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Apr 14, 11:33 PM

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Isn't it just horror lite? That's what it seems to be. Yet there are anime that have both tags.
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Apr 14, 11:42 PM

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I don't know, Thriller just by definition has a an element of excitement to it, while horror focuses on stuff like shock, fear, disgust .If horror elements excite you then yes a horror can be seen as a thriller as well, but not everything thrilling is also horror (or horror lite).

I mean Steins;Gate is considered a thriller but I would never think of it as a light horror...
Apr 14, 11:45 PM

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No (?) A thriller is any work that, in a broad sense, keeps you at the edge of your seat. A 'political thriller', for instance, has elements of suspense and constant excitement with a political setting. It has nothing to do with horror.
Apr 14, 11:53 PM

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Suspense generates intrigue, nerves, anxiety, etc.
Horror generates fear, repulsion, disgust, impotence or "pleasure" (depending on the show and your tastes)

I know it's a very poor comparison but that's how I see it.


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Apr 14, 11:57 PM

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One is meant to be scary
Apr 15, 12:47 AM

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Thriller and horror are very different genres. Thriller can be of many types like sci-fi thrillers. In case of horror, it's main motive is to scare people unlike thriller where main motive is to excite people.

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Apr 15, 12:57 AM

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A horror horrifies me and a thriller thrills me. A thriller doesn't have to be scary, like Death Note.
Apr 15, 2:41 AM

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Thriller:Alfred Hitchcock
Horror: Lucio Fulci
Apr 15, 2:53 AM

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Thrillers are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat
Apr 15, 3:29 AM

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For me its a horror if it have supernatural elements in it, like ghosts demons monsters and shit like that

Thriller only have human monsters in it ,sadly that is often the worst kind of monsters
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Apr 15, 4:18 AM
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IpreferEcchi said:
Isn't it just horror lite? That's what it seems to be. Yet there are anime that have both tags.

How do you differentiate Thriller from Horror

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Apr 15, 5:05 AM

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No problem OP, I can help you out with this. Thriller is spelled t-h-r-i-l-l-e-r while horror is spelled h-o-r-r-o-r. The two words are spelled differently, so that's how to differentiate between them. You're welcome :D

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Apr 15, 7:03 AM

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thrillers are supposed to be exciting; they get the viewer's heart pounding but not necessarily out of fear. horror should scare the audience, whether it's psychological or physically repulsing.