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Apr 8, 1:00 PM
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I'm really curious about this
Apr 17, 6:32 AM
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Captain...??? Maybe...???
Apr 19, 5:24 PM

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Well for the protag most likely Enty and maybe AKaga?

As for the villain of course it'll be Purifier.
Apr 19, 10:19 PM
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the villain won't be solely purifier, but likely the sirens in general and those that align with the sirens
Apr 20, 1:29 PM
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From what we see at the teasers, we will have the "Azur Lane" fighting the sirens. The question for me is if the "Crimson Axis" (Akagi and company) will be there separately or if they joint forces with one or another side.
Apr 24, 1:30 PM

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I guess it depends on if they're following the game's story or not. I would say Kaga and Akagi will definitely be villains, we know Enterprise will be a hero. My guess is the protagonist will be one of our starters, and because marketing, that means probably Ayanami. I could see a solid argument for Javelin, Laffey, or Z23 though, and we'll see flagships like Enty and Hood as "All Might" type mentor characters.

If they're going for a second season or cour, I bet most of this season is focused on Kaga/Akagi as the antagonists with a little bit of the sirens, and then switching to focus on the sirens as the driving villains. Just my guesses!