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Poll: Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san Episode 5 Discussion

May 8, 6:52 AM

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Lol, Shiro sure made herself feel at home. Cute character.

She's more prideful and even a bit flirtatious :o
May 8, 8:03 AM
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Another amazing episode!! This anime reminds me a lot of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood with the comedy, non-human characters and interactions. Awesome!! :)
May 8, 8:04 AM

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The episode was full of super adorable moments with Nakano petting both Senko and Shiro's heads being the highlight of the episode. The second half where Senko and Nakano were bathing was quite relaxing and Nakano should know by now that he can't keep Senko out, she can phase through walls. I hope Shiro comes back in future episodes, she's kinda flirty.

May 8, 8:07 AM

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I got excited for shiro but she just left instantly, i hope she'll come back
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May 8, 8:24 AM

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She was there to keep me from drowning... I can already tell how well that excuse would work.

Also lol @ the moment when you realize that the mofu mofu is still there.
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May 8, 8:28 AM

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Another one huh. I liked Shiro. Hope she makes another appearance.

May 8, 9:32 AM

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Everyone needs a Senko-san at their home
May 8, 9:36 AM
Joined: May 2017
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For a long time I have been looking for a show that had a bath scene between a male and a female characters but doesn't feel awkward or ecchi at all. And this show sure give me what I want, thank you.
May 8, 10:55 AM
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They should use Senko-san instead of anti-depresing pills.Everytime i watch an episode of that it just makes my day.At least i know that one day of my week will be good and it will last for quite few episodes.
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May 8, 11:13 AM

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We are reaching fluff levels that shouldn't even be possible. I love it.
May 8, 11:38 AM

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Shiro was much better than I'd imagined she would be based on her appearance last episode. Hopefully she returns in a future episode. That aside, I was slightly concerned about the prospect of bathing scenes, but as with everything else in this show it remained very wholesome when it could have so easily gone into dangerous territory.
May 8, 12:06 PM

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Well, that took care of any silly harem possibilities. :D
May 8, 12:52 PM

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This show is such a stress reliever. That moment with the neighbor was great, wish we got more of her.
May 8, 1:21 PM

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LocalTrashcan said:
This show is such a stress reliever. That moment with the neighbor was great, wish we got more of her.

It sure does.......................................................................................................
May 8, 4:29 PM
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a second fox girl for the busy office worker, is not at all a harem and a wish fulfillment only be loved by two girls who want it without any reason can bathe and caress as your pet I know they say this is comfy and blah blah uzamaid was something similar, but it was the girl who had to make a change in her life to work for the person she loved, if she was a girl, but she always received her well-deserved punishment in case of overindulgence, the same with Miyako, However, here there is no comedy, it does not have the same energy or the animation that they possessed, we only have a sad and boring archetype of a man of office
May 8, 4:32 PM

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As someone who worked a couple of decades in high stress jobs with demanding and excessive workloads and hours, I can see just what the attraction is to Senko-san. How nice it would be to be able to come home to a cooked meal, a hot bath, and some fluffy-fluff time with your cute partner. (The reality being that she's usually as stressed as you, so you browse the take-out menus together, watch tv, and both fall asleep exhausted with no fluffy-fluff time for you...)

The only thing I'm waiting for now, is for the romance in the descriptors to kick in. Right now it is just a little too SoL for my liking. Tail-fluffing may be alright in the short-term (as a metaphor), but at some point I'd like to see something develop between our salaryman and either Senko or the mangaka next door.

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May 8, 5:49 PM

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Head patting, double head patting, tail mofu mofu, back scrubbing. They went all out this episode eh? xD

Nakano's reaction to the mofu mofu being gone and then returning were so top tier. XD
May 8, 6:01 PM

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The doujin's really write themselves lmao.
May 8, 6:16 PM

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Double head pats & double the fluff!
Well, Shiro is a fun charather aswell.

I wonder when we're going to see some more big tittie fox girl. She definitely woud be an "ara ara" type of charather. :-P
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May 8, 8:04 PM

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How did the head pat become a thing? Has it always been a thing? I mean, I'm glad it's a thing, but how did it become a thing?
May 8, 9:40 PM

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LocalTrashcan said:
This show is such a stress reliever. That moment with the neighbor was great, wish we got more of her.

This is an anime that we need but we don't deserve kind of meme.

May 8, 10:54 PM

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Watching this anime is like doing therapy to be honest. I love how warm and cute it is :)
May 9, 12:33 AM

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Damn, Nakano's "mofu mofu" fetish was strong in this episode.

Shiro making herself at home was funny to see. I'm liking her so far but personally, I still prefer Senko's method of taking care of people.

And on a side note, I really appreciate the fact they handled the bath scene with the sole purpose of being wholesome. The whole scene was cute and very relaxing to watch. Not to mention that for once, it was nice to have such scene being free from unnecessary fanservice or characters acting like idiots.

That said, it was a very nice episode overall. Looking forward to the next one!
May 9, 12:33 AM

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I'd give up sex for life in exchange of fluffy-fluffing with Senko-san for life.
Fluffy-fluffing > Sex
May 9, 2:37 AM
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HikariShoumeiron said:
Watching this anime is like doing therapy to be honest. I love how warm and cute it is :)

It's having the opposite effect on me..... my black cloud of depression increases after each episode knowing ITS NOT REAL!! :(
May 9, 4:31 AM

Joined: Oct 2013
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Give the man a fluffy tail!

Shiro wasn't bad at all, I just had this idea that she was going to ruin things but she's a nice demi-god, flirty but nice.
May 9, 8:27 AM

Joined: May 2018
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Shiro appearance is successfully balancing the atmosphere. At least beside mofu mofu Senko, there is another fox that a little bit naughty.

I can't hold myself to not bring Getsuyobi no Tawawa to stand aside this anime. They both actually have same purpose as a stress reliever among salarymen and workers, but each of them treat their audience in different ways.
May 9, 9:36 AM
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LOL when Nakano told Shiro he wanted to fluff her tail, her reaction was the opposite of what I expected. I guess Senko-san is a more "naughty" fox than Shiro! Another great ep.
May 9, 10:56 AM

Joined: Aug 2015
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I really liked first 4 episodes but this episode was pointless. I hope this anime won't turn in a Furry-Service anime.
May 9, 11:12 AM

Joined: Feb 2015
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What a wholesome, soul-healing episode. I can imagine that tail to be even fluffier after being dried after bathing. *face into tail*
May 9, 2:40 PM

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lolz at the entire bath scene! I can't help but think a lot of lewd sexual innuendo stuff like the splurting of water etc and most of all a NAKED LOLI!!!
May 9, 3:13 PM

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I'm getting kinda bored with it. It's the same thing over and over again.
1. Tired from work
2. Eat
3. Fluff tail

There are some different things added in each episode: Meeting Senko, Meeting the Neighbor, Meeting Shiro, Ear Cleaning, Bath Time, Grocery Shopping, but idk there isn't enough excitement, comedy, or otherwise to keep me interested.

I know it's Slice of Life, and I don't dislike the show, it just seems super super average. I think Non Non Biyori and Flying Witch were both better calming Slice of Lifes.

I guess what bothers me most is that there isn't anything to look forward too? I want to know more about the flashbacks/dreams. I want to know more about Senko-san and what brings her to Nakano. Dragon Maid focused a lot on the background of the dragons, hopes, dreams, purpose, fitting into society. This show doesn't have anything to make me feel invested.

Other Slice of Life either had comedy or plot progression to a degree, this show doesn't really feel like it has much of it. I think it would've been better for this to be a 12 minute show, since 15 minutes feels like the same fluff (pun intended) over and over again.

I do hope we see more of Shiro and the neighbor though.
May 10, 3:01 AM

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I like that they didn't make it sexual.

The tail fluffing is a bit overdone, though. It takes too much time out of every episode that could otherwise be spent on them doing new things.
May 10, 5:39 AM
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It was a nice episode and i get some dragon maid vibes.
May 10, 6:33 AM
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May 10, 7:23 AM
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Hahahaha I did not wait for the bathroom. Senko is a girl xD. The FBI was about to take action. LOL.

"I'm here to keep you from drowning" .... Nice Senko.

PS: I love that this anime is not morbid, it keeps its purity 😅.
May 10, 9:43 AM

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i love this anime naked loli waifu so wholesome not like those ecchi shit fanservice shows
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May 10, 12:33 PM

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This anime is so comfy and wholesome that even I, a huge fan of ecchi, feel it's a bit too fanservicy at times.
May 10, 1:14 PM

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Shiro's seiyuu did a good job, but I think that she should be voiced by Saitou Chiwa.
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May 10, 5:32 PM
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They executed that bath scene so sexual implications or something of that sort. Just pure, wholesome interaction between Senko and Nakano. Loved Shiro as well lol, hope we see more of her.
May 11, 4:47 PM

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the way they made the bath scene with no ecchi or lewdness at all was amazing for the heart and eyes
May 12, 1:36 AM

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this anime though... somes crosses the line between ok to not being ok at all... sometimes I also feel guilty about it...good for the MC though
May 12, 7:34 AM

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We were *this* close of having the FBI busting the door open.
Still, Nakano's reaction when he saw the wet tail - hilarious!
May 12, 10:32 AM

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There are two of them
The only logic conclusion are simultaneous head pats need to figure something out when the thrid one decides to join though
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May 12, 8:12 PM

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This was everything i could of hoped from this episode.
Following the manga nicely, i enjoyed this.
May 13, 8:29 AM

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HHHHMMMMMMMMM This is a really nice anime to watch while drinking a nice hot cup of coffee.
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May 13, 9:30 AM

Joined: Feb 2017
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i feel like FBI gonna breach my house anytime while watch this
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May 13, 10:35 AM

Joined: Sep 2018
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I like how wholesome this anime is. The comedy was also very funny. I would give this episode a 4.7/5.
May 13, 10:50 AM

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If I could give this anime an 11, I would.

The last part of every episode is my favourite.

My last two weeks ran me ragged, I worked long days and nights, spent my entire weekend working. I'm a programmer too, kinda like our main character. It would be a dream come true to have this happen in real life.

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May 13, 11:08 AM

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Zei33 said:
If I could give this anime an 11, I would.

The last part of every episode is my favourite.

My last two weeks ran me ragged, I worked long days and nights, spent my entire weekend working. I'm a programmer too, kinda like our main character. It would be a dream come true to have this happen in real life.

If there is a god, let him perform a miracle and summon me a fox demigod.

or you can buy the waifu A.I toy (though the promotional video only features miku, i'm sure it's customizable enough to summon any char according to popular market demand)
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