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Poll: Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka Episode 12 Discussion

Mar 31, 11:01 PM

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salbery755 said:
Well the last episode has arrived and it seems that things have become more peaceful, but in the background the gears of war and death are moving slowly.
The battle of Okinawa stayed in the past and now Asuka and Kurumi fight another battle, the reports of the incident these girls have no rest, including the rest of M squadron, the only lucky one is Sacchu. Mia by her side also completes reports, but she also unfolds a new mystery of the Babel brigade.
Kurumi is definitely a sadist, Poor Chisato who is already devastated after knowing the horrible truth of her mother's accident, now Kurumi will remove all the information she can get from Chisato and seeing how Kurumi pierces Chisato's breast with that big needle is terribly painful, added to that terrible scream of pain, Kurumi is already at the edge of madness if she loves torturing people.
Then we travel to Russia and we see Tamara being congratulated for her work and as a reward they let her see her beloved sister, but later we see that Tamara is being deceived and what she is embracing is a huge stuffed animal, what did they do with Tamara?
Today we could see some action from Pei Pei side. Why all the magical girls in this anime are lesbians? (It's not that it bothers me, I love the Yuri, but I feel it is something imposed).
Pei Pei or Liu as she is called now is quite ruthless, now she is a hired assassin and mercenary, which explains why the extreme change of image, but I must admit that Pei Pei's new appearance is damn hot, that spectacular body with curves that make you want to go through them with your hands, but I still feel that something happened to her so she would end up with that appearance and in the current situation she is and unfortunately we will never know what made her change.
Seeing the physical state of Chisato was sad, Kurumi introduces her to Nazani who already passed through the "reformation" of Kururmi, what a shame is to see that little girl behaving like an obedient dog. Nazani tries to get Chisato to consider joining the squad, but poor Chisato is still very hurt for her life, but is finally Kurumi who convinces her and she finally accepts, but the pain in her heart continue there. How fun it was to see Chisato and Nazani dressed as Maids, Asuka and the girls visit turned out to be very funny, personally I would go to that Maid cafe just to see the girls.
Damn ... that hot scene of Abigail and the Queen having sex was nice (the people who made Domekano could learn how to make a good sex scene from this one).
The Queen has big plans for the objects she has stolen, who will be that container that will suffer because of the Queen's plans?
It was beautiful the scene in which Asuka sees her fallen companions, I think that seeing the 6 magical girls who died moved me a little, it is sad to remember how some died.
The flashback of when the girls were still in the magic war was interesting, all the girls had plans to join the army, except for Kurumi who wanted a night of passion with Asuka, but Asuka feels that there is nothing she wants to do at the end of the war, but Francine (the girl who is the Queen in the future) encourages her to try to find something that she likes and then we see how the magical five face new threats that we will not see because this anime has ended.
If I am sincere enjoy this anime, had its failures and bad moments, but despite that I enjoy it, also see well proportioned girls does not hurt anyone and the yuri service was decent. I give this anime 7/10, just because there were many things pending in this last episode, the participation of Tamara and Pei Pei was little, the same with Mia. The fights were not bad, but there were few of them. I doubt very much that this anime has a second season, the manga in which it is adapted I have seen that the Raws are in chapter 44 and there is a lot of action in between, but the manga translated into English I think it was stuck in the chapter 14, which is a pity, but even so go and give a look to the manga, the girls are more hot and sexy, especially Asuka.
I do not think all are some like Queen Francine are and probably some of the others but not all. The reason is before this whole school thing they could not really relate to anyone except other magical girls because of the secret life they lead.
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Mar 31, 11:03 PM

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juicykitten95 said:
Sooo the plot still went nowhere after 12 eps, they fought some demons , monologued and thats it . From reading the raws its gonna be some weird Russia agenda arc next wile the main conflict is still nowhere in sight.

We found out for sure who the main antagonist thanks to the lesbian scene and lesbian declaration in the flashback, too bad the main cast wont know for who knows how long.

I was mostly interested in whats the Queens agenda , but since the author does not want to tell us i kinda lost all my investment for the manga.
The agenda is simple. If there is no one to fight anymore the magical girls will no longer be needed and the governments will get rid of them out of fear.
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Mar 31, 11:10 PM

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Tarotist said:
Virtual Reality lines!

"Fairy reports are just a few paw prints on a piece of paper."
"That's racist!" *DING!*


Holy crap, Tamara is being manipulated...

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO PEIPEI? She went from innocent and modest Chinese girl to WTF?

"Having fun usually involves sex." And this is a loli talking...

"I didn't change my face because I wanted to." something like plastic surgery to hide her identity. That explains her face...and her chest...

Kurumi got a bitch...

Only 30 Magical Girls in the for each major country...Sounds about right...

So Francine...ahem...I mean the Queen is just battle hungry and just wants a war? Simple enough...

"Fight so that we can see tomorrow." A nice message...

"Let's lock ourselves in a room and go at it like animals for three days straight. I just bought lots of lube."
FRANCINE! She knows what Magical Girls really want! I bet she rubs off from Tabira.

"If you talk like that, I'll mess with your brain and destroy your libido."
As in no sex drive? Holy Shit Kurumi! What a comeback! DON'T MESS WITH THIS GIRL!

"There are no endings in the real world." This line is a winner.

Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka....Weird art, limited animation, and fan service of all kinds done with the budget that it had. It was edgy, it was sexy, and it was damn fun. The theme of magical girls still fighting after a major war and Asuka suffering from PTSD was a great concept. And just like the real world where there are good and bad people, there are good and bad magical girls as well. Screw the "magical girls are heroes that save the world" theme. The fight never ends for these girls. And forget those traditional frilly dresses. These magical girls are dressed for WAR. If a season 2 of this gets made, it's going straight to the top of my priority watch list. Give this anime more budget, and let's really push the edge to the limit. Step aside Yanderes. Kurumi has got magic, and she is not afraid to use it!

Final Verdict: The Last Laugh/10
What do you do with an OP soldier one is no longer needed? You kill it. She is trying to save the other magical girls in her twisted way.
Apr 1, 7:54 AM

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This is a series that is one of those perfect examples of a show that doesn't know what it wants to try and accomplish so it takes a bunch of random approaches and tries to throw them all together to see if it fits. Pretentious edgy nonsense, copious amounts of fanservice, weird comedy, and a plot that could be rather series but is reduced to mediocrity due to an apparent lack of faith in itself. Really disappointed with this series. 4/10
Don't believe the hype.
Apr 1, 9:47 AM
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the anime is extreem enough to watch like gore, violence, sex blood, torture and dark story of the character,,
in this last episode i see kurumi torture the mahou shojo using injection to her brain,, wow that something ...
in this state megumi lok kind and cute outside becme very sadistic and brutal inside(yandere mode),, its all because her dark pass and the something make her do that far cause he doing any dirty job for her love asuka the one hat ever save her ...
and the last episode ending with hapiness and peace and the enemy mahou shoujo become a maidand work with mahou shojo i think,, just for a while but this is good for the ending of anime..
Apr 2, 1:01 AM

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Does Asuka know how much a damaged person Kurumi is? My enjoyment of this anime was ruined when War Nurse Kurumi was shown as a sadistic torturer. Her being a victim of bullying doesn't justify her actions. The writing on her character is one hot mess with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. What's the purpose of making us sympathize with Chisato? We saw that she was victimized by people wanting to make her a magical girl. Her mom was killed, she lost her leg and her physically abusive father tried to sell her as a sex slave, on top of that she was manipulated into killing innocent people she believed killed her mother. All of those are nothing Kurumi ever experienced and we're supposed to feel some sort of satisfaction because Chisato was the enemy and Kurumi is justified for simply being on the side of "good." This is sick and twisted. A lot of things don't make sense and was probably forced just for shock value. IMO Kurumi is on the wrong side.
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Apr 2, 4:39 PM

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Man that yuri scene... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(BTW does Queen have a cock or what? The way she was on top of Abby and moving her hips... she was fucking her like a man lmao)
Apr 2, 6:59 PM

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It was a decent show.

Kinda sad Paipai turned into a gyaru. Good thing the two magical girls gets a new life since Magical Girls are scarce and they all need the help they can get. Nice to see the past as well.

Anyway, I enjoyed the series with its action.
Apr 2, 10:20 PM
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For me this is more like a dark gory Kamen Rider show than a Mahou Shoujo. The old Kamen Rider, not the new ones. Each magical girl does their own thing and just sometimes work together. Even one of the girl has been missing for the whole show bar the last episode cameo. Magical girls fighting each other reminds me of Ryuki. With one main protagonist, several core cast, main antagonist, and other extra.
One thing I can't stand is the torture scenes. I can handle gore, but bleh to torture.
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Apr 3, 9:04 PM

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LOLZ bunny girl and the other petite girl became on the mahou shoujo girl's side under the supervision of Kurumi.
at least we've seen the fifth girl huh...
now the other yellow haired girl (not Mia) who is named Francine might be the masked villain...i think...
I wouldn't mind a second season...
Apr 4, 7:55 AM

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So the Queen has sex while wearing her mask? What the hell?
War Nurse is annoying, btw. They really didn't need to torture that one girl. I think she's been through enough.

That sure was a non-ending. If this doesn't get a 2nd season, pretty lame ending. Either way, can't say I was a big fan of the show. Fanservice and torture scenes don't mix. Felt weird.
Apr 4, 12:49 PM

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I wish we could see more of Peipei, she changed a lot.
Kurumi really loves to torture...
This episode was full of yuri!
Actually, this series was better than I thought, hope it gets a 2nd season.
Apr 6, 11:54 PM

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Sachu best character xD

well this anime was basically violence... torture... gore.. and a bit of fanservice.

If you're still unsure about watching or not: if you are a mahou shoujo fan do not watch unless you are a sadist xD
Mahou Shoujo + gore or cruelty aren't a good match.

The bit of comedy scenes were a positive factor for me

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Apr 18, 12:48 AM

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What a weird way this series has when it comes to redeem characters...
Also, Kurumi saying she tortures because she doesn't want Asuka to get involve in this aspect of their "job" yet she's doing it just for catharsis or pleasure due to some inferiority complex of hers. Being the medic of the group, she absolutely should check her own mental state...

Oh, so Pei Pei was the blonde girl from last episode. Honestly, I don't know how to feel about that fact since my idea of her personality was completely different from the one she actually has. Originally, I was expecting her to have a more disciplined and modest attitude due to the whole martial artist vibe but well. Not to mention that I also wasn't expecting her to be this curvy and Gyaru-like... which is a disappointment to me since I really liked her old appearance.

As a whole, it was an overly exaggerated and stupid series but I would be lying if I said I didn't find some of its episodes entertaining... well, except for the three episodes, including this one, that combined torture porn and fanservice. Such mix just made those eps. to be really boring and baffling.

On the other hand, I actually liked the concept of magical girls fighting against terrorism and the idea of the MC having PTSD was decently handled for the most part but unfortunately, the unnecessary over the top violence and the misplaced fanservice scenes made this anime so absurd I couldn't take it seriously at all.

To sum up, it was bad, absurdly bad but entertaining nevertheless. That said, a 5/10 would be a proper score in my opinion.
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Apr 23, 11:58 PM

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Yep, that was pretty damn stupid, but at least kinda funny. 5/10
Apr 24, 7:57 PM
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The show finished strong compared to its weak start. The last 4 episodes were the best of the series. I enjoyed the last episodes so much, I almost want to go and check out the manga. ALMOST. It Felt like everybody was using and abusing poor Chisato. They cut her no slack. They even made her work in the maid cafe at the end. LOL. I like how War nurse Kurumi was so deranged. And the yuri sex scene was a nice touch.

If this show were to get a second season (which I highly doubt) I'd watch. Score 6/10.
Apr 25, 7:25 AM
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I don't want to read the manga just give us Season 2.

Overall this anime is Amazing.


May 6, 11:53 AM

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first id like to say, can we please get a season 2?

i enjoy this series completely and one of the best things is the no holding back with this series it pretty much had it all and i loved it

with that said a few things... sucks whats happening with the russia girl how she's getting used like she is and being force all for a sister that is most likely dead

and then as for the martial arts girl she completely changed how she looks which she dont look bad but still i was expecting her to look the same but she gotta do what she had to do but it sucks she was in such a small amount of the season

but yeah this was a great watch and i really want a season 2 would be nice

for now will look up the manga and go from there

also a mobile game would also be nice
"one step at a time"
May 7, 8:57 PM

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I thought this was a solid show that had decent character development and story progression. I'll be picking pup the manga. They really should follow up with this one as this is legit a setup for a season 2.
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Jun 6, 4:13 PM
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This was a great dark anime. buuut are we getting a 2nd season? judging by that end it doesnt look like it.

Overall I'd give this anime an 8/10 it had a nice balance of fighting and not fighting with some great character development. although the torture scenes were a bit much ^^;

I do hope there will be a 2nd season though cause I enjoyed watching this anime
Aug 8, 12:35 PM
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John_Max said:
You guys are all talking like there is no 2ed season but dont forget, the Hand shakers with all the hate about it got one and it was actully better than season one, so all we need is a 2ed season with some budget and we're in business!

GoHands is on the verge of bankruptcy. In their history they did only two somehow decent anime, so they are desperate to make anything in order to earn money.
Aug 8, 12:53 PM

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Piromysl said:

GoHands is on the verge of bankruptcy. In their history they did only two somehow decent anime, so they are desperate to make anything in order to earn money.

That's a fact and i don't have anything in defense but like.... never say never! #prayforAsukaReborn
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