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Mar 29, 8:53 PM
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Hey everyone!

Just a real quick introduction:
My username is Da12thKind, and while I don't have much time to try to find my niche, I have found some train-based anime selections.

Now that that's taken care of...

I need y'all's help finding a show.

Unfortunately, I can only remember the following:
-I saw it in/around 2007/8/9
-It was on some network dedicated to kids show (4kids, Fox Kids)
-It was most likely a dub of an anime
-It was about sentient unirail trains
-The trains were paired with humans/humanoids that had magical powers
-They raced
This is all I know.

I've been searching for this show for a few years, but I've never gotten anywhere close to finding it.

I can safely rule out:
-Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion
-Team Bullet Train
-The Galaxy Railways
-Immortal Grand Prix

(This list will be updated with any and all suggestions that turn out to be dead ends.)

I also saw a thread talking about trains in anime/anime about trains, but I didn't find what I was looking for...

I hope y'all can help me out here.