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Can most people agree that most filler in anime sucks?

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May 14, 5:22 PM

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No I can’t agree. Because the fillers in bleach filled my heart with massive joy and happiness.
May 15, 12:11 PM

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I think it depends on the type of filler and the anime in question. For example, A Certain Scientific Railgun uses filler to flesh out the side characters, while also allowing the viewer to see more of the detailed and complex setting of the anime, which is Academy City. Their fillers usually follow a side character whereas Black Clover uses fillers as a chance to get the audience to know the background of a character, like Charmy.

Now, shows like Dragon (Freaking) Ball Z... OOF

Jun 9, 9:18 AM

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No. I like filler and don't understand the saturation of complaints over it. If I truly love the world and the characters then I want to see more world-building, character development, and just quiet moments and regular interactions and time to breathe it all in without a breakneck frantic mad dash to advance the central plot and reach the finish line. Give me a show with 200+ episodes over 12 or 20 or 26 any day of the week and six ways from Sunday if the characters and their world and their aspirations and their relationships and their journey is truly that captivating and immersive.

I also don't understand the level of hate for it concerning older series that have already finished airing years ago. Just don't watch the filler then. It's not like you're waiting week to week. Some of us relish it.

The only time I want to skip or drop the anime because of it is when I'm not that motivated and invested to follow and see the characters grow outside of the main storyline in the first place. I felt like this about Rurouni Kenshin a few episodes after the Kyoto arc.
Jun 9, 11:59 AM
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Yes because it makes a series longer with unnecessary stuff and I'm pretty sure everyone hates filler
Jun 9, 12:13 PM

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But it add girls in swimsuits and that's the whole point
Jun 9, 12:31 PM

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That is a fair assumption. Filler is more often bad than it is good and I can't see anyone who would enjoy having the story they're interested in be interrupted and replaced with the characters farting around on something much less important.

As several people have pointed out though, there are still several rare cases of watchable filler. Even some that were pretty good. I usually try giving it a shot before I write it off.
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Jun 9, 3:46 PM
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Since I watch mostly Anime. Then it's either that I don't even know if episode is filler or not OR notice filler but enjoy it or not.

But I don't really mind the fillers. Depends on Anime though.

Bleach fillers for the most part I really enjoyed.
Naruto Sippuuden fillers I really despised.

One Piece and Fairy Tail for the most part I didn't even know when they had fillers.

As for other series.
As said... since I watch mostly only Anime. And rarely when I finish Anime and want more, then I add Manga to plan to read.

But since I haven't had read yet Manga first that also gotten Anime later. I dunno what to say. And even if any of Manga i read get's Anime ever.. then I'll probably won't even remember Manga by the time Anime is out.

TLDR; Fillers enjoyment depends on Anime itself. So by concept, I don't mind them. Then can be good, they can be bad. Plus, I don't read Manga that often. Anime first > Manga if want more.
Jun 9, 4:00 PM

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It´s 2019 and people keep talkin about Naruto´s filler, I was definitely traumatic.

I think fillers are cool, Mushishi is all about filler and It´s perfect.
Jun 9, 8:47 PM

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I don't mind filler if it's a genuinely funny episode. But other than that, filler arcs and filler episodes make me want to blow my brains out.
Jun 9, 8:54 PM

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I feel like most if not the majority of people would agree with you, I can only name a few anime I enjoyed the filler. Yu Yu Hakusho put the filler in a nice spot where it's a good break from a long arc. I enjoy some of Dragon Ball Z's filler for just really not being terrible, and fleshing out characters more.

The Curry of Life episode of Naruto I remember liking.
Jun 9, 9:08 PM

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If I like the characters enough then I really don't mind and might even appreciate filler.
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Jun 9, 9:13 PM

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Yeah most filler suck, no question .
Jun 9, 9:18 PM

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I enjoyed the filler in both Naruto and One Piece. Recap episodes is what I despise.
Jun 9, 9:31 PM
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Well everybody knows tht the filler in Naruto sux ass so....
Jun 9, 10:36 PM

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A filler's quality can vary.
Fillers can be good. As long if it doesn't drag on too long (like I dunno, most Naruto filler).
The fillers in OVA's, specials, or some episodes of a certain anime can be for the most part mediocre/average at best since they can be a distraction from the real story. However, these fillers can be quite entertaining just to see characters do fun stuff before shit happens to them in the actual series (eg Durarara specials, some episodes in Darling in the Franxx).
Sometimes, filler episodes in some series can also add a bit more development to the characters (eg Violet Evergarden).
Quality-wise, yes, most fillers do suck. Entertainment-wise, not quite (I mean, just let these poor characters have some fun in some shitty af world).
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Jun 14, 8:38 AM

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I can think of one anime where the main storyline didn't work for me at all and was unpleasant to watch, so the filler was the best part.
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Jun 14, 8:46 AM

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Most of the time, yes, but there are exceptions. I've heard D. Gray Man has decent filler episodes and I didn't mind watching them.

Some anime have fillers that expand on the characters' personalities and developments
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