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Poll: Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san Episode 5 Discussion

May 14, 9:08 AM

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Literally fluff heaven <3 Shiro a cutie and love her kinda flirty side.
Loved how Shiro ran away through the wall.
His reaction to Senko's wet tail was funny too ^^
May 14, 4:04 PM

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It was nice, I guess? It's the same thing every episode, cuteness is fine, but it does not offer anything else. It doesn't seem to go anywhere.
May 15, 2:42 AM

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Poor Kuroto couldn't fluff Shiro's tail
May 15, 2:03 PM

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Hope Shiro is around more often
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May 17, 10:02 AM

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Protoz said:
Zei33 said:
If I could give this anime an 11, I would.

The last part of every episode is my favourite.

My last two weeks ran me ragged, I worked long days and nights, spent my entire weekend working. I'm a programmer too, kinda like our main character. It would be a dream come true to have this happen in real life.

If there is a god, let him perform a miracle and summon me a fox demigod.

or you can buy the waifu A.I toy (though the promotional video only features miku, i'm sure it's customizable enough to summon any char according to popular market demand)

Maybe but think of the house work that could get done. What a dream.
May 20, 10:58 PM
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OMG, this episode was hilarious!! I've definitely decided to keep watching this anime now!!
Jun 17, 9:39 AM
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Senko is really cute when she's jealous xD
I am not a weeb, I simply enjoy 2D girls
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