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Apr 15, 11:30 AM

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I'll re-watch/listen to a song for a whole day and then move on after that.~
Apr 15, 11:32 AM

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Watching HxH 2011 every year since 2013 might be. Cause I've watched it 5 times now.

I've also watched Girls und Panzer over 7 times. And it's movie as well.
Apr 15, 11:56 AM

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It is completely up to the person how many times to re-watch a show. The most important thing is that you enjoy it. I guess there are certain people like that and that is fine. I don't believe in too many re-watches is many.

In my case the most I've re-watched a show is about 3 times and in a span of 5+ years. My memory isn't that good but for some reason I can remember specific moments in a show that induces emotions in me, also if I enjoy a show it is almost impossible for me to forget the plot and I can't watch a show if I already know the plot. These reasons severely limits me from re-watching any of my favorite shows for a long long time. This also applies to movies and live series.
Apr 15, 11:59 AM
Grim Anime Fan

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easy enough.

When you start finally getting bored or not as interested.
Apr 15, 5:50 PM

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Zerxeez_ said:

Yes I did. I also re-watched Serial Experiments Lain like fifteen times as of now. Not as much as LoGH, but stil a high number. Also re-watched some shorts.

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Apr 15, 7:24 PM

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There is no such thing as too many rewatches!
Apr 15, 8:22 PM

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i dont really think that kinda thing exists to me lol. ig probably i'd get sick of like the plot n stuff, since i know how everything ends, but we rewatching is just a great experience again imo. i've watched kaichou wa maid sama probably 10+ and i still havent gotten sick of it
Apr 16, 2:44 PM

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It somewhat depends on its length (e.g. I could probably rewatch a film I love more often than a long series I love) as well as enjoyment factor, but a couple of months is the minimum I would go before rewatching something, with maybe a year or two between things I like but don't love. Though sometimes there are exceptions like with JoJo; I discovered it last January and in 2018 alone watched the whole franchise at least 3 times, as well as putting 200+ hours into EoH and rereading most of the manga once. But generally I watch something once and only rewatch things I enjoyed a couple of times before pretty much moving on.
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Apr 16, 3:59 PM

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I don't think there is a number that would be considered "too many" as long as you still enjoy it. I hardly rewatch anything other than my most favorites and even then the number is fairly limited. Say we are talking about music though, I can listen to the same song on repeat most of the day for week.
Apr 16, 4:39 PM

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I predominantly rewatch certain episodes, not entire anime series.

Very rarely do I rewatch entire 12 or 20+ series, but I suppose that after the 2nd time you should stop rewatching a series.
Apr 16, 5:30 PM

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More than a number I think it's enough when your tastes change and you don't enjoy it as much anymore.

In my case I love rewatching and seeing how my perspective changes every time. I usually rewatch a show when it's been at least a year since I last watched it so I only remember a few things.
Apr 17, 4:24 AM
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Nothing wrong with re-watching certain scenes, but I think re-watching the whole animes more than 2 times is too much. I have too many anime on my plan to watch list to re-watch any anime

Apr 17, 4:36 AM
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I've rewatched anime like Mob Psycho 100 (season 1), Tokyo Ghoul (seasons 1 and 2 only), and Highschool of the Dead. All of them were enjoyable to watch for a second time. But Tokyo Ghoul, which I watched maybe 3 times, was boring that last time I rewatched it.

Anyway, you know you've rewatched a show too much when it gets boring or you don't like it anymore. It varies from show to show. I could probably watch Mob Psycho 100 and HOTD and NOT be bored just because of how fun it is to watch them.
Apr 17, 4:39 AM

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You can never rewatch anything too often.
Go read the One Punch Man manga please, this awful adaptation by JC Staff is a disgrace.
Apr 17, 8:02 AM

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xShinigami3125 said:
You can never rewatch anything too often.

Yes sir, roger that. I've been planning to read more manga anyways.
It's not like I like anime or anything.

Apr 17, 12:15 PM

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once there is no point

good thread..
Apr 17, 12:45 PM

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Personally, I try not to rewatch things too often. I used to waste a lot of time rewatching things, so I'd like to save those moments for when I watch something with someone else to show them something I like, or some kind of situation where rewatching it with a group of people would seem like fun.

Though, one time I rewatched about 600 episodes of One Piece to show it to my ex-girlfriend.
Was it worth it? You know, I'm not really sure.
Apr 17, 8:14 PM

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Psytrance said:
I just finished rewatching the entire AOT series - including 5 OVAs and despite having watching season 1 + 2 twice i loved it. I can easily call it a masterpiece. I'm still depressed about these deaths that I already knew had happened. Having said that, rewatching something will not get boring unless you watch t it a lot in a short period of time. If you go and rewatch, AOT for example three times or more in a month, I will not doubt that it will become a bit annoying despite you loved it at first.

AOT is even more fun to watch when you've read the Manga till the basement part at least, but better till the arc that we will see in s4 because the World Building will only finish after season 4 drops and we finally develop an eye for the big picture

its actually insane how every single line in the anime that seemingly seems unimportant is a damn reference to the mystery, i mean seriously there is so much shit going on we don't understand until we've seen everything and for me personally its just a lot of fun to read between these lines knowing the whole story
ive seen it probably 5 times or so, dont track all my rewatches

MadHobbit2 said:
No amount of rewatches is ever too much as long as you still enjoy it. I've watched Steins;Gate 43 times because I love it so much and it never gets boring for me. Planning a 44th rewatch soon too lol.

daaaaaaaaaaaamn dude that is a lot i think ive seen it 4 times or so?
but i get where ur coming from, its super enjoyable just 40 times damn :D that is a lot of rewatches xD
Apr 18, 4:03 AM

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Psytrance said:

This anime is a pain in the ass. Despite being depressed about all the deaths, there were times when I had goosebumps from its mystery. Everything seems to fit everywhere, and I'm looking forward to knowing what will happen in the future. The author really went all out in this piece of work. Also, I have been spoiled to some deaths and reveals, but that's okay, since it was my fault anyway. I have read the manga, pretty much until chapter 71-75 there in between and i loved it. Many people didn't like it because of art style but for me was pretty good. After this new season, I will read the manga from the beginning until the last chapter. I'll probably binge it.

By the way, how can I check someone's rewatches? lol

ahh dude i know right so many people dislike the art but i think its fucking amazing, its probably one of my favourite art styles, that said i havent read a huge amount of mangas but still

you can check someones rewatches by pressing Edit on show advanced under a specific anime or total rewatches in the stats
Apr 18, 4:05 AM
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what's wrong with rewatching multiple times? if you don't enjoy rewatching then just don't
Apr 26, 2:22 PM

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If the show is great there is no such thing as too many rewatches. Ive seen YuYu Hakusho 17 times. Still as good as the send time!
Apr 26, 2:52 PM

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I generally lose interest in rewatching something after I've seen it 4+ times. After that I prefer to wait 2-3 years till the next time I rewatch somthing
Apr 26, 3:06 PM

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For me it depends on how much I like a series.
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Apr 26, 3:19 PM

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Rewatching shows with people who have never seen them before is my favorite way of enjoying a show I've already watched. Even though I know what's going to happen and how I feel about the series, the person you're watching it with may have a wildly different take or see it from a completely new perspective than you. It's exciting as well because you get to freak out at all of the awesome parts all over again. FMAB and Cowboy Bebop are the shows I've rewatched with other people the most and I honestly love them more with each rewatch.
Apr 26, 3:41 PM
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I don't know, by the end of it i might have watched 240 episodes of Carole & Tuesday and might still continue watching it.
Apr 27, 4:04 PM

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felt that way about Gosick. i watched it twice sub and once dub, and it sorta fell off for me. used to be my fav anime too
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