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Mar 24, 3:16 PM
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Is it a Japanese language thing? Or are they trying to say something literary, like "all those pianos are like a forest." I haven't seen the whole thing yet, so if that is explained, . . . never mind.
Jun 6, 7:38 PM
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Yes, it is a Japanese language thing.

The Japanese title is Piano no Mori. The "no" works kinda like the genitive 's in english. It shows the correlation/ownership between usually two nous. Think like this, your friend Mark has a child. When you are talking about the child you could either say Mark's child or the child of Mark. Because of this, the translation would be either Piano's forest or Forest of the Piano, as the forest "belongs" to the piano, not the opposite way.

The reason for there not being a "the" in the title comes from the fact there is not really a definite(the) or indefinite(a/an) article in the Japanese language. So even though "Forest of the Piano" is technically correct, there is no way to know for sure if it should be "Forest of The Piano" or "Forest of A Piano". I guess they wanted to avoid the topic completely and chose to go for the ambiguous "Forest of Piano".
Jun 8, 7:14 PM
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Now that I've seen it, I wonder what it means. Maybe the "forest" of piano is the forest of piano playing and competition.

Or maybe it's just something they didn't totally think through . . .

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