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Apr 16, 6:49 PM
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ok like @ bones studio i’m still waiting for season 3 lol. ik there might not be a season 3 bc not all anime’s have their ending or whatever but like sis there’s been so many people waiting for it for years. noragami is hella good like ok yeah bungou stray dogs, and boku no hero academia is cool n all but lowk so overrated. love how bones studio is constantly sending out new seasons for those shows but literally forgets about noragami?? the?? best?? show?? ever?? (in my opinion it’s one of the best and deserves another season and not stop at a cliffhanger). there is more than enough manga content now, they could’ve at least made 2 more seasons with the manga material available rn. like mangas cool n all but i’d rather watch the anime it gives it more excitement and not all of us have access to the manga so lol yea.. LOWKEY OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOST CLUB DESERVES ANOTHER SEASON TOO but i’m more concerned about noragami than ouran lol. and our Y A T O R I ship is starting to come together LIKE THEYRE MY FAVS PLS GIVE US MORE. we’re all waiting patiently so hopefully we can get another season this year otherwise i’ll try to find the manga and finish the rest from there :/ IF THERES ANY NEWS OF NORAGAMI s3 SPILL THE TEAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Apr 16, 6:57 PM

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That’s something you have to ask the production committee about. Not the studio.

Plus they make more seasons of things that sell. Bungo stray dogs is popular in Japan and sells so that’s why there is more of it.

My hero academia is shounen jump. Shounen jump manga & anime are always popular in Japan.

FMA 2003 was successful in japan which is why brotherhood (and more FMA related stuff came later)

Just because a anime got a 2nd season doesn’t mean more seasons will come , some anime like GTO never get another season or a complete adaptation. That’s how the industry is


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