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Apr 29, 5:54 PM

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If the current mean upsets you, write a solid review and send it my way.
If you want to recommend a review you have written for this show, send a permalink to me.
You can also recommend another club members review by posting a link to it below
If you see one of your reviews here and want to change your score for whatever reason, be sure to notify me.

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"Anti-elitists" are the true elitists of this community. They're the kind of people that remind me that the elitist stereotype they perpetuate basically doesn't exist, and those who use it to scapegoat embody practically every trait they put into the stereotype, as they sit in their ivory tower looking down at and attacking people they disagree with because they're being negative on a show they like, and their favorites list is comprised of at least one non-mainstream classic, all the while cowering at the idea of those people giving them a taste of their own medicine. Also, objectivity in art is relative, therefore arguable, not nonexistent.