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Apr 13, 3:02 PM
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Not attacking or anything, just wondering.
Apr 13, 3:03 PM
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Idk, because is interesting lol ;u;
Apr 13, 3:08 PM

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hmm ... for the fluffy romance ofc :)
Apr 13, 3:11 PM

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Just to have some variety tbh, it can be a nice change of pace.
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Apr 13, 3:12 PM

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Probably because people want a nice, mostly lighthearted romance story, and when it's all said and done, they'll probably end up together.
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Apr 13, 3:13 PM

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It's not really hard, just think about it a bit and you will probably realize that there are plenty of reasons why a guy would enjoy a shoujo series.
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Apr 13, 3:13 PM

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Beacuse it's one of the best genre out there.
Shoujo and Josei got some of the best piece of work in this anime industry.

It's just that ppl overlook it and ignor it. Think it's just for girls, sigh they are so wrong.

I woud pick Josei and Shoujo over Shounen and Sienen ever day in the week.
Apr 13, 3:14 PM

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tragedydesu said:
hmm ... for the fluffy romance ofc :)

Pretty much sums it up.

I would add that the art and the soundtracks are amazing as well in the shoujo department.

Apr 13, 3:19 PM

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I plan on watching Fruits Basket because of Ritsuko Okazaki's music, which is absolutely heavenly.
Apr 13, 3:19 PM
*sips coffee*

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In my eyes, the demographic tags mean nothing. A great story will transcend the age/gender limitations of said tags, and because of this I have no reason to avoid a show based off of them. Nana is a shoujo and I know tons of dudes who consider it to be one of the greatest anime ever made. The same goes for many guys (including myself) who love Usagi Drop, which is a josei. Who cares who it's marketed towards? :P

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Apr 13, 3:19 PM

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Same reason lots of girls watch shonen. It'd be silly to limit yourself to shows that are specifically aimed for your demographic. Guys might want to watch some romance stories too.
Apr 13, 3:24 PM

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Because cute romances are cute even if half of them are filled with drama
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Apr 13, 3:41 PM

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Idk, maybe because some have good stories and/or romance? Ignoring shows because of a fucking tag that means nothing seems pretty dumb and a waste... the only ones that matter are the genres (sci-di, romance, magic and those kind), and only to some extend.
Apr 13, 3:43 PM

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Because of the same reasons girls watch shounen: because the interests, tastes and preferences of any person are not as limited as the tags or demos would suggest.
Apr 13, 3:46 PM

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I personally just love changing it up and watching a variety of Anime. If the stories interesting and the characters are fun I don't care what it's labelled as.
Apr 13, 3:46 PM
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because shoujo aren't only naive romance
look at this and you will understand what I mean
Apr 13, 3:47 PM

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Same reason as why do people watch anime.
Apr 13, 3:52 PM

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Probably because there are some damn good shoujo anime.
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Apr 13, 3:54 PM
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Because there are many Shoujo animes that are very good.
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Apr 13, 4:11 PM
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Some of the best stories and characters live within the Shoujo genre.
Apr 13, 4:14 PM
Nana Deviluke❤️

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because audience group marketing doesn't really matter
Apr 13, 4:22 PM

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"Why do guys watch shoujo?"
Because occasionally there are good titles. Some of them are even suitable for people not accustomed to the standard shoujo storytelling formulas.

As simple as that.
If it's made for girls this doesn't make it automatically unwatchable for other audience. (If someone believes that he/she is totally wrong.)

Same thing for josei. I even consider josei being better at drama in comparison to seinen.
Apr 13, 4:23 PM

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Can't say, maybe it's the same reason some men seem to prefer anime with mostly male casts(?). One word to describe the few anime I've seen that were explicitly labeled 'shoujo' on this site: irritating. And the romance is anything but comfy.

There's probably some crossover stuff (seinen/josei limbo land) that isn't too bad and I should probably check out. Older girls (and curious salarymen) probably have better taste...maybe.
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Apr 13, 4:27 PM
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A lot of them have rather soothing vanilla romance. A pleasing female lead and rather emotional stories and music.

Plenty of shoujo Anime I absolutely adore.

Some great ones I love are "Hiiro No Kakera", "Akatsuki No Yona", "Cardcaptor Sakura", "Kaichou wa Maid-sama!", "Lovely★Complex", "Natsume Yuujinchou" and plenty more...

Apr 13, 4:29 PM

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It has some interesting stuff I don't really see in other demographics which I appreciate. For example, in Ao Haru Ride,
I liked that this happened, as it would've felt cliched if it was just forgive and forget and had continued being friends.

Also, Miki Koishikawa (the protagonist of Marmalade Boy) is one of the cutest girls I've ever seen in an anime, and she's from a shoujo.
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Apr 13, 4:29 PM

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Chiaki Konaka wrote the script for some episodes of Princess Tutu, so I had to watch it
Apr 13, 4:38 PM

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I don't like shoujo that much. Specially when it's reverse harem-ish and flirty. And those bunch of dreamy playboy heroes.

Manga like Kimi ni Todoke is an exception though. And Natsume Yuujinchou is a masterpiece.
Apr 13, 4:40 PM

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Shoujo is just another fluff romance genre that makes my heart feel warm. I believe more people should be watching Shoujo cause it transcends age/gender and helps the view feel more connected with characters through its drama and romance which is great to help understand the characters and settings.
Apr 13, 4:46 PM

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Because the demographic doesn't matter when it's entertaining me.
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Apr 13, 4:52 PM

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i don't because i find it boring and repetitive. there are some good ones.
if someone wants to waste their time on shoujo let them :shrug:

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Apr 13, 4:53 PM

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The real question is why do you think it being a Shoujo says anything about it?

Shoujo/shounen/senien/josei are all simply publishers, and says absolutely nothing about the show it’s self. You might have a slightly higher possibility of running into certain tropes, but you can just as easily not encounter them.

Yona of the Dawn and 3D Kanojo are two of my favorites (3D Kanojo even a top 5 possibly) and are both Shoujo, even though I’m a battle shounentard.

The fact they list the publisher of the source material under the anime’s genre is a very misleading idea from the MAL team. While I’m at it I also think separating things by seasons is a dumb idea, except in the very few cases where they change the name by season, like Highschool DxD, or how naruto changed to shippuden.
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Apr 13, 5:35 PM

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Why is this even a question? Shoujo isnt only for girls, its just the main target audience that is.
And while seen less often, a shoujo anime/manga can even have the exact genres a shounen anime tends to have, the same goes for the other way around.

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Apr 13, 5:48 PM
who dis

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because why not

there's some good shoujo out there
Apr 13, 5:53 PM
game on!

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i don't mind vintage shoujo. i find the character designs (mostly the eyes) to be beautiful.

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Apr 13, 5:55 PM

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Because this guy named Jo said that he wanted to show me something. :P

In all seriousness, I tend to like girly things, but I also like to avoid ecchi, so shoujo is usually a safe zone for me. I prefer older shoujo over the newer stuff though, but I'll watch a small amount of newer stuff as well.

Apr 13, 6:51 PM

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I like cute romance. Or the sweet atmosphere, I think
Apr 13, 6:57 PM

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The romance is nice, I guess.

Apr 13, 6:59 PM

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If you mean why I would watch cute and fluffy stuff, well, I'm sometimes often always in the mood.

If you mean why I would watch shoujo, in general, because gender and age demographics are kind of just there as a random tag no one cares about and really say nothing about the quality of a show.
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Apr 13, 7:01 PM

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Because I don't have life, hence you watch anything
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Apr 13, 7:03 PM

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Cause I am a romance phag. And I like watching cute romance anime. And shoujo just has a lot of them.
Apr 13, 7:07 PM

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I like to change things up a bit from what I usually watch plus you can find really good shoujo stories. Also, I'm a huge sucker for fluffy romance shit
Apr 13, 7:52 PM

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Less chance at a shitty, cookie-cutter harem cast of characters. Slightly better writing overall for the genre. Less shitty combat power-ups. I definitely prefer seinen, josei and (none) to shoujo, but shoujo is much more reliable than shounen at this point.
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Apr 13, 7:55 PM

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I mean, I've seen some really solid shoujo series and I'm not about to let a demographic tag steer me from a show when I've enjoyed similar shows.
Apr 13, 8:13 PM
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I dont believe there should be gender or age barriers should exist when it comes to media. Everyone should watch everything and drop anything you dont care for. Yeah sometimes it's hard to find media in certain categories. Cause typically you discover things that are either popular or similiar things like the things you have already seen.
Apr 13, 8:14 PM

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I’m a sucker for romance, so obviously I tend to watch shoujo’s as well.
Apr 13, 9:00 PM

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Shoujos tend to be more relaxing and less irritating than the avarage shounen shows (in this regard they have the same appeal as iyashikei shows), plus I am a great fan of the romance genre in anime which is funny because outside of anime I usually don't watch romance.
Apr 13, 9:02 PM

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Shoujo romances are just better. No waifu wars or dumb fanservice
Apr 13, 9:06 PM

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I could care less about the genre, I just go by plot, characters and voice acting.
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Apr 13, 9:13 PM

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To enjoy a good and rich story. Tbh, some Shounen anime also hands out good story, but most of them only focuses on combat and action scenes.
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Apr 13, 11:08 PM

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So that we don't suffer from the monomania of watching only shounen, action or seinen shows. You gotta have some variety.

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