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Poll: Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 4 Discussion

May 27, 10:01 AM

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Not good as the first three episodes...(I mean first half) but Tohru talking to Kyou-kun on the rooftop was nice! (and Kyou-kun shirtless ofc) I don't like Kagura....she is literally a domestic abuser lol.

WTF that ending.
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May 28, 12:55 AM

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Quite the amusing episode, this!

Kagura’s a really sweet girl + an abuser xD, loved the revelation of her abusing side with Tooru’s blank expression! Unlike many others here, I found her character to be fairly enjoyable but I’ve to agree this episode was probably the least entertaining so far. Tooru’s talk with Kyo on the rooftop scene was really nice! And that reveal of her being a boar was pretty cool too, I really have to wonder how Yuki managed to dodge that bullet though xD. Shigure hinted at an unrequited love too, now that’s very curiously amusing! Meanwhile, Tooru blushed in response to Yuki’s “I thought so” so I wonder if there’s something here too.

Seems like there’s a shocker up for next episode, can’t wait to see what that’s about! I hope it’s not the death of her grandfather, though the following vague monologue hinted at something else. Does she have to leave the family now or what, I wonder if the mysterious Akito person is behind pulling the strings here.
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May 28, 12:28 PM

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ohhh, so not all the zodiac are dudes! Color me surprised.

Kagura's clingy side is cute but her violent bursts turn me off. It's like she's a tsunderedere.

BTW Tohru you punched him with your left arm you buffoon.
Jun 6, 2:58 PM

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This episode was completely different compared to the original anime of this. I was surprised that Kagura knows how to cook. My memory's kinda hazy but didn't the original anime she didn't know how to do chores nor cook?

I prefer the original episode of this but this is still funny

love the delivery man hahaha
Jun 7, 4:25 PM

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Man, I remember hating Kagura first time reading/watching Furuba, but I had so many laughs during this episode, I can't really be angry with her xD Her over the top tsundere personality works perfectly, even though I dislike seeing Kyou hurt, her basically juggling him made me almost cry from laughter.

So yeah, I guess Kagura may appear every now and then to push characters and their relationships further and make me lol a few times. Not to often though!
Jun 8, 4:32 AM

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Kagura, the childhood friend of Kyou the cat. Just remove her weird habit of beating up people and she is perfect.
Jun 8, 7:30 AM

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Kagura being the boar was rather unexpected. Nice episode. Didn't think that Kyo couldn't defend against Kagura tho

Jun 10, 10:46 PM
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I’m probably the only one who likes and sympathizes with Kaguras character over Tohru. I think there’s quite a big difference between abuse and slapstick in anime. For those familiar with manga canon- Spoiler-

it’s *Akitos* character that is truly abusive- and in Kaguras defense, she never really understood her feelings and actions towards Kyo until closer to the end of the series.
Jun 14, 10:45 AM

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why is this anime so violent? geez i'm not sure if i can keep up with that LOL
i wonder if Neko-kun will survive until the end of the anime :v

at least it was a good surprise to hear Kagura's voice as Rie is my favorite VA, wonder when she will come back
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Some favorite new girls from the Spring season <3 (hard choices, damn it lol) missing: Nona (Chou Kadou), Nezuko (Yaiba), Tohru (Fruits Basket) and more.

Jun 28, 8:58 AM

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I don't like Kagura. She ain't funny and demolished their house several times because of silly things that made her angry.
Jul 8, 10:47 AM

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Heh, I thought Kagura was pretty cool. Also a perfect role for Kugimiya Rie. While the small arc she goes through in this episode really isn't anything special or new, it was still entertaining and well-paced.
Aug 8, 9:06 PM

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Kagura sure was an entertaining character but not a quite memorable one if I'm honest. And although her antics were enjoyable to some extent, I'm a bit glad her stay with Kyou and co. only lasted one day. Her zodiac form is beyond adorable tho.

Anyways, it was another nice episode.
Aug 15, 4:11 AM

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-Akirion- said:
Im watching gintama at the same time and hearing kaguras voice here is nice

Just started Gintama, hit episode 40 and took break to watch
this. Rie Kugimiya has always been my favorite.
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