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Apr 1, 6:18 AM

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Seems like the TV series has more content.

12 x 20min per episode = 240min of content & the movie are 110min long for the first movie and 105min long for the second for a total of 215min of content (but they said new footage in the movies ?).

Before the TBD 2nd season I want to rewatch the series but should I choose the movies or TV show ?

Thanks (sorry poor english)
Apr 1, 6:26 AM

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I would watch the movies because if they're that long, they are probably not cutting out any footage and it's basically going to be the same series but in movie form.
Apr 4, 5:41 PM

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Honestly, I don't remember too much from watching this in theaters.
They were both recaps is what I do know. I was late to the double feature showing (4/26/17), so didn't get to see about 10 or so minutes of the first recap movie.
They both included almost all of the TV series in it.