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Poll: Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 15 Discussion

Apr 24, 9:27 AM

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Yourmom53 said:
1. Dude get off the basement thing, I used a basement as an example, MY POINT is that Melty can hide somewhere and not be hit in the crossfire

Why are you getting so angry for no reason? It's not my problem that you didn't cite the basement as an example in the first place.

And you're just going back to square one. Melty could be sniped from someone. A basement likely only has one exit point, so if a bunch of soldiers find her and block off the one exit, then what will happen then? It's funny that

2. Naofumi took down a dragon and that eater thing, I doubt an army of soldiers will be that big of a deal

A dragon or a soul eater are individual enemies. An army contain multiple fighters of various jobs. It's not the same. Not even close.

Plus, Filo took down the dragon. As for the soul eater, iron maiden is a single target attack. You're limited to whatever you can fit in the shield prison to deal damage with that attack.

3. Even if someone put the anklet on Filo she cam still fight with those gloves things and probably take off the anklet too

But that takes dashing through the army option out of the window. If she can't go into her bird form, then the party will have to fight because the party's mobility will be greatly reduced.

4. I dont care either way

Well you certainly don't want the same standard applied to you. That's for sure...
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Apr 24, 9:58 AM
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This episode was okay.

It's great to see and get to know what happened to Raphtalia before she met Naofumi. But some scenes I felt were kinda cringy to watch and a tad too emotionless. IMHO there could have been more crying and bursts instead of those silent weepings in order to give me the feels.
Apr 24, 6:21 PM

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How cliche of a shonen"If I kill you now, I won't be any different from you." Like, what will be of him he will just keep doing those atrocities while others demi-humans suffer because of him, In reality you won't be a worse person for killing someone like him but giving the world one less evil to feed. You actually be worse if you don't kill him and he is free of keep making others suffer. Because you had the opportunity of making the world a better place but you didn't. Well the series got away with it by killing it at the end just before he summoned a fucking dragon that was sealed, which could have killed tons of people if this were more serious. Anyways I can understand that pure people like Rapthalia exist, but don't overuse the same phrase everyone uses.
Apr 24, 8:01 PM

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the music playing in the background during the rifana and raphtalia scene is really pretty
Apr 26, 3:26 PM

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Poor Rapthalia. Her backstory was very sad.

I have a few issues like Rapthalia didn't kill that bastard or the bastard surviving after falling out of a third floor but it was a good episode.
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Apr 28, 1:44 AM

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So sad Raphralia story'.
Apr 28, 12:08 PM

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tzarye14 said:
Also, you are telling me that a retarded fat dude can break a seal that was created by the heroes in the past to seal a monster? Nice plot device.

I was wondering the same and it annoyed me to no end. I am surprised nobody brought it up till your comment. I liked the rest of the episode even though it was cliche, but that last scene ruined everything.
Apr 28, 12:14 PM

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Oh look....they have a T-Rex.
Apr 30, 5:51 AM

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Wow did that fatty try to take revenge or committed suicide? Sed lyf.

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Apr 30, 8:15 AM

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Damn, that fat bastard deserved a more gruesome death. I knew Rhaptalia wouldn't kill him, but still, what a cop out.
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Apr 30, 11:20 AM
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DarVox said:
Why the hell were there Swedish singing in between 18:00 and like 20:48 in a japanese anime?

Here's the lyrics i heard in the song as well as a translation for you non swedish weebs

Original lyrics
‘’En annan tid, då allt fanns kvar inuti mitt bröst, det är allt som jag. Sitt fjälla fall *Character talking over the song* en polare, under din vrå och jag kan höra hur syrsan spelar. *Character talking over the song* ett annat liv, en bortglömd stad som ingen minns utom jag. *Character talking over the song* i varje träd finns sången kvar och jag kan känna hur skogen gråter.’’

My translation of the lyrics
‘’Another time, when everything were in my breast, that’s all I am. It’s scaling fall *character talking over the song* a buddy, under your corner and i can hear how the mantis plays. *Character talking over the song* another life, a forgotten city that no one remembers except me. *Character talking over the song* in every tree, the song still exist and i can feel how the forest is crying.’’

I was thinking the same thing! I was so confused as a Swede to have an anime use a song sung in Swedish as an OST
May 1, 7:15 PM

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We could learn more about Raphtalia and her past. So loosing parents was only an overture to next tragedies that were to appear in Raphtalia's life. This episode was soo emotional and sad. I'm glad they managed to save at least several demi-humans. Too bad Raphtalia's best friend from childhood years didn't make it. :( I'm glad that Raphtalia found Naofumi, Filo and Melty on her way. That way she can be happy after all those hardships she went through.
May 5, 7:07 AM

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Katojana said:
extremely disappointed about the fat guy.
The manga version was 1000% better...
(FYI: In the manga raphtalia immediatelly stabs him in the shoulder, then they have the talk and ultimately raphtalia stabs him with the magic sword, actively pushing him out the window with naofumi rescuing her from falling)
The rest of the episode was great

And. AGAIN. The Manga is NOT the source!
May 5, 9:04 AM

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Skyguardian said:
Katojana said:
extremely disappointed about the fat guy.
The manga version was 1000% better...
(FYI: In the manga raphtalia immediatelly stabs him in the shoulder, then they have the talk and ultimately raphtalia stabs him with the magic sword, actively pushing him out the window with naofumi rescuing her from falling)
The rest of the episode was great

And. AGAIN. The Manga is NOT the source!

Yea. So? Whats your point?
May 7, 10:19 AM
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For fucks sake just when I slowly began liking this anime again Raphtalia just HAD to go full emo on us... Good first half, crap other half.
May 18, 3:30 AM

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My most favorite episode of Shield Hero so far.

I always liked Raphtalia, but during the last episodes the focus switched to other characters - sadly - and after a few weeks of a break I had no more positiv feelings. During this episode... I started to freaking love her as character.

Raph had such a heartbreaking past... not only past but also present since she couldnt help her friends until now. She had to bear all those sad and heartbreaking feelings with her... all of the time... during the whole time while she traveled with the Shield Hero.

The music was so emotional, fitting and beautiful.

The way how Raphs past has been presented and executed was amazing. Walking down the stairs to jail step by step.. having flashbacks... hearing beautiful and sad melodies... and getting to know the whole picture.

I loved how that asshole died cause of the dragon... deserved way to die for him.

I think that Shield Hero is going to change somehow aswell. He just saw how bad the Demis got treated and how much Raph had to suffer. He knows that he is needed. And he has got a mission... to save all of them. To help his friends. To fight for the weak.

Another point I want to mention is how good I felt while the Demis talked about the Shield Hero and how he is going to save them. Raphs friend even wanted to marry him.

I am pretty curious how this show will end. Will Raph marry Shield Hero? Or is Shield Hero going to leave and everyone will think about the only one true hero saving them?

Hoping to see some more episodes like this. Felt like the beginning of this show. Dark... sad... alot of hatred... but somehow there was hope. Thats the reason why I have started to like this show. Missed it somehow during the last episodes, but this episode was perfect.

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May 21, 2:40 AM

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VeryLTTP said:
AnchientProphet2 said:

PLus why did that one border town look like the great wall of china. That was just odd.

The border town between Siltwelt and Melromarc? Like how Melromarc discriminates against demi-humans, the demi-humans in Siltwelt discriminate against humans.

Oh yeah. I forgot. That makes sense, thanks

Friggin fantasy setting bigotry...I still blame Tolkien lol
May 24, 3:58 PM

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Well, the WHAAAMENS get themselves an episode. I don't see what they're complaining about.
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May 26, 3:57 AM

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Yeah yeah fuck the demi humans fuck the shield hero. Nothing's changed
Jun 6, 3:37 AM

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That damn Idol! Why he still alive? This is a very sad episode huhu I feel bad for Rafina but at least there are some kids that got saved. Lmao in the end when he summoned the monster lol he got killed

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Jun 10, 8:51 PM
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Geez, this episode almost got me. It kept tugging at my heartstrings. I'm so glad that Keel managed to survive though. I don't think I'd be able to handle Raphtalia losing two close friends. Honestly, I love her so much... It's a shame that she and her friends had to suffer because of their dysfunctional society...

Anyway, this episode is another favorite of mine. I think I need to take a break and recover so I can move onto the next one without as much sadness.
Jun 10, 11:53 PM

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Maybe it's just me but I really appreciate the detail of the little flag. Now I understand why Raphtalia was so amazed with the one Naofumi made for her during the first episodes.

Honestly, it was the typical sad backstory episode but in terms of execution, I have to say it was better than the previous ones... well, until that fat noble suddenly appeared almost unharmed after falling from a third floor... what a way to kill the atmosphere but well.

And on a side note, I really wonder if the Queen is even doing something regarding the slavery issue. I honestly would like to see the series focusing on this aspect a bit more in the next episodes since I find it way more interesting than main plot but sadly, it seems it will take a while until Naofumi and co. finally reach her domains.

P.S.: Just nitpicking but after probably years of torture, I would have expected Raphtalia to have a huge pain tolerance yet she couldn't handle it when the fat noble squeezed her "bruise" arm...
Jun 25, 3:02 PM

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Ah man these episodes make me emotional haha.
I like the fluctuation between the sad and happy parts so i don't cry throughout the whole episode lol
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Jun 27, 1:44 AM
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Enjoy your permanent vacation in Hell, Idol Rabier, you ugly son of a bitch.
Aug 8, 6:17 PM

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Definitely a weird fight, especially when Idol slipped and felt out of the window. I really thought he was dead. Besides from that a super sad and emotional episode. Raphtalias past was hard to watch. Also the other demis like Keel suffered so much in all that time.

I guess for Melty to see all these things must be something she could never imagine. I'm glad they found survivors like Keel. Tha part with Rifana was so sad my god ;_;

She just wanted to go back to her village and meeting the shield hero.

How in the world did Idol survive? At least that monster he summoned shut his mouth forever, but the situation exacerbated. Hopefully Naofumi and the others can deal with that giant T-Rex.
Aug 18, 9:12 PM

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Bruh this episode was so sad. I feel so bad for the Rafina girl cuz she died holding the little flag
Sep 4, 11:22 AM

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Meh, this dishonest guy didn't die, crown it all he's summoned the Trex, What Team Naofumi do? We'll see.
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