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What's considered a low Mal Score, I don't watch below 7.5. Im willing too though?, What's your cutoff score?

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May 18, 8:03 PM
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For me, MAL score is really worth it, and I will give it a shot if it's 8+ for newer and 7.5+ for older (maybe the sequel is another story, like OPM 2, even though it's not worth it but I just want to continue it). I just said that MAL score is worth it because everyone said it doesn't matter; no, for me it does matter. Maybe yeah, it doesn't matter if you just judge just from the first episode, but thanks to MAL score, I watched steins gate until the end, even though it's kinda hurt in the ass for me when I first watch it. The same thing goes with a slow show like monster, jojo, etc. So, if I didn't look at the score, I don't know if the show just being slow or it is just a crap.
May 19, 1:56 AM

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As I find myself watch things with 5+ and rating it much higher... I think that's my minimum usually, if I look at this at all. But sometimes, when I'm uncertain if to watch of not, I think it's more like 6+ or even 7+

May 19, 2:34 AM

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Mal scores don't mean shit since most of the people here only rate things from 7 to 10.
May 19, 2:37 AM

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Anything below 6.50
That is where all the anime dumpsters are and you can barely find any good anime as many of them are just throwaway garbage.
May 20, 7:23 AM

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I don't really care about MAL scores, but sometimes it can be an indicator if I have high or low hopes for the show or movie.
May 23, 8:34 AM

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I don't think your deciding factor on whether you watch a series or not should be a score. 7.5 kind of seems like a pretty high bar. Some ratings for stuff I watched and enjoyed this past month:

Renai Boukun currently sitting at 6.87
Candy Boy is just under 7 at 6.99 atm
Sakura Trick is at 7.13
Happy Sugar Life is sitting at 7.04

I think if it's got a rating below a 6 I'd be more wary of it, but the ratings are just based on a consensus of other people's scores. You shouldn't let that form an opinion for you. People will give a bad review just because there's a theme explored that they don't like.
May 23, 8:40 AM

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I take MAL scores with a grain of salt but generally anything less than a 7 on this site tends to be like a 4 or under in reality. Artificial inflation due to people using 7 as an average instead of 5 for some bizarre reason, or from people either rating everything they watch a 10 or thereabout.

May 23, 8:42 AM

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at this point, I've seen enough shows to know that the MAL score doesnt reflect on my taste of shows. I take it into consideration if I'm not sure about watching a show, but normally I dont pay attention to the score at all.
If the Synapsis is interesting enough I'll probably watch a show. If that leaves me indecisive I'll look at the staff and maybe genres. If all that isnt enough to pull me in, or push me away from a show I might consider looking at the score. Or just put it on ptw forever xD
That being said there are next to no shows on MAL that are scored below 6 or even 7, so really whats the point? If you have seen enough shows you'll know whats to your liking and more often then not you'll see if a show is for you or not with the first glance.
May 23, 9:06 AM

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I really don't bother too much with MAL scores. At times I love stuff rated 6 here and there's anime rated 9 on Mal that I don't like that much.

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May 23, 9:50 AM
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Where I live 6 is the bare minimum to get a pass and on mal I generally don't bother with anything below 6. More often just below 6.50 or 7, since votes are hugely inflated as it is anyway. Sure I could find enjoyable shows that are 6 or below but why should I bother scrounging through hundreds or thousands of <6 shows, most of which will be utter garbage to begin with, when I could far more probably find an anime I enjoy among the hundreds scored 7+ that I haven't watched yet?
If it's a seasonal, different kettle of fish entirely. But if it isn't, I'm not hipster enough to go rummaging in a skip just for fun, got better ways to waste my time as it is.
May 23, 9:55 AM

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I don't really care to much about MAL scores.
I'd rather watch something myself and see if I like it.

May 23, 10:12 AM
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6 or below
because some anime within 6-7 is worth watching if you watch a lot of anime
May 24, 11:36 AM

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When I notice that a show has an eight or higher, it makes me think there may be something really appealing to that show that causes it to have such a high score, and I’ll admit that it makes me more curious about it. I feel like most shows I’ve seen on here sit just above a 7, though the more old/obscure ones often seem have often have harsher ratings depending on what they are.

Truthfully though, I just watch whatever piques my interest. MAL scores don’t really matter. If I know I want to watch something, then I’m probably just going to watch it regardless. I mean, there are exceptions to the rule, like if something is rated incredibly low (like Mars of Destruction, to use a popular example), it makes me think it might be “so bad it’s good”, and I love watching dumb stuff like that for a good laugh. But mostly, I don’t really pay attention to MAL scores unless they’re way above average or way below average.
May 25, 9:59 PM
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lets make this short

there are more and less seasoned anime fans than ever meaning that newer seasons of any show will on average have a better score that equivalent shows going back.

The scores are a poor indication of watch-ability as a result.

I would say that going through seasons by the year around landmark anime you enjoy will lead you to some watchable stuff that no one talks about.
May 25, 10:06 PM

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My answer to the question: Zero...okay there's no such thing. So it'll be one. Yes, I have gone out of my way just to see if a show is as bad as its rated score. It's not rewarding but it can be entertaining (sometimes). ;-)
May 25, 10:07 PM

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I suppose by MAL standards it'd be anything below 7. MAL scores are useless to me though since I tend to disagree with the majority more often than not. I don't really care if other people think a show is good or not. I'll watch anything regardless of its score.

For example, I recently watched Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems. It has a score of 6.98 and it's one of the best shorts I've ever seen.
May 25, 10:13 PM

Joined: Oct 2018
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For me, I tend to only watch stuff that’s no lower than a 6. I find that a 6 is good enough to tell if something will be good or not. But I don’t tend to agree with MAL scores all the time.
May 25, 10:14 PM
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My cutoff score is 8 for animes except slice of life and sport genres, because they are generally underrated, I have watched some low rated animes but since a year I watch animes only above 8 Mal score
May 26, 7:04 PM

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I dont have a real cutoff rate, I do however tend to prioritize 8.0+ shows over others. I cant really trust them with recent releases though.
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May 26, 7:09 PM

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Generally, if it's above a 7 I'm perfectly willing to give it a shot, if it's below a 7, I'm potentially willing, but need convincing. (Although older shows and OVAs below a 7 take less convincing)

And no, those aren't hard rules, there are no hard rules, those are just my general trends
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May 26, 10:58 PM

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Meh. I'll watch what I want. Lower rated stuff actually makes me curious to watch it though to see how bad it is 😂
May 26, 11:11 PM

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I don't really have a cutoff point. Fairy Gone is still in my ptw list and that seems to drop each time I check it.

Ratings don't mean much to me when it comes to this kind of stuff. I've seen plenty of 8s and 9s that I thought were a 7 at best.
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May 26, 11:16 PM

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anything below 9.8 is garbage.....
May 28, 6:35 AM

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well if u do stick to this trend then you still have over a thousand anime to pick from. pretty good library
May 28, 6:38 AM

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You shouldn't really avoid an anime just because it has a low score. Score doesn't matter.
May 29, 3:12 PM
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Ryuseishun said:
Doesn’t matter much to me. I just check whatever looks interesting.

I feel the same.

Why worry about scores if it sounds good? The only time I might duck out is if the reviews mention things that I know I'd hate.
May 29, 3:16 PM

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I don't really have a cut off score, since well me and MAL don't have the same opinions on anime. I'll watch an anime even if it has a 5 on MAL
May 30, 7:42 PM
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I do not cut off any anime. my tastes are different from others.
May 30, 7:45 PM

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i've seen 5 or 6 tier shows better than new gay seasonal trash, but hey i guess ratings are shit on most websites. shitty and mediocre stuff is usually rated 7.5-9 if new or 5-7 if old.
May 30, 8:04 PM

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anything lower than 6.9 is a no watch.

A lot of 7.0-7.5 shows are underrated and actually not trash which is sad cause so many people miss them.

Most of my favourite shows are lower ranked than 7.5 and are honestly objectively better than some 8.0's sometimes but mostly its a subjective thing.
May 31, 12:57 AM

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Considering I got into several anime that had ratings in the 6 range and LOVED them only for their ratings to rise with popularity later on... I don't tend to judge things unless they're in the 5 range. Even then, sometimes I do still watch anime in the 5 range...
May 31, 2:17 AM

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There is no cut off score.
It's hard enough to find anime that meet my preferences. I don't need some meaningless number limit it more.
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Jun 2, 11:12 AM
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The more you watch, the less you have...
I been watching anime for a long time.. I started at around 7.5 around you. But once you don't have any new animes left, you lower the score. Now I am around 6-7 is the lowest I go. I look at the reviews though before I watch those. There were a few under 7 that I thought was really good, one of them was my favorite that was score a 6 high. This changed my mind and just search all kinds of animes. I pretty much already know that the anime with low score is going to have a lot of bad to it, so I mentally prepare myself
Jun 2, 12:39 PM

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I'm watching everything what I think it's good or my friends say it's good.
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