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Poll: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2 Episode 2 Discussion

May 11, 9:56 AM
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tengoku-oh said:
yawnyon said:

Hanji definitely the MVP of the episode
Did you see her ODM movement? So fluid and elegant! The studio did her justice with the animation. 👏🏻

But I hope Reiner would survive that attack. The battle has just began to end it so quickly.

I think at the most he'll just be captured like Annie. I feel like it's too early for him to die.
May 11, 5:59 PM

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SnK never disappoints!
What a fight! I really hope that after all those years he will finally die.
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May 12, 7:10 AM

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Another great ep!
May 12, 8:42 AM

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Pfffttt i can transfer my soul in mah dick!
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May 12, 11:54 AM

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Reiner is finally getting what is coming to him.
May 14, 1:47 AM

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Damn, Erwin really just looked the Armored Titan straight in the eye like it was just another day 😂
May 28, 8:14 PM
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الانمي هذا هو الافضل على الاطلاق ولم ترو شيئا بعد
Jun 1, 9:03 PM
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The part with Erwin standing on top of a mountain of fallen scouts gave me chills...and it honestly made me a bit uncomfortable. That may be because of how I view him.

Anyway, those thunder spears are awesome! I can understand their hesitance when it comes to finishing off Reiner but, at this point, it would be hard for me (if I were a scout) to see him as anything really... He may be one of their former allies but he's already done so much...
Jun 4, 6:03 AM

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Those titans posing and running style put a smile on my face. Damn Jojo references everywhere
Jun 8, 9:16 PM

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That finger gun titan was pretty lol.

Also Chad titan.
Jun 11, 12:12 AM

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Yesterday, 10:20 AM
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Still carrying along the awesomeness of the first episode! Great stuff!
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