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Apr 26, 3:59 PM
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I was just wondering on who you guys think Natsuo will end up with. Im thinking Rui or Miyabi. But Rui is getting closer to the chef, while Miyabi tries to support and show her feelings for Natsuo but things dont really go her way. I highly doubt Natsuo will get back with Hina, even with Hina trying to get closer to him in the past few arcs, such as the Misaki one where Hina and Mirae save the day.

Ps. (I Dont really write alot of opinions and reviews so this is badly written 😁)

(Drop your opinions down below)
Apr 27, 12:03 AM
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idk man, i really don't know.

I always thought Rui will be the last woman standing, but chapter 216 stabbed that opinion for me.
Quotes like: "If this relationship isn't working out we're better off going back to being family." and "you're still really important to me as family." - i know the last thing she said was "see you again." and they kissed, but i think Sasuga really want to cut them lose and kill this relationship with the long distance. Still a half year left - so the only chance that they reunite is that:
1. Natsuo make the decision to still love Rui and fight for her, after she comes back or even when she's still in Manhattan (could be easy after getting the money from the booksells)
2. Rui has to reject Chefkun and must realize that the break up was a mistake (right now she still loves Nat)

Tbh, i can't even tell if Hina will still keep those feelings for her and gonna play the big sister, after all Nat did for her, even after their break up. There are so much feelings from both side, even when Nat try to suppress them. Theres gonna be the Question, if Hina still hold her promise to Rui to don't to anything that'd make her cry. (Chapter 197)

I don't think there's gonna be a big chance for Miyabi, there must come a 180° flip from Nat in a really quick time, i mean after the break up with Hina where over 40+ chapters that he confessed his love to Rui, which was so much closer to him than Miyabi.

I really hope it's gonna be Rui, she is such an adorable character and i hate this chef-kun so much, even if he's the perfect counterpart for Rui with that cold side thing from the beginning.
But tbh, i think Sasuga is gonna work out a final, where all parts from that triangle gonna be a normal family, bound so strong together with there past and all 3 gonna have a normal relationship (so it would be Miyabi)

Im really confused since the break up and there are so many theories in my mind, that i can't even tell any percent which one gonna be the best or the badest. My only hope is that Chefkun gonna have no chance with Rui
Apr 27, 11:32 AM

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@Jonerthan you gave some interesting insight there. I personally disagree with you, I hope he doesn't go back with Rui. I don't know why but I never really liked their relationship at all. I do agree with your point on Hina, though. It all happened so quickly there must be some tension between them still. In the end though I hope the drama girl wins. Her behaviour in the last few chapters was amazing lol.

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