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Jun 30, 10:21 PM
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My brother got me into it, he has been watching anime since he was a kid. Little did I know, this other world of anime would change my perspectives of things. I have a great brother, and he's even better knowing he introduced me into anime.
Jul 4, 4:21 PM

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I was born in 2003

yes, I did watch Pokémon a little, actually, I believe I watched the first three Pokémon films when I was quite young. That would've technically been the beginning.

However, it was in 2015 when I was like 12 years old that I got into anime. A person I'd kind of known through instagram for a while, she posted pictures of an anime she was watching. Yuru Yuri. It looked interesting, so I started watching season 3 on crunchyroll.

I enjoyed Yuru Yuri. Then, one day, I was texting my friend, and somehow, we started talking about anime, not sure how that worked. I guess we'd both gotten into anime around the same time for some reason? I recommended Yuru Yuri to him, and he recommended kill la kill to me.

kill la kill.

I fucking loved kill la kill. Don't get me wrong, I also loved yuru yuri, but... kill la kill is definitely the one which gives me the most 'nostalgia' today.

I watched kill la kill in January 2016. I hadn't even hit puberty

From that point on, I was watching anime. Not terribly much, but from time to time.
Jul 4, 4:40 PM
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The very first anime I ever watched was probably Pokemon but I didn't know it was called "anime" at the time bc it was just a show I liked watching every morning before I went to school when I was a kid.. As for my first actual anime, it was actually Love Hina and I genuinely do not know how that anime persuaded me to keep watching anime.
Jul 4, 11:04 PM

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I actually got into anime through the game called osu! As you guys probably know, it has mostly anime songs, which at first put me off and I just played the songs that I knew which weren't from anime (which is like less than 10% of the total amount of songs)

But then I decided if I wanted to enjoy the game more and fit into the community better, I would start watching anime. Then I watched SAO, and the rest is history. Since April I have now watched over 300 episodes in total
Jul 4, 11:07 PM

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It's pretty much a given for me given my love for animation. To be honest, I rarely watch anime and just stick to watching TV shows and cartoons.
Jul 5, 12:06 AM

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I did watch Pokemon and anime films when I was really, really young, but I didn't dig too deep into anime.
Over the years, I judged anime as some addicting Japanese cartoon I didn't want to get addicted to yet... yet...
My friend kept suggest Miraculous Ladybug, so I got really in to it.
It was then that Netflix decided to recommend me this thing called ANIME, so I started watching a magical girl anime.
"Okay meh.." I then watched a reccommendation of Ouran High School Host Club, then watched Boku No Hero Academia. SAO, woe?! I got pneumonia and watched Death Note.

That's how my reading log days ended and my anime career all began...
Jul 5, 12:10 PM

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It was casually since I didn't get into it by myself but thanks to TV as a child
Jul 6, 11:40 AM

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Tokyo ghoul did. Before TG I was just an average Anime viewer who thought naruto was the only anime that existed. I refused to watch any other anime. My friend forced me to watch TG and I was surprised at how gripping the story and how awesome the characters were. Even though the last season was fucking trash. Tokyo ghoul still holds a special place in my heart none the less.
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Jul 6, 3:24 PM

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My childhood

When I was like 7-8, I used to watch TV a lot, especially for cartoons, but one day I fell on several episodes of Bleach and I really liked it, even if it was violent for my age

Fast forward, I'm now 16 and I'm like : well, I'm not attracted to mangas but I really enjoyed the few Bleach episodes I watched, so maybe I'll try to watch this anime

And I watched it. And then I watched Naruto. And that's how I got in animes
Even though I really started to watch animes later, just by curiosity
And then, God missed a step of his stairs
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