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Poll: Saimin Seishidou Episode 2 Discussion

Feb 28, 12:18 AM

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great episode, we want more chapter T-Rex, pleaaase
Feb 28, 4:06 AM
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This was PERFECT. God damn Reina is so fucking hot
Feb 28, 4:37 AM
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Considering he said everything he says is right, why she would be so defiant and condescending? And if only counseling if they are about to do it, then why she would come and meet him alone? Unless he called her to him, but then why chose her in particular?

Newayz, suddenly getting pounded from behind in full nude was awfully sudden. Would of prefer to see how it led up to that.
Gap lewdness of her being so weak and pleading from being banged while getting jerked and jiggly the breasts disorderedly after the previous defiance. Although the lewdness is less strong due to it being the effect of hypnosis.
interesting that he was more tanned than her despite her looking like a blond gyaru.

How it became such situation that 4 girls were having counselling at once and all got nude??
And none of them had a boyfriend so they probably were called out by him or something. so he just went after girls like normal anyways despite the whole 'good feeling' he explained about doing girls in front of their boyfriends at the start.
Showed off their nude bodies well, although they all didn't have anything particularly stand out.

Blond gyaru was kind of cute pleading for the play. Was wearing quite a perverted pantsu in terms of color and shape.

Loled at him brazenly showing off getting the fella in boys toilet
Due to just jumping into that part, have no idea how agreeable she was with doing it there and the nudeness. Did she get hypnoed all the way into doing that and stripped or initiated that stuff herself?
In any case, it was strange for her to question why she was doing it there at such a late stage where she was already fully nude and seen by at least 3 guys.
for her to be able to stop the fella part way, probably wasn't forced into doing the fella? Somewhat lewd of her geting aggro from being watched, which showed she found it unpleasant.
Pretty lewd how she got so weak and submissive from getting the forced pounding and admitting her embarrassment from being seen, especially since it seemed like her true feeling. A gap lewdness contrast to her condescension and erotic exposure of her body and getting shamed for all to see (*˘︶˘*)

Overall showed off the bodies quite well although the breast motion seems too stiff Or moves with too many directions. Would of prefer to see more lead-up action rather the sudden jumps partway into the situations.
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Feb 28, 9:35 PM

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Reina so sexy xD but she is Gal.
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Mar 1, 11:06 AM
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imagine ann takamaki, but long straight hair.
Mar 2, 5:26 AM
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I've been waiting for so long for such fascinating animation, plot, art, & character. Nice work!
Mar 13, 5:56 AM

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It a little sad that other girls didn't get enough time. But hey, Reina is hot.
Apr 20, 2:24 PM

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Wow a better selection of girls than in the first episode!
Liked this one much more!

But a bit too much focus on Reina...
Jul 7, 8:58 AM

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only reason i bookmarked this is i want to see 1 or all guys brake out of the hypnosis's and kill that fatso :D

hes just to arrogant and asshole