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Apr 14, 2:25 PM
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Hey, I want to read domestic na kanojo as my first manga. As I watched the anime and it is entertaining. But since its my first I was just wondering how long manga takes to read. It has roughly 220 chapters and was wondering how many hours I would need to invest.

Any help will be appreciated greatly!
Apr 14, 7:09 PM

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If you're a quick reader... it takes 3 days utmost. 20 chapter takes an hour. Binge it as you would binge a netflix series. Seriously, the story is great and it's going to hook you in without realising you've caught up. Don't worry about the length of the chapters, worry about the series.
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Apr 15, 1:03 AM

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I generally avoid binge-reading. So i would limit myself to just 20 chapter or so a day, so the entertainment i get from reading it will last longer, instead of just finishing an entire series in a day and having to wait a week (or even a month) for new chapters.
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Apr 15, 4:53 AM

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If you decide on reading Domestic Na Kanojo. BINGE IT as fast as possible.
I had completed 214 chapters in 13 hours. Though I won't advice anyone to stare at screen continuously for that long but you'll definitely crave to read more and more as the story goes on, so it's possible to binge it within a couple of days.
Apr 15, 7:09 AM

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depends on how much time you're willing to dedicate to it per day - might take a couple days to a bit over a week.
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