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Apr 9, 12:29 PM
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(I posted this on Gintama WIKI first.)

This has been bothering me for a huge time. If you look at My Anime List, you can see that the newer ratings of Gintama have decreased. Majority of Gintama seasons had ratings over 9, but now the newer seasons are getting ratings lower than 9. I have thought about 3 reasons why the rating is getting lower, but I need your help.

1. Higher Ratio of Gintama Haters.

I'm pretty sure the ratio of Gintama haters to Gintama lovers has increased. These guys usually love animes with plot shown in every episodes (as compared to gintama). Or...they just don't like Gintama beating their Anime by score.

2. People Forgot About Episodes.

In an anime like gintama (which is episodic), it may seem like the previous episodes don't matter. THAT IS 100% NOT TRUE (I can't stress that enough). Because of breaks, Gintama fans have forgotten about previous episodes. However, each episode of Gintama contributes to how much you like it. It's like "spend more time with your friend, and you'll get closer to them." Each episode plays a part in getting closer to each character, and people are forgetting about previous episodes because of the Gintama breaks. I'm pretty sure that those who rewatched the anime several times during those breaks rated the anime higher on MAL.

3. Gintama is less popular now on MAL

If you look at the number of votes on the newer seasons, it is lower. Haters will rate animes a rating of 1 to the end of time, but I can't say lovers of Gintama can rate it 10 to the end of time.


In Conclusion, I think the main reason of why this is happening is because of the second reason. People forget about moments with characters. Also, gintama has less people supporting it on MAL now (which is evident from the number of votes). I believe that Gintama is still Gintama, and that it is still amazing. I hate to see it getting lower and lower ratings. People say it is average now, but in reality they themselves have changed...not Gintama.

Thank you. Please comment your thoughts. Please understand that this is about all Gintama seasons. All of them have decreasing scores.
Apr 9, 12:30 PM

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because the jokes get old and people reevaluate their opinion on this matter as they are exposed to the same jokes over and over again, pretty clear it would decrease to some degree with the amount of episodes it has its bound to have an insane amount of overused humor

and more and more people get tired of it the more episodes come out

also im not a fan of gintama
i really hate it now tbh
i still gave it a 7, so you can't really say all haters give a score of 1 although i get ur point
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Apr 10, 6:23 PM

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There are also people like me who simply fell behind on the series. With a long running show like this it's easy to lose viewers over time. Gintama has been airing since 2006 after all, with some breaks in between.

I'm a few seasons behind, just about to start the Shogun Assassination arc, so I can't really say if the show got worse yet, but after having watched my first new episode in 4 years I can say I still feel the same about Gintama as I did when I first started watching it: I love it! Forever and always <3
Apr 10, 6:35 PM

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The older seasons still have the same score they've always had it might decrease or increase a couple points here and there, but high 8s are still good for a show that has ran for THIS long.

I love Gintama, but the comedic aspect of the show is kinda a hit or miss honestly the action scenes and serious arcs is where I think Gintama shines the most cause they have some of the best fight scenes and some of the most heart tugging moments. I think out of all the Jump series I watched so far I think I cried the most while watching this show.
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Apr 11, 1:34 AM

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Haters trying to put Gintama out of the Top Anime front page
Apr 11, 6:00 AM
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I love Gintama because of how unique it is. It really displays the heartwarming moments of life, and the difficult times. A lot of people still love Gintama, but from your replies I think a lot of people are rating it lower since they treat Gintama like a chore. If you treat anime like a chore obviously it'll get boring over time for some people. Gintama should be watched on the moments when you want your day to get better imo
May 15, 4:24 AM
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i guess its because casual viewers r catching up...if u look at final arc ..people were disappointed..gintama enjoyed peak popularity during shogun assassination arc ..went downhill since then
May 15, 6:00 AM
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Gintama had high scores back then because only diehards fans watch it so they give it 10/10 .
Now tge show start to get popular and more non-diehard fans started watching it and they give it average score between 8-7

It has nothing to do with haters , it's just that gintama isn't for everyone some people just doesn't like the type of jocks in gintama

Diehard fans of gintama should accept this , otherwise it's not like gintama would be the best anime on MAL, believe it or not the top anime of MAL will always be FMAB...

Not just gintama fans i could say the same thing for HunterxHunter fand too.

never give a shit about anime scores
Just watch the anime you like , if you take the scores seriously you won't enjoy MAL no matter what .
May 19, 8:55 AM

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"1. Higher Ratio of Gintama Haters."
You can be sure there is more Gintama lovers than haters.
May 19, 10:11 AM

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MehmetY said:
"1. Higher Ratio of Gintama Haters."
You can be sure there is more Gintama lovers than haters.

Well, that is obvious, as for almost any other anime on MAL. That's not what OP said though in his/her explanation.
May 19, 11:00 AM
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Yep, I basically just said that there is a higher percentage of those that hate the anime now out of all of those that watched it. And I agree with how probably Gintama will never reach the number 1 spot, since it has a slow start and people will reject it straight away. (Even though I loved the start)
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May 23, 11:56 PM

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Why is this allowed? These are Gintamas ratings for its 8 seasons. Notices the 1 ratings.
May 24, 12:42 AM
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Yeah, but I was talking generally. My question wasn't, "Why is Gintama getting a 1 as a rating so much?". The last reason was a possible reason (and I publicly stated that). Why is your post allowed (lol)?
May 24, 12:51 AM

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There is also the most obvious fact: the longer an anime is in MAL, the more people watch it, and the more the scores balance out.
May 28, 10:14 AM
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You guys are all wrong. It has nothing to do with haters. I have no idea what the hell you guys are on about with overused jokes either, that's not it. The reason is the story. Silver Soul is overdoing it, there's just too much of this Utsuro stuff. Classic Gintama is wonderful, with touching stories and characters in just 1-2 episodes. Now the whole thing is just overly dragged on like a Shounen. There aren't smart poetic metaphors and subtle references to other pop cultures anymore. The themes now are much weaker, and the dialogue are not as meaningful. It just looks like a bunch of mob clashing now, and for an action anime, it doesn't even have that good art and animation.

It tries to give a false sense of grand scale by putting the planet's destruction at stake and bringing the whole universe into battle. But it didn't even have to reach planetary scale, when more compelling story is possible through the vast scale of a fewer cast's emotions. I would rather watch the Yorozuya or Kabuki District have a conflict from within with the protag cast and it would be far more powerful than watching a bunch of clashing with aliens. It's just that Sorachi isn't as good when he overdoes it and stretch the story too much.

I miss Classic Gintama, it was way more well written than these long arcs. Shogun Assassination and Farewell Shinsengumi were absolutely fantastic. They were the zenith epitome of Gintama. We step down slightly in Rakuyo Decisive Battle but it was still very good. From there, that's when we were really overdoing this whole Utsuro thing. But it was amazing seeing everyone come together and unite. I loved watching Oniwaban ninjas joining the Yorozuya and shogun retainers. I loved watching Shinsengumi teaming up with their rivals Mimawarigumi and Katsura's Joi. I loved watching the Joui Four reuniting with Sakamoto's Kaientai and Takasugi's Kiheitai. Also seeing the story pull together with the Yato family's Umibozu and Kamui. But I thought Edo coming together was too corny, they didn't even bring back all the characters, it wasn't too meaningful. I could see they continued from the Four Devas Arc in Kabuki District and Courtesan of A Nation and the other arcs, but it wasn't good enough. They could have executed it better, with Gengai's robots, Four Devas, Yagyu, Yoshiwara, Host Clubs, etc etc etc. The story is just weaker now. This planet busting Shounen story fighting Utsuro is just a bit too corny, still good, but not as good as previous arcs.
Jun 1, 6:28 PM

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It started getting too deep/serious for me. I watched Gintama to relax and laugh etc. not get anxious and caught up in a big story.
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