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Mar 9, 4:20 AM

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I haven't seen Psycho-Pass myself yet but I know the second season is hated by a lot of people. Are you excited for this or nah?
Mar 9, 4:23 AM

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In my opinion the first season is really amazing, the second season is YIKES, but I still feel kind of hyped and hope that they bring back the great writing from season 1. Guess we gotta see if the movies have potential when they get subbed.
Mar 9, 4:42 AM

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Well, If Kougami is in this one then sure im more than hyped for it but if not and I don't want to see 2nd season crap again.
Mar 9, 5:01 AM

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It all depends on whether Urobutcher is on the writer seat again. If he is I'm super hype, otherwise nah.
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Mar 9, 6:10 AM
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I fear that this season will focus on Mika.
Mar 9, 6:21 AM
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mafuyuu14 said:
I fear that this season will focus on Mika.


Mar 9, 6:26 AM
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I'm kind of surprised that this is even happening in the first place tbh due to the second season being as unpopular as it was.

That being said, I'm kinda intrigued as to what they're gonna try and do or say with the concept this time around since the first season, while heavy-handed, did have a lot of intriguing ideas which it dealt with in an engaging manner.
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Mar 9, 6:46 AM

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Honestly I just hope it's not going be similar to season 2.

Mar 9, 7:44 AM
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I'll watch if it's not the same writer as S2, omg that was bad. Highly recommend S1 though for those who haven't seen it.
Mar 9, 8:06 AM

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season 1 was okay never bothered to watch s2 since its supposed to be 10 times worse.. If this is a new story and not a sequel to season 2 then I might try this out
Mar 9, 9:20 AM

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Season 1 was great, season 2 not so and I liked the movie. Still have to see Sinners of the System trilogy. For now I am optimistic.
Mar 9, 9:26 AM

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first season was alright, second season was god awful, really don't see the point of them for dragging it on for another season besides the fact they want more money. most likely wont even waste my time with this.
Mar 9, 10:02 AM

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They got back to form with the first movie, so as long as they maintain that level of quality at least, I'm all for this (Still need to check out the new film trilogy though)
Mar 9, 1:45 PM

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the second season was a mess, the main reason why im curious and not that scared about this one is because it features new characters. at least there is not the possibility of the original characters being further ruined or the original story taking a weird turn (im actually a bit worried about the movies because of this).

we dont know yet in what moment of the universe this characters are taking over but -if well written- i would enjoy a continuation of the story of the psycho pass universe. the fact that the protagonists are completely new gives way for a fresh way to continue where akanes dilemma with sibyl (and humanity) left off.

im curious, even a bit hyped; but im fully aware it might be just another mess because thoughtlessly expanding media for the sake of creating sequels is pointless and im not really a fan of it.
Mar 9, 1:55 PM

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Season 1 of Psycho Pass was excellent. Season 2 was fun, but I did not care for the ending. Season 1 had more interesting cases. I look forward to see psycho pass season 3.
Mar 9, 2:12 PM

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Depends if it focus on Kougami, awesome I'll watch it. If it focus on monkey girl like in S2, I lose all interest.
I didn't even watched the movies, don't know if I will need to or not....
Mar 9, 9:20 PM
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I think they are gonna bring in a completely new cast atleast from what I can judge from the poster.
This is what I got from the IGN site
"Naoyoshi Shiotani will return to direct Psycho-Pass 3 for Production I.G., which will star Yuuki Kaji as Arata Shindo and Yuichi Nakamura as Kei Mikhail Ignatov. "

And I crossed checked it with the official website. These are the 2 new main guys.
I think it's a bringing a new cast is a good direction since there is only much you can do with a certain set of fixed characters.
Mar 9, 10:10 PM

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From the pic, it looks like it's gonna have a new cast, and it sucks big time... What made s1 so awesome was Kougami and his moral dilemmas, with a hefty dose of Akane, Makishima and Ginoza and their problems/views. Obviously it's pretty impossible to recreate that unique mix, so I fear what we'll get in the end with this new season is just another crime/action series with dull characters, the epitome of meh, similarly to s2... Damn...
Mar 9, 10:46 PM
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CG said:
From the pic, it looks like it's gonna have a new cast, and it sucks big time... What made s1 so awesome was Kougami and his moral dilemmas, with a hefty dose of Akane, Makishima and Ginoza and their problems/views. Obviously it's pretty impossible to recreate that unique mix, so I fear what we'll get in the end with this new season is just another crime/action series with dull characters, the epitome of meh, similarly to s2... Damn...

But there is only to an extent you flesh out the characters. Sure , Kougami , Akane and Makishima were awesome and their veiws on the world and their dynamic among each other made things awesome but with the new cast , we can also focus on a certain different views from different chars on a particular thing.
I don't know if they will focus on SIBYL in Japan again or not because the world in Japan has been fleshed out a lot in S1. So , don't know focusing on the same thing will bring in _new ideas_.

Mar 10, 6:34 AM

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Psycho-Pass is one of my favorite series, but it's always felt fundamentally incomplete. The way the movie ended left something to be desired and I couldn't help but think "If only there was more, I'd love to see that potential realized." Here's to hoping that PP3 can carry the weight of its predecessors and drive home all my wildest dreams about this franchise.
Mar 10, 12:18 PM

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I didn't find season 1 to be that great, and hence didn't bother watching season 2. I might watch season 3 depending on it's score and reviews (so after it's aired).
Mar 10, 12:34 PM

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How many times do they want to butcher the psycho pass name, honestly.
Enough is enough.
Mar 10, 2:15 PM
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Why its getting another season though?

Also, that guy in the cover looks so identical to Hibari Kyoya (KHR) that it hurts.
Mar 10, 11:36 PM
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Mika dies and we all live happily ever after LOL
Mar 11, 6:38 AM

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Mar 11, 5:13 PM

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Pisces05 said:
mafuyuu14 said:
I fear that this season will focus on Mika.



Also would absolutely hate this so very much
Mar 13, 6:24 AM
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So are they adopting a new animation character designer and following the Katekyo Hitman style next?
Mar 31, 3:40 PM
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As one of the view people who like s2 as much s1, I'm really hype for that s3, that said Akane isn’t on the picture wich make me slightly worry i hope it doesn’t focus on Kogami like the movie did and focus more on the system.
Apr 6, 2:22 PM

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Loved the first season. Hated the second. Not sure how to feel about this one. If the staff that worked on the first season is on this one, then it might be good, but then the lore and characters got messed up a bit from the last season so how will that effect the 3rd?
Apr 6, 2:34 PM

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First season will always be a magnum opus. I'm not gonna go with the mainstream notion and say season 2 was an absolute disaster - rather, it was underdeveloped, objectively speaking. That being said, I'm looking forward to season 3!
Apr 12, 9:36 AM

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I thought S2 opened up a possibility for the sequel now that Sybil can judge a group of individuals now and I'm wondering how Mika's character develops after she discovered the truth of the system. Lots of possibilities and I really hope the antagonist is better than S2
Apr 17, 4:03 PM
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With season 3 being confirmed to be made by Production I.G again as was the first season, I have hope for this to be something great.
Apr 17, 4:31 PM

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yet another attempt to make a pseudo intellectual yet generic counter to their setting

couldnt care less. best way to refresh psycho pass is being stopping what it already accomplished and got to be.
Apr 18, 3:38 AM
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Will Kougami be there?
Apr 22, 1:23 PM

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Psycho Pass S1 was fine, but since then this series franchise has been one letdown after another. I don’t expect this to be any better at this point...

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Apr 22, 1:30 PM

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I'd watch it if the mc wasn't such a wimp. Can't even kill criminals.
Apr 22, 8:52 PM
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season 1 was superb, but season 2 just like meh, whatever just like that. hope this 3rd season not like the 2nd
Apr 22, 10:23 PM
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if Urobuchi is not the writer for this then meh i might pass on this one
May 1, 7:13 AM
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If Kougami there you sure as hell it would be an amazing series. If not, then i pray to all kind of god the new chara lived up to Kougami, Akane, Makishima, etc, greatness.
May 1, 7:20 AM

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Uh... if it's better than the second season I guess I'll be hyped for watching this.

Still missing Kougami...
May 6, 4:28 PM
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All the things that made Psycho-Pass good ended with season 1. Questionings over sibyl system, the fact that we still didn't know what it was, Kogami, the Makishima playing the anarchist role. If they wanted to keep Psycho-Pass going they shouldn't have killed Makishima off on the first season, and because they did kill him off the second season is horrible as its main antagonist has no personality and has just been thrown in the blender out of the blue. The plot is everywhere and in the end it feels like there was no progress at all. It started and ended nowhere. I doubt very strongly Season 3 will redeem all that, but if it starts getting good feedback i might give it a try
Jun 18, 10:08 AM

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Considering the studio who did season one is coming back for season 3 I'm feeling pretty optimistic
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Jun 22, 11:25 AM

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I'm never watching another Psycho Pass sequel after the abomination that was S2.
Jun 23, 9:47 AM

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It's back to the original studio for the most part, so it will be OK, at least. If Urobuchi is writing (let's face it, they would have already revealed the writer if they had him, so that's not happening) then it's turbo-hype, but he's too busy with his puppet cinematic universe this year to do anything that could conceivably become profitable.
Jun 27, 1:41 AM

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Third time the charm.
Jun 27, 9:27 PM
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I dont know why people hated season 2 besides that one guy wasn't in it. Was fine by me. This is gonna suck because it has a whole new cast. Garbage.
Jul 13, 4:37 AM

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god let this series die, the 1st season was good thats it.
Jul 13, 5:27 AM

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I can't wait I loved the first two and the movie. I'm a big fan of cyberpunk in general especially if it is psychological like psycho pass.

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Jul 13, 12:47 PM

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I have read now, several times, that the third season will concentrate on completely new characters, which means Kou, Gino and Akane will play no role at all. To say I am seriously disappointed is an understatement. I had hoped for Kougami to return. I adore the first season and sort of liked the movie (mainly for the characters, the storyline deviated too much from the original and I didn't quite like the character development of Kougami (brilliant profiler and cop turned into rogue terrorist just fighting the system - so much got lost). So if the rumour is true regarding season three then I will definitely NOT watch and leave it with the ending of the movie. I cannot say anything season two since I skipped that season because everyone said it was trash.

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Jul 18, 9:14 PM
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Well season 1 was a phenomenon Kougami's chase with Makishima and Kougami/makishima's story arc. This is probably gonna be an unpopular comment but i think that season 2 was pretty entertaining as well. Yes it wasn't as deep as season 1 with as much thought put into it and we did miss some favourite characters but the world building was still holding together this story and Kamoui was is my opinion also a very intriguing villain. So was Akane an intriguing character and she proved that she'd always follow the system no matter the case, even with her best comrades gone. The ending was also very conclusive. Then the movie came out and tell me that wasn't an absolute banger! I am extremely hyped for this season. It's gonna be great.
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