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Poll: Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! Episode 9 Discussion

Mar 5, 5:30 AM

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Heh, a movie ticket.

At least they're trying to put it to good use. Quite frankly, I find it cute that everyone is spending more quality time together as friends.
Mar 5, 7:11 AM
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Mar 5, 7:29 AM

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It's all cute and comfy, but we need more moms.

do kpop artists get recycled when they died?
Mar 5, 8:17 AM

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A dark past indeed, but I feel the same as Mya-nee whenever I take a look at pictures of me from a few years ago.

Matsumoto caught redhanded on the picture seriosuly cracked me up xD But then again, she can be scarier than any horror movie as we have seen during the post credits scene.
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Mar 5, 8:21 AM

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Bruh. Bruuuuuuh.


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Mar 5, 9:18 AM

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Very cute and funny episode well we need to wait another week for the next episode.
Mar 5, 10:17 AM

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Matsumoto ending clip was the real horror movie
Mar 5, 10:59 AM

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that part with the date was adorable. good thing it wasn't a loli yuri bait, but a friendly date
Mar 5, 11:06 AM

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Hinata is such a great boyfriend. :D

Hana's makeover looked great this time as well. And that was quite a fantasy there, Mya-nee... ^_^
Mar 5, 11:07 AM
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White Lily's movie was a clear reference to Precure xd
In this ep Noa-Hinata and Hana-Mya were so cutee
Mar 5, 12:08 PM

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I feel the same way to Myako with that photo album TvT

With Koko-chan's stalking ninja skills I really felt that she allowed to appear in that high school photo ON PURPOSE xD (like a "notice me senpai" aura)
Mar 5, 12:10 PM

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Noa having dat crush lol.
Mar 5, 1:14 PM

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Miyako onechan

Dammit we only have 3 episodes left of this treasure.

Mar 5, 1:35 PM

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Aww, their date was so cute.
Mar 5, 1:41 PM
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I can not believe it, I just finished seeing the chapter and I can not get away from how amazed and happy I am with what was seen today ... So I'll start with my point of view ...

It makes me so happy that the people in charge of wataten an angel flew down to develop the characters, since chapter 5 they developed the friendship between Kanon and Koyori, and in turn to Noa and Hinata, they surprise me how they have handled it. ..

Let's start with the first part of the chapter, the interaction between Noa and Hinata ...

Total happiness to see those two girls together, no doubt they are a perfect duo, I loved how Noa was prepared to spend a very special day with Hinata, the detail of having prepared sandwiches for the "appointment" where he showed much effort and dedication to Hinata will enjoy them, it was quite nice, and gave its result, Hinata is not one of those people who would lie like that, if she likes me, it is because they really were delicious.

It's nice to see that childish and innocent attitude of Hinata, she enjoys the little things in life, watching her scream and support White Lily in the movie, she made me laugh a lot, and Noa, well, her role is very good, she shows that Hinata loves her way of being, for her, that she always stays that way, innocent and childish ...

Now, with regard to the gift that Hinata gave to Noa, seriously, I never thought that Hinata dared to take that step, although it was out of gratitude for the film and lunch, it is seen that Hinata wanted to thank him for one or another It forms the love that Noa has for her, that was really I liked that detail ...

I kill myself with laughter as Hinata "hugs" Noa when they are sleeping XD poor Noa, but deep down I know that Noa enjoys spending such moments with Hinata, she got used to Hinata and makes her happy, accepts her as she is, and it's something nice ...

I really liked that development between the relationship between Noa and Hinata, in the future if it occurs (hopefully so) if it happens to be couples, one would be the complement of the other (Noa knows how to cook and Hinata would do nice things so that Noa looks cute) ...

Now the second part, definitely Hoshino Chizuru, knows nothing of parenting, is very hurtful with Miyako, although it is noted that she loves her daughters very much, does not know how to treat them (or at least with Miyako) the truth is a point unfavorable for that lady who does not help at all to overcome the shyness of Miyako ...

... But, something I saw in that chapter, is how little by little Miyako's personality has improved a lot, in the first chapters he was seen as a totally shy and distressed person, but with the passage of the chapters and the interaction with Noa and Hana, they have contributed in a positive way so that Miyako improves their personality, they are those friendships that are really worth ...

I felt a little nostalgic at the time they mentioned which club they would join when they entered high school and that they may not spend as much time together as they do now, it's true, that trio is one of the most sincere and beautiful friendships seen in my life, and it sounds sad that soon they must grow and have to separate, hopefully (if it were to happen that the series continues the sequential line and show them as a teenager) continue with that friendship and those crazy and fun adventures ...

My applause for Shirosaki Hana, previously he was not doing very well in terms of contribution, but today, today he really showed off, from being special and helping Miyako in his process of growing as a person, until he opened up even more to Miyako and allow her to be her big sister, she kills me with laughter as for a couple of sweets she sells herself to disguise herself XD, and everyone knows her weakness.

Well, that chapter was full of many references in terms of anime and manga, the one that surprised me most was that of Hana doing cosplay of Saki Yoshida ...

Well and now the final part, I was a bit afraid of Koko's attitude, although at first it seemed nice and I even wanted to see it a little more, with that post-credits scene where he mentions the anniversary and shows that he has several Miyako casual dress costumes, I'm a little afraid of how this will affect both Miyako and his social circle, I hope no one gets hurt ...

PDA: This has undoubtedly been my favorite chapter, surpassing by far, chapter 5 and 4 that I considered the best and of my favorites ...
Mar 5, 2:51 PM

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The episode was very adorable indeed.

AndresQt said:
Well, that chapter was full of many references in terms of anime and manga, the one that surprised me most was that of Hana doing cosplay of Saki Yoshida ...

I knew I felt the dressup of Hana was very familiar I've seen before but I could not pinpoint exactly what series or charather... Thanks for mentioning it!
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Mar 5, 3:22 PM

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was super cute seeing it all animated

but my god am i sad since there's only a few eps left

i'm really hoping this series gets more anime
"one step at a time"
Mar 5, 3:22 PM
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But they confirmed an OVA that will be released in May
Mar 5, 3:45 PM
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I loved every minute of this episode, by God, again they released an extremely sweet and adorable episode, with a lot cute moments.
The date of Noa and Hinata was so cute, Noa was so happy to have Hinata only for her. I really liked the effort Noah put in this date, she looked so cute when she was making the lunch for the date.
I laughed a lot because of how passionate Hinata was in the movies, she lets herself be carried away easily and that made it very fun.
The part where Hinata gives her the thank you gift was very funny at first, because HInata gives her the gift that was for Hana, but in the end Hinata gives her the ribbon she wanted, she looks so happy.

The second part of this episode was my favorite, because in the manga it was spectacular and I did not think that they would adapt it, but they did it and I am completely grateful to Doga Kobo for this part. Miyako's mom checks the family photo albums and sees the photos of Miyako's childhood and I must say that she was extremely adorable, although her mom looked a bit disappointed to see the current Miyako. Undoubtedly Chunni Miyako was the most fun of all, she looked so cute with that scarf, but the best thing was Miyako's reaction because she was ashamed that the girls saw their "dark past". High school Miyako looks beautiful, plus I love how she looked with contact lenses, Hana notices an intruder known in the photo and is our favorite stalker, would that have been the beginning of Kouko and his friendship with Miyako ?, the faces of fear that Hana and Noa put on were really fun.
But without a doubt the sweetest, cute and adorable moment of this second half was when the girls try on Miyako's old uniform, for God's sake, they look extremely adorable. First Noa, by God she looked very cute with her long sleeves. Then Hinata who took Miyako's Chunni legacy and I must say that Hinata looked very funny, it suited her very well. And finally Hana that at first she looked good, but with the help of Noa and Miyako, Hana transformed and looked super cute, that cute braid twintails hairstyle looks so cute in Hana and those glasses were a plus that made her surpass the normal levels of the "Kawai". Miyako's fantasy was too far away, although Hana looked very adorable under the cherry tree.
I laughed a lot when Hinata asks Mya-nee about which club she attended and Miyako was going to answer "the club to go home", but her mom corrected her with "love" and she lies to Hinata.

And the last part of the episode, which was also beautiful, also made Miyako look like a responsible and good Onee-san.
Miyako increasingly surprised me with her abilities, and I sensed that if she made excellent quality sweets, it was obvious that her cooking skills would be at the same level, besides i loved how Miyako joined the meals that the girls asked her in a single dish, I was delighted to see how Hana devoured her food so happy, it was also lovely to see how Noa's eyebrows moved when she tasted the dish, but Hinata's reaction when Noa says that Miyako would be an excellent wife was for far the most fun, Hinata will not deliver her beloved Mya-nee so easily.
Hana is afraid of horror movies and gave us very adorable moments, but the part where she is so scared and hugs Miyako was the best, for a moment I thought that Miyako would faint from the emotion. The part where we see the girls sleeping made me laugh a lot, poor Noa who had to put up with Hinata's horrible sleeping postures, someone save poor Noa.
But Hana asking Miyako to accompany her to the bathroom was very tender, but this level up when she asks her to accompany her until she falls asleep and in the end Hana gives the final blow when she tells Miyako "Miyako onee-chan", She look so fuckin lovely saying that word.
The post-credit scene made me laugh and also made me fear for the safety of Miyako, Kouko is preparing her anniversary of friendship with her beloved Miyako, but something in her evil laugh makes me doubt her true intentions, the little Yuu spied on her older sister with total innocence.
Mar 5, 5:29 PM

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i'm convinced men don't exist in this universe.

"It's okay to look back at the past
just don't stare."
Mar 5, 6:13 PM

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OMG I think this is my most favorite episode so far! Cuteness overload and so many fun and interesting stuff happaned! Noa’s date was so nice! 5/5 Noa best girl by far.

Mar 5, 10:16 PM

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The pedo power is strong this episode lol.

You're not supposed to perform lethal moves on your support class ally when still fighting the boss!!
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Mar 6, 3:03 AM

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Another fun episode!
Miyako's obsession to Hana is still escalating!
Hinata doesn't care if Noa's sandwitches are messed-up as long as its yummy she'll appreciate it! that's cute of her!
fun to see Miyako getting embarrassingly devastated because of her young pictures and the girls are enjoying it! lolz!
all of Miyako's old uniform suits perfectly to any of the three lolis!
Hana is weak point is Horror films!
bwahah! poor Noa! she's being strangled by Hinata in their sleep!
Mar 6, 5:59 AM

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Hinata and Noa's date :D

I'm a sucker for precure parodies so I liked the miracle light shout out hahaha
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Mar 6, 6:08 AM

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Cute episode with Noa and and Hinata watching a movie. Laughed when Hinata was shouting "go for the body!"

Sad that we only have 3 more episodes of this gem left.
Hopefully, it sells well to get season 2 like Jashin-chan.
Mar 6, 6:12 AM

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Now, she feels the torture. xD
Mar 6, 7:17 AM

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Is it coincidence that Hinata use boyish clothes when go with Noa ? I don't think so, just like what Noa said, this is "deeto", you understand what it mean :)

Photo album, with many of Miyako's childhood pic, and of course chuuni Miyako. I really really want to see long-haired Miyako once again.

The best part is that Miyako isn't as annoying as before when with Hana, although in some occasion she still can't resist with it.

The epilogue is a nightmare. Matsumoto is a disaster, damn her little sister must saw that.
Mar 6, 9:54 AM
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this was so cute, I like how they add a little more content than the manga's chapter,
I would like so much to give this 11/10
Mar 6, 12:17 PM

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awesome episode, too bad it's going to end soon :(
Mar 6, 3:53 PM

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Mya and her chuuni phase lool
Mar 6, 5:49 PM
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I really liked Noa and Hinatas date. Also Noa's crush on Hinata is too funny
Mar 6, 6:40 PM

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I just love how this show combines both cuteness and laughter. It just makes my day.

Miyako was such an angel back then. Still, she's wife material. Hinata & Noa-'s date is cute and Hana's scared expression while asking Miya to help her is both cute and funny.
Mar 7, 1:35 AM

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Noa and Hinata had a cute date. Staying overnight and the horror movie was fun too. This episode finally felt more like a shoujo ai so I'm happy.
And Matsurika lol
Mar 7, 8:45 AM
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I wonder how Matsumoto managed to sneak into Noa's house to take a picture of Miyako cosplaying White Lily
Mar 8, 2:50 AM

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I like how Hinata wears "interesting" clothing with her "date" with Noa.
Somehow it also reminded me on that one episode where she wears somehow "not so childish" swimsuit when the girls were playing with the inflated pool.
Mar 11, 6:08 AM

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Hinata gonna steal your girl.
Mar 12, 4:49 PM
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Anyone else notice the strange appearance of a girl who's name is 177013?
Mar 12, 11:44 PM

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OMG Hinata and Noa on a date ? Cuteness lvl 100000000
And Hinata looks more like a ''boyfriend'', if you know what I mean.

Like the most of Doga Kobo animes, this is heartwhelming.
And that mustache man tho, he's everywhere.

Also Hina's face in this scene, kawaii AF! (good wallpaper btw)
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Mar 13, 2:27 PM

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The fact Miyako was a Chun during High-School makes her ever cuter than she was before, truly best girl of this show. (and she's legal so no lolice at my door)
And I finally have my explanation of why she had yellow eyes in Matsumoto's flashback back 2 episodes ago.
Mar 16, 11:51 AM

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Noa got her date with Hina
Mar 31, 5:33 AM

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The fact of not insisting more with Miyako, and her perversions, making her the center of the narration, but diluting her perversions with other situations, made the narration of these last episodes very amusing and very nice. Just the sympathy of many contexts seen today, manages to make the episode pleasant to look at. Facial expressions and comic jokes placed at the right moments are a blessing for storytelling. Just when it seemed that the character of Matsumoto didn't come out, here she comes with all her perversion, who knows if we'll even know her sister in the future.
Apr 2, 8:56 AM

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Yep, another pointless episode until the last five minutes.
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Jul 12, 12:53 AM

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Jul 17, 4:30 AM

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noa and hinata in the bed sleeping part, somes is getting killed by a snake on her sleep 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jul 17, 4:34 AM

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uninstallthegame said:
that part with the date was adorable. good thing it wasn't a loli yuri bait, but a friendly date

it is yuri just start of it, its just they are bit young to undersdand it, but its clear noa grows up to be lespo, and maybe the2 become couple, but series won't show it