list
0F975C geo_layout_cmd_node_shadow
0F97EC geo_layout_cmd_node_object_parent
0F9844 geo_layout_cmd_node_generated
0F98A4 geo_layout_cmd_node_background
0F9908 geo_layout_cmd_nop
0F992C geo_layout_cmd_copy_view
0F99E4 geo_layout_cmd_node_held_obj
0F9A68 geo_layout_cmd_node_culling_radius
0F9AC4 process_geo_layout
0F9BB0 eval_script_op
0F9CD4 level_cmd_load_and_execute
0F9D98 level_cmd_exit_and_execute
0F9E14 level_cmd_exit
0F9E8C level_cmd_sleep
0F9F0C level_cmd_sleep2
0F9F90 level_cmd_jump
0F9FC8 level_cmd_jump_and_link
0FA030 level_cmd_return
0FA060 level_cmd_jump_and_link_push_arg
0FA0E4 level_cmd_jump_repeat
0FA190 level_cmd_loop_begin
0FA208 level_cmd_loop_until
0FA288 level_cmd_jump_if
0FA2F8 level_cmd_jump_and_link_if
0FA398 level_cmd_skip_if
0FA428 level_cmd_skip
0FA480 level_cmd_skippable_nop
0FA4A8 level_cmd_call
0FA514 level_cmd_call_loop
0FA5A8 level_cmd_set_register
0FA5E4 level_cmd_push_pool_state
0FA624 level_cmd_pop_pool_state
0FA664 level_cmd_load_to_fixed_address
0FA6B4 level_cmd_load_segment
0FA708 level_cmd_load_compressed_segment
0FA758 level_cmd_19
0FA808 level_cmd_1A
0FA858 level_cmd_init_level
0FA8B8 level_cmd_clear_level
0FA910 level_cmd_alloc_level_pool
0FA980 level_cmd_free_level_pool
0FAA20 level_cmd_begin_area
0FAB40 level_cmd_end_area
0FAB74 level_cmd_21
0FAC24 level_cmd_22
0FACB4 level_cmd_23
0FAD7C level_cmd_init_mario
0FAE6C level_cmd_place_object
0FB08C level_cmd_create_warp_node
0FB1A0 level_cmd_create_instant_warp
0FB330 level_cmd_set_terrain_type
0FB3A4 level_cmd_create_painting_warp_node
0FB528 level_cmd_3A
0FB648 level_cmd_create_whirlpool
0FB7F4 level_cmd_set_blackout
0FB83C level_cmd_set_gamma
0FB8A4 level_cmd_set_terrain_data
0FB924 level_cmd_set_rooms
0FB9A4 level_cmd_39
0FBA24 level_cmd_load_area
0FBA8C level_cmd_2A
0FBACC level_cmd_set_mario_start_pos
0FBB70 level_cmd_2C
0FBBB0 level_cmd_2D
0FBBF0 level_cmd_set_transition
0FBC5C level_cmd_nop
0FBC84 level_cmd_30
0FBD10 level_cmd_set_music
0FBDAC level_cmd_set_menu_music
0FBDFC level_cmd_38
0FBE44 level_cmd_get_or_set_var
0FBFD8 level_script_execute
0FF5C0 RandomU16
0FF6C4 RandomFloat
0FF72C RandomSign
097EE0 envfx_init_snow
098028 envfx_update_snowflake_count
0981AC envfx_cleanup_snow
098204 orbit_from_positions
09832C pos_from_orbit
098450 envfx_is_snowflake_alive
098548 envfx_update_snow_normal
098978 envfx_update_snow_blizzard
098DC4 is_in_mystery_snow_area
098E28 envfx_update_snow_water
09901C rotate_triangle_vertices
099424 append_snowflake_vertex_buffer
099838 envfx_update_snow
099CB8 envfx_update_particles
099E40 particle_is_laterally_close
099EF0 random_flower_offset
099F70 envfx_update_flower
09A210 envfx_set_lava_bubble_position
09A57C envfx_update_lava
09A74C envfx_rotate_around_whirlpool
09A998 envfx_is_whirlpool_bubble_alive
09AA24 envfx_update_whirlpool
09AF14 envfx_is_jestream_bubble_alive
09AFA8 envfx_update_jetstream
09B328 envfx_init_bubble
09B504 envfx_bubbles_update_switch
09B708 append_bubble_vertex_buffer
09BB10 envfx_set_bubble_texture
09BCA8 envfx_update_bubble_particles
09BFC8 envfx_set_max_bubble_particles
09C038 envfx_update_bubbles
059650 spawn_object
05AE38 obj_become_intangible
05AE58 obj_become_tangible
05DCFC set_object_hitbox
09FED8 CoinStep
09FF5C MovingCoinFlickerLoop
09FF94 CoinCollected
09FFD8 bhv_moving_yellow_coin_init
0A0054 bhv_moving_yellow_coin_loop
0A0188 bhv_moving_blue_coin_init
0A0204 bhv_moving_blue_coin_loop
0A0394 bhv_blue_coin_sliding_jumping_init
0A040C func_802E540C
0A04DC func_802E54DC
0A0564 bhv_blue_coin_sliding_loop
0A0718 bhv_blue_coin_jumping_loop
0A0880 bhv_seaweed_init
0A08CC bhv_seaweed_bundle_init
032930 set_segment_base_addr
032970 get_segment_base_addr
0329A0 segmented_to_virtual
0329F8 virtual_to_segmented
032A40 move_segment_table_to_dmem
032AC4 main_pool_init
032B70 main_pool_alloc
032C88 main_pool_free
032DA8 main_pool_realloc
032E18 main_pool_available
032E38 main_pool_push_state
032EE8 main_pool_pop_state
032F54 dma_read
033060 dynamic_dma_read
0330DC load_segment
033140 load_to_fixed_pool_addr
033228 load_segment_decompress
033304 func_80278304
0333C4 load_engine_code_segment
033464 alloc_only_pool_init
033508 alloc_only_pool_alloc
033578 alloc_only_pool_resize
0335E8 mem_pool_init
0336A8 mem_pool_alloc
0337C4 mem_pool_free
03397C alloc_display_list
0339F0 func_802789F0
033A78 func_80278A78
033AD4 func_80278AD4
003AC0 thread5_game_loop
001050 handle_debug_key_sequences
001170 Unknown80246170
0011CC Dummy802461CC
0011DC Dummy802461DC
0011EC Dummy802461EC
0011FC setup_mesg_queues
0012E0 AllocPool
001338 create_thread
00139C handle_nmi_request
0013EC receive_new_tasks
00151C start_sptask
00159C interrupt_gfx_sptask
0015EC start_gfx_sptask
001648 pretend_audio_sptask_done
00169C handle_vblank
0017FC handle_sp_complete
00194C handle_dp_complete
0019B8 thread3_main
001B14 set_vblank_handler
001B74 SendMessage
001BB4 dispatch_audio_sptask
001C10 send_display_list
001C9C turn_on_audio
001CB8 turn_off_audio
001CF0 thread1_idle
001DC4 Main
8033A090 sSegmentTable
(Mostly) MBTI blog coming before New Year!

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Sep 26, 8:22 AM

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@ipreferecchi i'm even more impressed that your planned thread isn't lewd lol. it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. good luck.
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