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Poll: Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Episode 2 Discussion

Apr 15, 3:02 PM

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Kaneko Hiraku is a monster. He can make watchable even an anime like this...
Apr 15, 5:26 PM
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This go to 0-100 so fast damn..

Apr 15, 8:25 PM
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Good episode 😂. 12 minutes of my time well spent. That these two meet each other is not a coincidence.
The teacher is so tender, beautiful and somewhat fearsome 😅. Where do I find one like her?
Hahahaha, I laughed a lot when the protagonist's mother offered him as a husband to her teacher. They already have the blessing. LOL 😂.

I'll have to see this anime again when they release the uncensored version xD.
Apr 15, 10:20 PM

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what type of hentai situation...
Apr 16, 3:52 AM

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Kojima-sensei is very thicc, that pleases me a lot. What it doesn't pleases me is the censorship, but complaining about it its kinda pointless.
The mom of the MC is also damn fine too.
Apr 16, 7:37 AM
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bro this censorship has to go. the show is still enjoyable, to some extent, but it's kind of annoying to have a giant chalkboard covering the entire screen.
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Apr 16, 8:13 AM

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where will I find the uncensored version??!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Apr 16, 9:26 PM
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Episode 1, the censorship seemed ridiculous; what was there to censor, really?
This episode we saw more than what was censored in episode 1.

I guess episode 1's censorship was to let us know it was going to be happening?

Admittedly, if they are going to censor, they do seem to be making it funny.

Oh, for those looking for an uncensored version?
There isn't one, not until the BD comes out.
The Tuesday broadcast is less censored, not uncensored.

I did enjoy the reaction they both had after she laid out what she was seeking in a partner; he really does fit the description to a "T", if she can deal with how much younger he is; younger was a quality she wanted.... but that much younger?

The whole "maybe maybe maybe... no no no !!! maybe maybe maybe... no no no!!!" cycle was fun.
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Apr 16, 10:45 PM

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BWAHAHAHAH this really hits the "so bad it's funny" jackpot.

sevshiro said:
People going nuts about censorship and I'm here thinking what the F is happening.

Don't worry, you've seen nothing yet.
Apr 17, 5:11 AM

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cities516 said:
This softcore porn has better romance than 95% of so-called “romance” anime
you speak my mind xD LMAO
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Apr 17, 6:47 AM
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Quite honestly this show does not disappoint I know what I was getting myself into and I fucking love it I remember seeing the preview cover for the show and the short synopsis of it as well and I fell in love with the show I think it’s been quite a while since I’ve been waiting for the show to come out animation is unbelievable nothing to hype about but it’s great and who doesn’t love a good Ecchi once in a while right? I really can’t wait for the uncensored version and I hope it’s online faster than the DVD ! I give this episode of five star just like I assume I’m going to give every episode of five star but I’ll just hold it at that ;) lol
Kebinsann :)
Apr 18, 7:04 AM
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I really feel like they're pushing their relationship way too hard, they really need to slow down the pace and keep a bit more realistic imo
Apr 18, 8:18 AM

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Somewhow, it feels ordinary compared when I'm reading the manga.

Yeah...They''re meant to be each other. Satou perfectly fits of what she wants in a guy.

Censors are annoying but I can tolerate it.
Apr 18, 1:35 PM

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Went ahead and read the manga, but I will continue watching the less censored version.
Is a pretty good adaptation, the censorship that takes half the screen is what ruins it.
The baby girl was as adorable as she was in the manga.
Apr 18, 2:19 PM

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boner problems when watching this episode huh...
Apr 18, 2:48 PM

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Less censored version out. It is still annoying af, but the patches are smaller and restricted to nipples. I suggest people should read the manga to know what they are missing...
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Apr 19, 6:57 AM
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For those who want a less censored version I recommend Kickassanime(dot)io, though I'd highly recommend you have adblock before using the site.

Personally, I thought the episode was great
From what I've gathered this show is a comedic use of fanservice for guys.
Only downside is the fact the less censored version comes days after the original release. if anybody knows another site that releases it sooner I'd appreciate it.
Apr 19, 9:06 AM

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Even ImoImo have more balls to show nipples, despite their graphic is a thumbs down. I thought the last border of Ecchi is on nipples, why they censored it ? Come on.

But anyway, another Kojima-sensei, my favourite until this point. O ow, Mom gives green light, so let's give a good bye to taboo and hello Student-Teacher relationship.
Apr 19, 9:54 AM

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Another funny episode.

Apr 19, 9:07 PM
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I think the censored is the best since my mousou was very good lol
Apr 20, 5:46 AM

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The manga was, imho, mediocre standard trope fair, the anime is no better, worse even for the excessive censorship which could have been done in several better ways... Not worth my time.
Apr 20, 9:22 AM

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Watta shitty episode.
Apr 21, 3:35 AM

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Question: is this just an ecchi anime in general or does it lead into a romance with any of the charcters?
Apr 21, 3:16 PM

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What a cringy series, but I'm still watching it for some odd reason.
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