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Poll: RobiHachi Episode 2 Discussion

Apr 15, 7:53 AM

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Hmm, I'm starting to get used to this Hachi and Robby chemistry in the show. Still a bit goofy though.

Episode felt like a sci-fi adventure. They got some strange and wacky characters in it lol
Apr 15, 9:13 AM

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So humans have developed a liking for (Martians) octopus girls, is what I wanted to say until it was revealed that those people were just wearing suits xD Well, they admittedly looked kinda odd.

This is still really fun to watch.
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Apr 15, 9:20 AM
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This episode was just parody after parody and it's just glorious. The humor of this series is just what I would expect from the director of Gintama. At this rate, this will easily be best comedy of the season maybe even of the year if it keeps getting better with each episode.
Apr 15, 9:54 AM
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That... was great.
Apr 15, 10:25 AM
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This feels like 40-50% of a full episode version of spaceship tiramisu at times :> While leaving out the more goofier parts, but keepiung the silly plausible stuff.
Apr 15, 11:09 AM

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This show is a fun surprise, better than I expected.
Also I love how Captain Kirk Robi is, even when he thought the woman was an actual Octopus he was trying to smash that!
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Apr 15, 12:44 PM

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Best non-sequel anime of the season
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Apr 15, 1:00 PM

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This was an awesome episode! Got some world development, a little bit of character development & [i]'unique'[i] character design.

The Hizakuriger gag was really good. Reminded me of the Gundam parody in Gintama.
Apr 15, 1:39 PM
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I live how they kept the anticipation of the Martian's identities by not showing their face at first.

The big reveal: Martians are actually people. Hahaha

The bad guy is surprisingly human.

Robi was speaking the lyrics of Let it Go (Ari no Mama) to the Octopus guy. I only realised it when the man said "sukoshi mo samuku nai wa" . The subtitles went with the literal translation, but the line was actually equivalent to "the cold never bothered me anyway". When I re-watched the scene, I couldn't stop laughing.

I am loving Hachi so much more. He is so cute and funny.

Looks like the robot has a back story. Can't wait!
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Apr 15, 2:41 PM

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Another great episode. This is really underrated anime tho.

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Apr 15, 5:22 PM

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It's decent. Nothing really special about the series though. Feel like space dandy with worse characters, comedy, animation/directing.
Apr 15, 6:07 PM

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That sure was a fast episode. I expected Robby to get it on with that martian girl, oh well!

The Yang gang is my favorite in this series, funny as hell! The rest of the series, meh!
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Apr 15, 6:22 PM

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ED is a masterpiece now if only the trio ends up being as good as their dancing skills

overall i can say this a decent show but i can't help but feel like i might think less of it if had seen all of space boy dandy (still need to)
Apr 15, 9:11 PM

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How is this anime a 6.30 right now? this is so funny lmfao.

The Martians octopus really caught me off guard, I couldn't stop grinning through the entire episode xD.
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Apr 15, 11:29 PM

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Awful unfunny show trying to copy HitchHiker guide to the galaxy feel but failing.
Apr 16, 12:48 AM

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That ending though...
Apr 16, 1:50 AM
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It’s not even funny how many of the seiyuu are from Gintama lol
Apr 16, 6:15 AM

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I thought the first episode was eh, but this is a considerable improvement.
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Apr 16, 6:29 AM

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I like the chemistry between Robby and Hatchi, this was very Space Dandy-esque with its space misadventures and sci-elements, but again as last week, a very low-rent version. The whole Martians get-up, I've sworn that I have seen that in a movie before, can't remember the name but I have the idea of it. While not all the jokes land, there are definite haymakers here and a lot of charm to keep my interest.
Apr 16, 7:31 AM
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I went through a bunch of spring anime to see which one to watch, and I really like this one. It makes me think of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy novels, leaving Earth for space wackiness. Even with a dour robot! Though this one is preferable to Marvin.

I thought they would bring the octopus girl, too bad they didn't. She really looked exactly like a human version of her octopus suit.

"Kuriger" no doubt comes from "krieger", the German word for warrior.

Say, how much did he owe the loan shark, anyway? The fuel and ammunition the gangsters have spent so far must be worth a lot more. Of course, Yang might have some special horrors planned for Robi to pay off his debt.
Apr 16, 7:33 AM
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FuMomo-kun said:

Robi was speaking the lyrics of Let it Go (Ari no Mama) to the Octopus guy. I only realised it when the man said "sukoshi most samuku nai wa" . The subtitles went with the literal translation, but he the line was actually equivalent to "the cold never bothered me anyway". When I re-watched the scene, I couldn't stop laughing.

Excellent catch!
Apr 16, 10:49 AM

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Are we going to ignore the fact that they can eat a fried octopus and have sex with a live octopus in the same day? (Close your eyes, don't destroy the fantasy) XD
Apr 16, 12:11 PM

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started seeing similarities to Gintama there, and the ending killed me haahha
Apr 16, 2:04 PM
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Wow Wow Wow I am really liking this one, contender for best of season??
Apr 16, 3:15 PM

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Wow! This show is actually great! It really has that Ixion Saga DT humor feel for some reason and I love this.
Apr 16, 6:00 PM

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This is like Space Dandy with worse characters, worse animation and direction, but a better story. If this had better characters and animation I think I'd like this more honestly
Apr 16, 11:00 PM
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I'm getting strong Space Dandy vibes from this show, from how the three main characters resemble QT, Dandy and Meow to how colorful and similar the art style is. I also think this will contain some of the best comedy for this season as well just by looking at the interactions between each other
Apr 17, 10:23 AM

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I was thinking of dropping it but man this is so entertaning
Apr 18, 3:26 PM

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the parody is strong with this one. I love it.
Apr 20, 1:53 PM

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Awesome, unpredictable and funny. Everything i like, for now it's the best show of the season along with furuba
Apr 21, 1:05 PM

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It's stupid and I love it. Robby best boy.

Apr 24, 3:00 PM

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Wow it's actually getting better. I love surprise AOTS shows.
May 9, 11:16 AM
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Are you telling me that Martians are not octopuses and that the robot is a life-size figure of their own anime? LOL.
In and of itself it was rare that octopus sold Takoyaki, there was something strange with Mars from the beginning.
Ufff that Martian 😏.
I must admit that this anime gets me some laughter xD.

What the hell with the ending? 😂
May 29, 7:11 PM

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I lol'd when Robby called Hacchi "Bottom Boy."

So, those people on Mars are humans dressed in octopus suits. Robby convinced them to end the charade. They got the ship serviced as well.

Jul 6, 11:13 AM

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For a second I thought Robby would turn into some furry guy
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Jul 7, 7:55 AM
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Episode was silly and fun. The way Robby and Hacchi have such petty fights reminded me of fights with my siblings.

nightcrawlercyp said:
Awful unfunny show trying to copy HitchHiker guide to the galaxy feel but failing.

That's what I was thinking! The relationship of the two main characters is quite similar and the theme is too but I still wouldn't compare the two. HitchHiker was really witty and intelligently written. I don't think this anime is trying to be that at all.