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Apr 18, 9:26 AM
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As he himself said that no one knows him, even though he is the most powerful being on earth (as far as I know). I am very excited to know if they (not only the Japanese people, but mainly the Heroes Association) will know the true power of Saitama, I would love to see in their faces the same expression of the scientist when he saw Saitama destroying his greatest creation as if it were nothing, I wanted them to realize how Saitama is powerful and they do not even get to his feet, I do not know, I like the reaction of the characters when things like that happens :p

Writing this I remembered his final fight in the first season, he against Boros, if I remember well the heroes of the association thought that it was them who won, in fact was Saitama xD

Sadly, there's a few people that know Saitama true power
Apr 18, 9:32 AM

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I think that may only happen at the very end of the series, or something like that.

The main motif of the series is about a person who is unable to feel anymore, gets his achievements given to others but still continues to toil himself away for others because he is looking for that one perfect opportunity to feel better about himself. From another angle, it may even seem like he is suffering from some weird form of depression or mood swing but I digress.

Saitama personally cares more about feeling alive instead of getting his power recognized. So, if the recognition happens now then it kind of stops the main source of conflict required to keep the plot moving.
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Apr 18, 10:32 AM

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Why would that fraudster Caped Baldy ever receive recognition for anything?
Apr 18, 11:35 AM

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That should never happen. It is enough that someone like genos recognizes him. If saitama becomes famous, it will be only problematic for his boring lifestyle.

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Apr 18, 1:41 PM
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Jun 28, 10:00 AM
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I actually went over that in my article:
He is honestly very humble and down to earth. Saitama is my favorite hero and I hope in the new season they recognize him as powerful, not only physically but emotionally too.

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