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May 4, 5:24 PM

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What a ugly freakish monster. That big eye and murderous attitude..yikes.

Kitarou was not messing around this episode with his own powers either. Very intense episode!
May 5, 2:27 AM
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A land dispute between a human and a youkai, both sides had valid points and were unwilling to back down. If I'm not wrong, it looks like this was based on a past episode of the series. I'm a little confused by the resolution though, it looks like Doratabo was defeated but the humans chose to respect the youkai's wishes and leave the land alone.
May 5, 2:48 AM

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Episodes like this are why I watch this show.
May 5, 9:02 AM

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What a grey conflict. I'm not even sure of how I should take it. 30 years ago Kitarou stopped Dorotabou to save the humans, but while he was still feeling conflicted for having defeated a fellow youkai who was, in a way, wronged, the humans were quick to celebrate as if everything was "alright", which made Kitarou regret having helped them. Now, decades later the conflict rose again. At least this time they were trying to construct a solar plant instead of a golf course, there is no comparison, and there is no stopping 'progress', but what about those who fall victim to it? Should they just be swept under the rug and that's it? I thought that man really defeated Dorotabou by himself, and that Kitarou wouldn't have anything to do besides regretting not having taking action before in a way or another. But he still had to make a choice again, and he decided to save that man and his son.

Somehow the gratitude of the child, as sincere as it was, felt cheap, as if it were there to show that Kitarou made the right thing. But I don't know, I guess he did. It's not like that youkai is gone forever now if he wasn't before, that man and his son paid their respects to it with that grave, and construction was ultimately halted. And I know Kitarou said that this wasn't about "winning" or "losing", but it feels like they all lost in a way, and sometimes that's just how things are.
May 6, 5:02 PM

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Surely, this was a very hard episode for Kitarou!
Hard to choose between Humans and Youkai!