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Poll: Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 8 Discussion

Mar 3, 4:32 PM

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Holy fudge that plot twist. Hopefully they aren't dead.
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Mar 3, 9:42 PM
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.... Poor Mob... I hope Ritsu actually saved their Family. Someone boutta get blasted. 10/10
Mar 4, 2:34 AM

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Jesus that went from wholesome to what the fuck in a second

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Mar 8, 11:00 AM

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Man, I almost had a heart attack from this s***!!!!!!!
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Mar 10, 6:14 AM

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Well, THAT was intense. Hope his family is really OK.
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Mar 12, 11:52 AM
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Sweet lord that was quite the final scene. I really hope those bodies were just planted there and its not really his family.
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Mar 19, 5:49 PM

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Holy whit, when i was thinking this show couldnt get better... we got that ending. Poor Mob, he doesnt deserve anything TT.TT
Mar 19, 8:48 PM

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Mar 25, 9:25 AM

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It wasn't my imagination when I thought this season was darker.
Mar 31, 6:57 AM

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Holy shit ... didn't see that coming.
Mar 31, 6:51 PM

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Overall a pretty funny and I would happy episode. Mob trained for the school marathon and his goal was to finish it as one of the first 10 people. And even if it didn't worked he deserves a lot of respect. His whole character changed so much, no wonder Dimple was also wondering about it :D

Even now after her conversation with Reigen I'm not sure about Tsubomi. She's a little bit weird and doesn't act the way I would think she would.

That ending holy shit.... I really hope what Mob saw in the fire wasn't his family. Otherwise RIP Sho and the organisation Claw.
Apr 1, 9:12 PM

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Holy...SHIT! The sudden dark turn when the episode was being so positive was GENIUS!
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Apr 2, 5:55 AM

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no! no! no! no! no!
Apr 3, 8:34 PM

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Wait what? Did that ending really just happen :o okay I did not expect that! This is going to go insane to be honest :O I really do wonder what will happen next.
Apr 6, 1:12 PM

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I'll give this series a lot of credit if those 3 are actually dead.

I bet at least Ritsu is still alive though.
Apr 6, 4:33 PM

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Pretty sure those charred corpses are fake, probably put there to rile up Mob. And he sure is pissed. Can't remember much about that orange hair kid though. Anyway, there's much to Tsubomi than she's letting on. She might have some powers too.
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Apr 6, 6:48 PM

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i dont remember the orange hair dude much, but i'll be damned if they did kill ritsu off
Apr 8, 4:07 PM

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I'm going to hope those aren't really them.
If it is his family.... I'm going to be really surprised and very upset.
Apr 9, 5:39 AM

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Holy shit that escalated fast. It was a good ending, but I honestly doubt that his parents died.
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Apr 12, 1:10 PM

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They wouldn't...

They wouldn't, wouldn't they?
Apr 20, 3:23 AM

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Dam, Mob losing it at the end gave me chills.

I really doubt the kid killed Ritsu and the parents. The show is really tame in regards to killing off characters and the kid has been interested in Ritsu's powers since he was captured in S1 so I don't see why he'd kill him off. It's probably faked to get a reaction from Mob.
Apr 29, 4:49 PM
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what a bum ass hoe when mob finds you its fuckin over
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May 6, 9:40 PM

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NO NO NO, tell me it's not trueeeeeeeeee TT^TT I'm cry. My bby Ritsu had so much potential and more growth to do OMFGGGGGGGGGGG. Don't kill them off /UGLY CRIESSSSSSSSSS

That fucking bastard D:<
May 22, 2:43 AM
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omg. what an amazing episode

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May 31, 3:19 AM

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The majority of the episode showed that things are going really well for Mob, from him having a brighter outlook on life to his strengthened determination to work hard for something he wants fair and square. If he used his powers to win the marathon, it'd be cool for everyone else but those closest to him with the knowledge that he's an esper would end up being really disappointed in him because he cheated his way to victory. Even though he didn't make the Top 10, he was still really happy for Ritsu and he still has a chance to end up with Tsubomi so he can continue to improve himself with the help of his friends...if it weren't for the episode's ending.

Watching this horrific scene was something I've never, ever thought will happen in this show even though there was a chance that something like this would take place. Seeing the charred corpses of the people you loved most is something absolutely no one should go through, especially someone like Mob. I really hope that it was a ruse by Shou so he'll piss off Mob so he can fight seriously with his family being somewhere else but either way, the bastard screwed up big time.

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Jun 9, 2:04 PM

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oh god no, i'm just going to believe that he took mob's parents with him. i have to believe
Jun 13, 8:32 PM

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RogerThatSM said:
Taylor3112 said:

Calm down my inner self. You must wait for next week and not go into the manga. Think about the magnificent animation

Ending aside, the ep was brilliant. We finally got an idea what kinda person Tsubomi is, although still a vague one.
It was pretty nice to actually see her talk instead of just staring at her extremely colorfully aesthetic design.
Jun 18, 4:29 PM
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In general, it felt more like a breather episode - like what they do in long-running shonen - until those few final minutes. Absolutely mind-blowing. And me having a strong attachment to these characters already, I was left wide-eyed. Cheers and claps for ONE's amazing story and BONES' amazing portrayal of this scene and the episode itself.
Jun 20, 8:50 AM
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Oh hey look there's a marathon...Let's goo Shigeo...can't wait to see his family's reaction to his succes...oh...wait....his the fck
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Jun 29, 1:51 AM

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Oh shit is getting real now!
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