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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Interview #181 - @OfDeathandLove ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

The Grim Reaper

"Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV?''

Interview conducted by: @Mimurona
Reviewed by: @Skittles

Could you tell us more about yourself?

Ho boy, where to start?

Uhh... let me start with a few stories from childhood, then tie them into who I am now.

When I was a kid, I decided I wanted to be an author, so I wrote a few stories here and there. The weird thing is, I wrote one of those stories on Powerpoint. Not Word. Powerpoint. Heaven knows why, I guess I just thought it was a cool program.

I once went to the library with my dad when I was about eight or so. The librarian, curious, asked me what sort of things I liked to read about. I gave her a deadpan look and said, "War."

My parents sometimes talk about how I had pulled out all the books I wanted to read onto my bed, and when I realized that, I decided to sleep on the floor that night.

One time, my dad sent me to my room for one reason or another. A little bit later, he went to my room to say something—and found me talking to myself. It was as if I was defending my case to someone else about why I shouldn't have been sent to my room; he said it even almost convinced him that he was in the wrong.

How do these translate into who I am right now?

I want to be a document designer. While I use many programs other than Powerpoint, I think my initial interest in it is what sparked this side of me. Even now, I still like writing. I've self-published a book and have a couple more that are just kinda perpetually in the editing stage.

While my interests at the library have extended beyond "war," I think what I meant at the time was "I like history." History is one of my two majors right now, and I love it.

While I don't read as much as I used to, I do watch anime (obviously) as well as play video games, watch movies, and see musicals. Point is, I love stories (and art). I love consuming them in nearly any medium.

I don't debate on the regular, but I enjoy doing so every once in a while. I love holding my ground and defending a point. Sometimes I do it when it's unnecessary—or even undesired and inappropriate—which can land me in hot water.

Other things to cover: I have a deep love for music and nature. These two things are pretty darn close to my core. I've played the trombone actively for seven years and I go camping at least once every year (usually multiple times). So yeah, that's a bit about me.

How did you choose your username?

When I first came up with it, I wanted to tie my affinity for the macabre with my affinity for romanticism (as in the actual movement). It just sorta... popped in my head one day, and it worked. "Of" (as in belonging to) Death and Love. Death for macabre, love for romanticism. A little on the nose, maybe, but it works. I still think it's pretty poetic.

Could you give us a brief history of your time on MAL?

I used to keep track of my anime in a post on another website, which was an idea I stole from another user. That user, at some point, was like, "So, there's this website that makes it easy to keep track of anime. I'mma use that now." So, I followed suit.

I posted and did a few activities here and there (for example, I participated in the Anime Watching Challenge for years 2016, 2017, and 2018). That being said, I wasn't really active until the beginning of 2018 when @Kingkey made me a profile as a gift. Once I had a fancy profile, I kinda wanted to show it off, so I became more active.

Probably what kept me active in the early months, though, was my friendship with @HopefulNihilist. After a couple of mind-bending debates, we just sorta... clicked, and have been good friends ever since. So, huge shoutout to him.

For the first few months or so, I mostly lingered on Anime Discussion. I really only paid attention to one Forum Game at first, which was "Which of the two users have the better forum set?" or something like that. I was dabbling in making my first forum sets, and I wanted to show them off and feed my competitive streak at the same time. Eventually, I decided to check out other threads on FG, which led me to where I am now. Now, I spend nearly all of my time there.

I've made friends, I've lost friends, but I treasure them all still. To go into more detail than that would probably be too personal, so I'mma leave that alone.

Any users you like/dislike? Why?

As for users I like, there's a lot. I don't necessarily want to place just four or five over the others, so here's a tag fest:

@Deathko @PraetorPat @Mimurona @YaoiMaster @Judas @Johan @Cutieply @Malachite_ @HopefulNihilist @Eight-man @dizzyur @dfsafsaf @gigaparsec @aSuperiorGamer @wishywoshi @ArabianLuffy @AnotherTrap

As well as a bunch of others I probably missed. Why? Because I consider all of them to be friends to some extent. Some of them are inactive though, so don't go bug them if they are. Give 'em peace.

As for users I dislike, they're there, but they're all either inactive or permabanned. So it's really not an issue.

How did you get into anime/manga?

The first thing I watched where I was like "This is different than my western cartoons" was Spirited Away on Cartoon Network. It was late at night and my parents wouldn't let me stay up to finish it :c (Luckily, I was able to finish it at a later date).

I knew I sorta liked the art style, but I hadn't really consumed any anime or manga proper until I picked up the first volume of the Death Note manga before ninth grade (summer of 2011). I couldn't put it down, so that summer I splurged all my money to buy the entire manga collection as well as a ton of other Death Note merch. During ninth grade (fall of 2011 to spring of 2012), I watched Kuroshitsuji and Princess Tutu and read all of Rave Master and the majority of Naruto (since they were in the school library). However, my interest in anime and manga briefly disappeared during the majority of 10th grade.

I regained interest in them near the end of 10th grade (spring of 2013). I first watched Angel Beats! thanks to a friend's recommendation, followed by Sword Art Online, Deadman Wonderland, and Welcome to the NHK. NHK is what actually locked my interest in the medium; there was a lot more than just action shows in the medium, and I loved that realization. So I never looked back after that, which led me to where I am now.

What are your hobbies outside of anime/manga and MAL?

Ho boy, there's a lot of this.

Let me start off with music. As I said before, I played the trombone in a concert band for seven years, in a marching band for three (though I picked up mellophone and played that in a marching band for another two years), and in a jazz band for two. Besides trombone and mellophone, I've also learned how to play the piano and guitar. There's a couple other instruments I dabbled in, but I wouldn't exactly say I know how to play them.

My love of music expands to listening. I'm almost always listening to music when I can. I listen to at least a little bit of every genre I can think of. My favorite genres are jazz, rock, pop, indie, and folk. My favorite artists include Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Journey, Owl City, Of Monsters & Men, Panic! at the Disco, and Gorillaz.

Tied to that is dancing, more specifically ballroom, and even more specifically Western swing (though I've done Eastern swing, too).

I love reading and writing. I've done them since I was a kid, almost for as long as I can remember. Beyond the book(s) I've written, I've drafted a fair amount of poetry and a bit of flash fiction. As for reading, my favorite book is Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler, followed closely by Identical by Ellen Hopkins.

Next is visual art. I've drawn and painted a fair amount, although I don't do it as consistently as my other hobbies. This also ties into my love of graphic design/Photoshop-esque stuff and document design.

Just to list off a few others to keep it short: camping, hiking, games (card, board, tabletop, video, sports), astronomy, fashion and makeup, forum games (if that counts), learning about history, learning about psychology and neurology, trying new foods, watching Youtube, and... yeah. I'll leave it there.

How do you feel about how the site is running? Especially in regards to the moderators and admins.

They're doing a pretty bang-up job. I know FG had some major issues a few months ago, and the mods did their best to solve the problem. I'm sad some of my friends got caught in the crossfire, but the mods had to do what they had to do. It's a lot of work to be a mod/admin, so I'm super grateful for them. The site isn't perfect, but it's doing pretty well, all things considering.

Is there a MAL member you would want to take on a date or get to know better? Who and why?

To take on a date? Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn don't make me narrow it down. I honestly feel like it's unfair to make me pick some users above others.

If you just mean to get to know better, I'd say @dfsafsaf. I want to talk to him more, but for some reason I'm kinda shy about it. He's a cool dude.

As someone who is in love with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who is your favorite character from entire MCU? Why?

There is only one answer for this...

Rocket Raccoon (or rather, just "Rocket" in the movies). He's extremely well-written, with a backstory that affects him in subtle ways. He's loud and brash, but emotionally (and normally) intelligent at times. He's hilarious, cute, and have gone through so much crap over the course of the MCU. He gets mistreated just because he looks like a raccoon, which I think a lot of people can relate to (being mistreated, not being a raccoon). Really, he's my favorite all-time superhero, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Since one of your majors is history, what made you to fell in love with this subject ?

Honestly, I've been in love with it for as long as I can remember. The seeds of love were probably planted early on; my brother loved to play Age of Empires I and II, and I followed suit (along with Age of Empires III). I really liked history in elementary and junior high school, but I wasn't self-aware of it.

My high school advanced world history class was probably the first time I started to realize just how much I liked the subject. I loved learning so much about what happened in different places all across the world. It made me feel... smart.

Probably the final catalyst was the obsession I had with Hetalia during my senior year of high school and early years of college. I got really into the series and wanted to know more about the characters by learning about the real life history of their representative countries.

So I decided to double-major on History and English (TechComm emphasis), and never looked back.

Do you see yourself leaving MAL in the near future?

I mean, all good things must come to an end. So yeah, whether it's in a month or years from now. Do I think I'm going to leave permanently anytime soon? Probably not. But eventually, yeah, I'm going to move on as I start focusing on other things in life. Though I will say there are some friends I made on MAL that I hope to continue to treasure in the years to come, no matter if I leave or not.

Any feedback on the interview format?

Seems pretty solid.

Is there anything unasked you would like to talk about?

I think that's it.

Could you recommend us three users from which we can choose to interview in the future and why?

@dfsafsaf - I know he's been getting recommended a lot and he has probably declined the offer, but if he hasn't been offered yet, do it. It'd be fascinating.

@HopefulNihilist - I'm lowkey shocked he hasn't been interviewed yet. He's made quite a few interesting (and sometimes controversial) threads. Plus, he's cool.

@gigaparsec - He's cool, and I'd be willing to bet he has a lot of interesting things to say

That's the end of the interview. Thank you for your attention.

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Hey guys! This is my first interview, it took a while to finish it but for my first try, was actually fun and I'm very happy because I could interview @OfDeathandLove here.

Please have mercy about my minor mistakes, thank you very much!

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-A lack of a lack of survivability. Survival is not based on who is the strongest or the smartest. It comes down to who can adapt.-

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thanks for being my fren, fren

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Yesss, glad to see some love for the age of empires!! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

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