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Most annoying/least liked MALE anime character

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Mar 21, 7:35 PM

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alaneCN said:
My Selection of Shitlords:

Motoyasu Kitamura (Spear Hero) from Shield Hero: Creepy, Accusatory, Starts useless fights, why are you acting like that toward Filo,..

Ryota Mitarai from Danganronpa 3: All he did was cry??? Then he tried to reverse the apocalypse, by doing the same thing but in reverse?? I think? Also now hes suddenly with the Danganronpa 2 class??

Hiro Shishigami from Inuyashiki: I get youse got an edgy past, doesn't mean you can shank all of Japan. Only thing youse good for is that scene when you shank all those 2channers.

Judal from Magi: His eyeliner/shadow/whatever game is shit.

Reita Toritsuka (Scumbag) from Saiki K: Perverted, good for nothing else bassard. Reveled in his suffering cause he deserved it.

Koutarou Tatsumi from Zombieland Saga: Yells constantly, constantly fighting with the girls. Only good for one-off jokes.

im with you on motoyasu and also mitarai, i watched dr3 for the backstory but that ending was a mess lmao

anyways the only one i can think of right now is rin okumura, he annoyed the hell of out me during blue exorcist

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Mar 21, 7:45 PM

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SamHandwich said:
Sphinxter said:
I'd probably go with Goku — they don't usually make the males as annoying and hyperactive.

Gonna second this. Goku does this thing where he says the villain can leave unharmed and think about what he's done... Good job Goku, you spared a life and that same guy is gonna go and wipe out a bunch of other planets like he did yours.

Yeah, I dislike Goku too; he is a SHIT father on top of that.

I think Luffy is Goku but done right. Of course Oda is a much better writer than Toriyama to begin with.

Mar 21, 7:55 PM

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Shinji from Evangelion

Shiro? Or whatever that fuck was from fate/stay night

guy from mirai nikki

any similar " beta losers " who also get some s tier waifus dangling in front of them and even wanting them and then they're too idiotic to do anything about it and in general can't think for themselves and are indecisive as hell and have shitty logical patterns

the thing with indecisive betas (like me) is that we're not in any situation and those anime characters ARE, the people that wrote the script and shit probably had beta teens in mind who would watch the anime but they didn't consider the fact that people change when under pressure or when put in situations and within the context of the plot of these animes, those characters showed no growth or anything and were just pathetic throughout the whole anime and didn't stop whine and there's so many of those protagonists for some reason

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Mar 21, 8:04 PM
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Definitely Bakugo. He's mad annoying and extra
Mar 21, 8:14 PM

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Bakugo - His assholeness knows no bounds. Every fucking person in the anime hates this dude. Edgy, fake, gay, fag, you name it. He's defo on a new level being a dick. Wouldn't be surprised if this mofo was actually Trump when he was young.
Also, check out our community's Bakugou hate page.
Mar 21, 11:25 PM

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Light (Death Note)
Makoto (School days)
Kawasumi Itsuki (Shield Hero)

And every arrogant characters.
Mar 21, 11:45 PM

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this dude
this dude
this dude
this dude
this dude
this dude
maybe this dude too

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Mar 22, 5:03 AM

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Shinji - Evangelion
Kirito - Sword Art Online
Sasuke - Naruto

... pretty much every harem MC ever lol..
Mar 22, 10:26 AM

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orocimarufrom naruto. I HATE HIM. He is extreamly cunning and wiked, i hate him so much.
Even thouch he acts like a good guy in the end .

Mar 22, 10:41 AM

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While I agree with people on Kirito Subaru and I can understand the hate for some characters even if I do not share it I am surprised so many people hate Goku. Now I know the recent movies were garbage but still...
Mar 22, 10:54 AM

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Near from death note sucks, but ofc there can be only one, and that's Sasuke the bastard.
Go read the One Punch Man manga please, this awful adaptation by JC Staff is a disgrace.
Mar 22, 12:30 PM
Demon Prince

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Naruto sucks, but I don't hate him, but he is still garbage AF
Now as for emperor pilaf from Dragonball... I wanted to rip out his guts
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Mar 22, 4:47 PM

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subaru from re:zero like pls stay dead
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Mar 22, 4:54 PM

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Itsuki from Initial D, man I just wanted him to shut up in any scene he was in.
Mar 22, 5:15 PM

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Killer bee from Naruto. I thought Naruto was the most annoying in the series but jesus. This guy is just cringe
Mar 22, 6:54 PM

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mine is the mc from danmachi too generic
Mar 22, 10:25 PM

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Guts is annoying because he makes me feel less of myself and because
Mar 23, 12:03 AM

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they are tons of them but...light is the most annoying one i guess :D

Mar 23, 12:30 AM

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Rokurou from Black Lagoon. He was so annoying.
Mar 23, 12:33 AM

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Suzaku from Code Geass, annoys me to no end, mostly because hes a goddamn hypocrite.

dizzyur said:
izaya orihara is the most overrated / arguably the worst excuse for a '''villain''' in anime and that's coming from someone who likes the rest of the drrr cast barring him shizuo and mikado

the setting of that anime is great, as is a lot of the supporting cast... but my lord, if izaya isnt one of the lamest edgelords in entertainment...

I don't think Izaya is really a villian, he's just...Izaya...
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Mar 23, 12:37 AM
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Every Goku Hater will go to where Light's soul went. Nor in Heavens nor in Hell. It's stuck between them for eternity. You all will face the same fate.
Long Live Goku.
Mar 23, 12:53 AM
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The Every-Girl-Is-After-My-Dick type of guy in silly harem anime. their popularity is like plot armor.
Mar 23, 1:28 AM

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Probably Mineta from My Hero Academia
Mar 23, 1:34 AM

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The most extreme piece of shit is the male lead in Re:Zero. Made the otherwise mediocre (a lot of other problems like pacing) anime after episode 8 and score it as "crap".
Mar 23, 5:33 AM

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Rito from to love ru, annoying and useless.
Mar 23, 6:10 AM

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Eren from AOT, Matou Shinji from fate.
Mar 23, 6:14 AM

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Everyone gonna forget the MC in school days???
Mar 23, 6:26 AM
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Gon (HxH)
Hinata (Haikyuu)
Shu Ouma (Guilty Crown)
Mar 23, 3:12 PM

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Mar 23, 3:16 PM

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Mikado from Durarara, Can't stand this guy.

Mar 24, 10:09 AM

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Seiya said:
Probably Yotsuya from Maison Ikkoku, although every character in that Anime was equally annoying.

Aye I just started watching that anime! And yes, so far every other tenant in the building makes my blood boil.
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Mar 24, 10:18 AM

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- Minoru Mineta (MHA)
- Masao Murasako (Shiki)
- Yukiteru Amano (Future Diary)
- Excalibur (Soul Eater)
Mar 24, 10:30 AM

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Splorky said:
Seiya said:
Probably Yotsuya from Maison Ikkoku, although every character in that Anime was equally annoying.

Aye I just started watching that anime! And yes, so far every other tenant in the building makes my blood boil.

Yeah, I hate Maison Ikkoku. I forced myself through 20 episodes before permanently dropping it. It's the worst Anime I've ever seen. I don't find anything funny about Rumiko Takahashi's style of comedy.

Mar 24, 10:52 AM
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-Minata (BNHA)
-Mr. Satan (DB Z)
-Yuki (Mirai Nikki)
-Ganta (Deadman Wonderland)
-Sunohara (Clannad)

I think those are the worst for me. I don't necessarily hate them, they're just annoying af.
Mar 24, 2:51 PM

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About half way through Re:Zero, and Subaru is right up there for most annoying MC ever.

Useless, can't take a hint, acts ridiculous around Amelia, punchable face.
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