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Poll: Goblin Slayer Chapter 34 Discussion

Mar 25, 7:16 PM

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Guild Girl's lovely ! Even if Cow Girl sees her as a more confident and grown-up concurrent, she has that cute childly & innocent spirit. I liked the fact she took things softly, enjoying Festival's attractions and simple conversations (starting with GS's late, following by his favorite food, going by talking about a river and ending with the inevitable question concerning goblins).

It was pretty funny to see her leading GS to the top of Guild's building, claiming it will represent their secret (reminds me the kind of stuff we did as child). Too bad these chapters don't last long... waited a while for this but read it like a bolt.

I may have forgotten, but is there something concerning Priestest ? The last picture showed her and she seemed to wear a special outfit, taking part of an incoming ceremony.

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Mar 26, 1:11 AM

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Nice harem for Goblin slayer there, poor Guild girl though
Mar 26, 5:34 AM

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Frostbytes said:
Nice harem for Goblin slayer there, poor Guild girl though

I guess Goblin Slayer isn't the type of man to be easily seduced despite Guild Girl acting adorably

Looked like Female Knight managed to spend some spare time with her partner
Mar 26, 5:55 AM

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The female knight's blob face was adorable! ^_^

Guild Girl was cute in their date and Goblin Slayer is still as serious as ever.

That last panel though.
Priestess wearing a different outfit.
Mar 26, 6:16 AM

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A peaceful date with the receptionist. Floating lanterns looked so pretty from above. Also a new women appears. I guess she'll do performance of some sort.
Mar 26, 8:21 AM
Hitagi's Pet

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I know GS cares little for romance, but if I was doing the choosing, Guild Girl would win over childhood friend every day of the week.
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Mar 26, 3:17 PM

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Guild girl, just lovely, superior desing and outfit, she got my shipping. And there where Priestess was last few chapters.
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Mar 26, 5:03 PM

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Seems like we're more team GG than team CG here
Mar 27, 3:18 AM

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Female Knight moment was just HNNNGGGGGGGG.
Guild Girl sure has it hard.
Priestess looking great in the end.
Mar 27, 4:39 AM

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I'm getting paranoid, like GS, expecting goblins to start massacring innocent civilians out of nowhere!!
Mar 27, 1:22 PM

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AzorAhai said:
I'm getting paranoid, like GS, expecting goblins to start massacring innocent civilians out of nowhere!!

Come on, let us enjoy a peaceful chapter ! I'm pretty sure Goblins will quickly appear after the Festival...
Mar 27, 10:23 PM

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Goblin Slayer cares only goblins. Guild girl tries to make a performance, but he doesn't care lol.
Mar 27, 10:45 PM

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A peaceful chapter once.

I really liked the character interactions, female knight's face was cute.

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Apr 2, 7:37 AM

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Guild Girl is beautiful in casual clothes.

she "enjoys waiting"....

Apr 4, 1:25 AM

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Guild Girl is very pretty in casual clothing. I wish Goblin Slayer would take off his helmet and let his guard down to at least enjoy a bit of time at the festival.
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Apr 15, 1:58 PM
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I wish this manga was weekly instead of monthly.
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Apr 15, 4:59 PM

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We all do... but fortunately, we also have GS Gaiden Year One, Brand New Day and more recently GS Gaiden 2, so that makes more content, compared with other 1month/chapter mangas
Jul 9, 12:03 AM
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Guild Girl:
>(wink) Are you enjoying my skirt?
Goblin Slayer:
>Keep your eyes forward or you might fall.
Come on, man, I'm rooting for you here!
They are THROWING themselves at you!