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Poll: Who do you think was better as the Rockbell's killer? [Spoilers]

Apr 15, 6:34 PM
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In both series', Winry's parents were killed. The only difference is that in 2003, Mustang was the one who killed them under orders while in Brotherhood, Scar killed them out of rage. So which character do you like as the Rockbell's killer?

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Apr 27, 1:43 PM

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They both work for their respective stories, but the one with Scar had a much stronger resolution.
May 12, 9:20 AM
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I prefer Mustang,because of the character development he gets due to it.
Jun 2, 6:48 AM
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I think scar was better cause of breaking the cycle theme was brought forth better
Jun 22, 7:54 AM

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Both are good in their own right and bring out the best in the characters involved.
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