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Poll: Mix Episode 3 Discussion

Apr 20, 4:46 AM

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The pacing is finally moving forward

we got to the finals of the preliminary

our ace pitcher can actually perform, and isnt just a lazy slacker

and we get more ao haru moments

good ep
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Apr 20, 8:16 AM

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Much improved from the first two episodes!
Apr 20, 2:49 PM

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Toe continues to be the best character in this show and its not even a competition. The pesky bestfriend is also a second best character, he's so full of life.

I still dont see what the girls that keep opting to go on dates with Sou sees in him and I still dont see why the guys act Ohtomi is a goddess on Earth.
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Apr 20, 5:17 PM

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Cannot wait until all the girls he is dating find out they are being played. then he can pick a new one and stick to her.
Apr 20, 7:42 PM

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This is so good and so underwatched.
Apr 20, 9:48 PM

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Whoa I am started to feel somewhat engaged with this show. Really liking the show's mature direction.
Apr 20, 10:14 PM

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Its so slow. There is not much baseball here. Looking forward for 100+ episodes with such temp.
Apr 20, 11:45 PM

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100+ episodes of Mix wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. This is sticking fairly close to the manga as far as I can recall, so there is a lot of story to tell.
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Apr 21, 7:21 AM

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I love how this show slowly reveals its charms, it has the right kind of pacing for me, the dialogue is fun, and the characters have conversations like real people. So Touma is popular with the girls? Maybe its time to get a smartphone.

Meisei can get screwed lol If I were Souichirou and Touma, I wouldn't really care either. After all, It’s just the school Touma’s dad nostalgically talks about and to them, it’s the place with the crap manager who won’t let Touma have a turn on the mound (He's clearly the best pitcher) and seems to defer to the son of the school’s financial benefactor. Any emotional connection to Meisei can suck it!

Apr 21, 11:45 AM
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That coach is the reason why meisei hasn’t gone to Koshien
Apr 21, 11:54 PM
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Just finished reading Touch the other day and Cross Game is one of my favorite anime of all time. So far, this seems to be a nice mixture of the two even if they are already pretty similar. With a name like Mix, I wonder if Touma and Souichirou are going to end up being rivals or maybe their positions will end up being swapped. So far I am really enjoying this one even if it may just be due to it reminding me of Cross Game.
Apr 22, 1:21 PM

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Nice family interactions.

3/5 The (house) interior backgrounds look so "fake" though. And not in an interesting way, like WHR.

ExcelDog said:
There is not much baseball here.

Sory, but even if most of Adachi's work is exploiting sports like baseball here, none of the ones I know are actually about sports competition. They're only part of a canvas for his characters & story.

@27CansofTuna Hormonal rebalancing is strong in those ages.