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Mar 23, 3:02 PM
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O, God <3 I really hoped they do more of Dazai's work but not for it to be so different like that, I just hope they keep the same dark, sad, twisted soul that conquered all of his "novel and character" alive, even in a machine's soul or If he kills himself and became a robot IDC , just keep it alive, that what I love the most about Dazai's work, He is not the only one who felt like that, his Quotes are real and many can relate such as myself and here some of them "No Longer Human"

“Now I have neither happiness nor unhappiness. Everything passes. That is the one and only thing that I have thought resembled a truth in the society of human beings where I have dwelled up to now as in a burning hell. Everything passes.”

“Whenever I was asked what I wanted my first impulse was to answer "Nothing." The thought went through my mind that it didn't make any difference, that nothing was going to make me happy.”

“I have always shook with fright before human beings. Unable as I was to feel the least particle of confidence in my ability to speak and act like a human being, I kept my solitary agonies locked in my breast. I kept my melancholy and my agitation hidden, careful lest any trace should be left exposed. I feigned an innocent optimism; I gradually perfected myself in the role of the farcical eccentric.”

“I thought, “I want to die. I want to die more than ever before. There’s no chance now of a recovery. No matter what sort of thing I do, no matter what I do, it’s sure to be a failure, just a final coating applied to my shame. That dream of going on bicycles to see a waterfall framed in summer leaves—it was not for the likes of me. All that can happen now is that one foul, humiliating sin will be piled on another, and my sufferings will become only the more acute. I want to die. I must die. Living itself is the source of sin.”

“Mine has been a life of much shame. I can't even guess myself what it must be to live the life of a human being.”

“What did he mean by "society"? The plural of human beings?”

"In Showa 111, I was disqualified as a human" that one really took me so IDC if they apply-ed it on a machine or semi-human as long as they deliver those feelings ITS GONNA BE EPIC.
So The anime movie must contain these feeling or else! What the hell is the point of Quoting Dazai's work.
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Mar 23, 9:10 PM

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I couldn't understand anything you just said.
Mar 24, 11:55 AM

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this anime looks really interesting. i've really been itching for some dark society robot $hizzle 👌
Mar 24, 9:22 PM

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Polygon Studios mean it's going to be gaudy 3DCG, and Ubukata wrote the Ghost in the Shell reboot; butchering it. Soooo, I fully expect a sci-fi anime NLH to be a trainwreck. I'll hold out hope until the last, though~

Jaces_Sanctum said:
I couldn't understand anything you just said.

Only someone that has read No Longer Human could understand why the OP felt a need to use quotes from the 1920's novel to discuss a sci-fi re-imagining. Tbf though, even the MAL description begins with the most famous quote of all. That's just how it is, 'innit.

Apr 14, 9:37 PM

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As someone who is actually reading No Longer Human, I am very interested in this movie. I hope they release it soon.

I find funny the fact Miyano will be doing another "Dazai". I say like this because Youzou is somehow a representation of the author in the book.
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May 3, 1:08 PM

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I just finished "No Longer Human" . I'm really interested in this movie. ^=^