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Poll: Senryuu Shoujo Episode 2 Discussion

Apr 12, 10:22 AM

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Dang, this episode kinda made me hungry.

Nanako expressing her face in her own unique way is quite amusing. We got to see more of her school life again and it's quite charming. Cute to see Ootsuki and Nanako's interactions this episode too imo. Ootsuki is quite flirtatious lol
Apr 12, 11:45 AM

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was thinking of dropping it, but this episode got me a bit interested. might just give it a little more time
the only thing that weirds me out is the subs placement. this 1-3-2 positioning is strange, i get that it's the point of senryuu, but it's not necessary for the subs
Apr 12, 11:50 AM

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Nanako's angry face lol.

Another fun episode.

Apr 12, 11:52 AM

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Adorable and fun~
Apr 12, 11:53 AM

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Big sisters are making every story better.
Apr 12, 11:56 AM

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Cuteness overload.
Anyway the childhood friend makes an appearance tho mostly referring to herself as onee chan, and it really seems to be her thing.
This is still looking very promising so far.
Apr 12, 12:09 PM

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Hmm so thats Eiji's self proclaimed sister. Lol i don't think the act of rolling back your eyes is a charm point. Now thats an unusual interest that Koto has there though. Nanako's so cure when she's embarrassed. Koto's nature sure matches well with Eiji's. Seems there's deeper meaning to Koto's big sister act when she's around Eiji. An interesting ep that did well in introducing the character of Koto whose teasing and positive nature brings a lot to the cast.
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Apr 12, 12:10 PM

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Damn, this show is so good, why is it only 12 minutes? why not make it 24? Such a sweet show, i love this anime already
Apr 12, 12:59 PM
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I wish it could go on forever... like 100 eps, I wouldn't mind!!
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Apr 12, 1:04 PM
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This show is so fun to watch.
Apr 12, 1:16 PM

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Oh Eiji's big sister has brocon.
Apr 12, 3:01 PM

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No one is talking about the fact that Amane has a crush on Koto and I think that's more than worth mentioning.
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Apr 12, 3:21 PM

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Kana Hanazawa is killing it in this show
Apr 12, 3:44 PM

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Nanakos angry face, tho xD She's so adorable and I love her interactions with Eiji.

Things have also gotten more interesting with the addition of Koto.
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Apr 12, 5:59 PM

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big fan of big sis's yo and koto is up there!

b-but this is a harem right? my harem radar was going off after seeing the ED last week and this is 2 girls interested in the MC so far soooo
Apr 12, 6:00 PM

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That's not Amane true form yet.
Apr 12, 6:07 PM
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Nanako is so cute, her pure smile calms my day.
Today we met a new girl close to Eiji, Koto or Koto-nee as Eiji called her, Koto stands out a lot, not only for being Eiji's friend, but because she has an excellent figure and top tier breasts.
Nanako really knows a lot about the good side of Eiji, besides that she knows details that made me laugh a lot. Eiji is a true gentleman when he is with Nanako.
What was it that Amane kept looking at, as Koto took care of Eiji? or Koto's breasts?
The club that Koto attends is very rare, I wonder what kind of activities they will have?
I really liked when Nanako and Eiji go to eat together, but Eiji makes the mistake of asking the question taboo to a woman, "have you gained weight?"
It is very fun to see Nanako's family, her dad over reacts for very insignificant things, imagine when he knows that his daughter's best friend (and maybe future boyfriend) is a delinquent.
The younger brother has no tact and directly tells poor Nanako that she eats a lot and Nanako gets mad at the insensability of her brother comment, angry Nanako is very cute and I love seeing her face angry.
Amane and Koto made me laugh a lot when Nanako asks for help with the diet, but Koto finally ends up helping Nanako to exercise, but Nanako is very weak and Koto can not stand how adorable Nanako is (I can not blame her, it's impossible not to fall with how adorable Nanako is). Koto is teaching Nanako combat techniques and now Eiji fears for his life when he watch them train together, and I laughed for a long time when Eiji thought that Nanako's real goal was to break his neck, this while Nanako smiles and looks in the direction of Eiji
I loved the part when Nanako makes Eiji touch her stomach, she was so embarrassed and Eiji too, since it was the first time he touched the stomach of a woman, Amane was enjoying this moment so embarrassing.
I found the conversation between Koto and Amane interesting at the end, apparently Koto is very fond of Eiji since they met, but I felt a slight feeling of love, but I think that Koto likes to be his older sister.

I loved this episode, without a doubt the comedy is quite passive and it's nice. The chemistry of the characters is perfect and very funny, especially Eiji and Nanako, but with the secondary characters is just as good.
I am so grateful that Kana Hanazawa is the voice actress of Nanako, it is a blessing to hear her voice.
Apr 12, 6:56 PM

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This should have a romance tag!

That was good episode, wish they make them longer!
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Apr 12, 7:34 PM

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Eiji kind of has no filter huh? Dude when they mentioned how his eyes rolled into the back of his head I was crying! lol

No man NO HAREM PLEASE. Even though I like Koto a lot. What club was she in the American Calvary Club or something? lol.

The score deserves to be higher. Me when I see how low the score is:

Nanako's faces fill my heart with joy.
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Apr 12, 7:55 PM

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So cute and fluffy. I fee like they could have gotten away with full length for this series.
Apr 12, 8:04 PM

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Koto is a nice addition, I like the dynamic she brings - she's known Eiji before Nanako, she treats him like a little brother, she actually likes him but shows courtesy to him and Nanako's current friendship (which seems to become, potentially a romantic one) + she adds a bit more humor along with Amane. Chemistry is there, lots of good wholesome jokes, some coming in combos like Nanako's diet at the breakfast table, then her angry face, then her father feeling distraught that her daughter may potentially have a boyfriend (because she is on a diet). Really nice episode, it just flows by, easy to digest and makes it one of the better short series I've watched in recent times. This season has a few of these.
Apr 12, 8:32 PM

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This show is way too cute and wholesome oml.
Apr 12, 8:56 PM

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Looks like they could have added romance to the descriptors, and if it moves that way I'll watch for the season.
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Apr 12, 10:22 PM

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I kinda forgot about Koto-nee, she doesn't really get up to much.
Apr 13, 12:13 AM

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Koto-nee has big rockers!
Looks like Nanako ain't gonna speak anytime soon!
Apr 13, 2:48 AM

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Such a short and wholesome anime, I actually enjoyed this episode too. Also slightly happy because of Rikako Aida having a role and performing the ending theme uwu

I relate to Nanako for feeling insecure about her weight right after a guy she likes comments on the way she looks lul
Apr 13, 5:41 AM

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These episodes are too short!

But that means... She wants to break my neck!!! xD enjoyed the moments of humour and it's a sweet show to watch.
Apr 13, 6:30 AM
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Cute... nanako and eiji sure are close at each other. Nice episode
Apr 13, 10:04 AM
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Big sister has her role in Bro's life
Apr 13, 11:48 AM

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Nanako is such a cutie <3 I am enjoying this show so far ^^
Apr 13, 12:16 PM
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I love Nanako's facial expressions. So far this has been my favorite show of the season.
Apr 13, 3:53 PM
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The show is all cute and stuff, but the one focal point it was setting up from the beginning is kinda demolished by the fact that the girl that is only "talking" in poems, is merely talking in single sentences which are then spoken out loud. So not really different than a regular rom/com anime...
Apr 13, 4:29 PM

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As usual Nanako is so cute.
Hmm. So Koto has a crush on Eiji.
Apr 13, 6:19 PM

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This anime is hilarious and fun! Nanako has to be the most happiest and innocent girl I’ve ever seen. I can stare at her smile for hours! And when she goes in embarrassment mode, that shit is just too damn cute. Looks like Eiji and Koto aren’t siblings after all. Hopefull there’s not gonna be some kind of harem or love triangle drama in the future. I’m perfectly fine with Nanako x Eiji. They’re made for eachother. Also I feel like I wanna put Nanako in my favorite characters... furthermore the visuals and art continue to be great and looking forward to the next episode!

Apr 13, 8:03 PM

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Man, these episodes are too short but they have both been 12 minutes of wholesome comedy. I love it.

Interesting addition of Koto, but the main thing is that Nanako is still cute and somewhat relatable this episode too.

If it maintains its current quality, I can definitely see Senryuu Shoujo as being a clear favorite of mine from this season.

Apr 13, 8:50 PM

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Oh, so in the end it seems Eiji and Koto are not related but she still managed to basically siblingzoned herself from the start xD

Nice episode overall. Eiji and Nanako look so cute together it makes me wonder whether the show will take a more romantic approach in the next episodes or not.

The comedy was better in this episode, by the way.
Apr 13, 11:56 PM

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My weekly dose of HanaKana cuteness <3

Truly the face of evil.

Childhood friend Koto is so fucking hot!... But she sisterzoned herself.

I hope this is the beginning of something, I'd like it to happen.
Apr 14, 4:32 AM

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I dislike Eiji's "sister". Also, I think that the episode was rushed. At least three things happened in 12 minutes. Please, I don't want a harem.
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Apr 14, 7:29 AM

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Man, they skipped a lot from the manga. Anyway, it's your weekly dose of cuteness that will put a smile onto your face. Nanako x Hanazawa Kana is *nosebleed*
Apr 14, 6:57 PM

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big sister siblingzoned herself..
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Apr 15, 5:39 PM

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I was kinda frustrated at first by Nanako's inability to talk, but it turns out that the way she communicates is quite cute in fact.

But the Zero Two's cousin without horns pink haired sister seemed, despite she kinda cut her love chances by her own behaviour, sad
Apr 16, 4:55 AM

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This episode was really predictable but cute

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Apr 16, 8:33 AM

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So, the "childhood friend" sisterzoned herself? Comon harem trope dodged.
This show is way too cute, I can watch it all day long.
Apr 17, 9:44 AM

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well this anime is love..just watching it makes me fulfilled
Apr 18, 9:42 PM

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she is skinny tho... what was he talking about
Apr 20, 4:57 AM

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disappointing (read my post at ep3 discussion)
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Apr 20, 5:22 AM

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Deym. Koto is THICC! A big breasted cutie.

She likes Eiji too. THUG got two cute girls liking him. The lucky bastard.
Apr 20, 8:00 AM

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@SkyLETV I did not read the original manga, so I do not want to say anything in advance, but judging by the ED, it is quite possible. Moreover, Koto herself seems not only interested in boys. Let's wait for the next episodes.

RubenGallar said:
No one is talking about the fact that Amane has a crush on Koto and I think that's more than worth mentioning.

What for? 80% of the discussions of the CGDCT show are filled with discussions of yuri or any hint of it, so now and here everyone should discuss just that?

katsu044 said:
big fan of big sis's yo and koto is up there!

b-but this is a harem right? my harem radar was going off after seeing the ED last week and this is 2 girls interested in the MC so far soooo

Firstly, the love triangle does not make the show a harem, and secondly, the true MC is Nanako, and only then Eiji.
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