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Poll: Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch Episode 1 Discussion

May 13, 9:19 PM
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Movie felt so rush. I felt like this needed a trilogy or something. An 1hr and 40-ish minutes movie is just not enough.

Part 1 could've shown the world recovered literally after the Zero Requiem been and how C.C. retrieved Lelouch's body + more scenes of them traveling and C.C. trying to unlock Lelouch's memories by giving us scenes with more in-depth explanation about the Code and the Geass.

Part 2 could've been this majority of this movie (from when Kallen and C.C. encountered each other in that inn until they meetup with Cornelia) just add a little bit more screen-time for some other characters? Like other Black Knights member? Schneizel? Even Kaguya and Shirley seemed so irrelevant in this movie. They deserved more roles in this movie.

Part 3 should've been a little bit longer preparation time and battle > Nunnally rescued > Some epilogue with/without a hint on what's to come next which I assume it'll be about L.L. and C.C.'s travels to search for those "Geass Fragments".
May 14, 6:45 AM
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They should have taken a que from the disapperance of haruhi suzumiya. Bait us into thinking leleuch is never going to be himself again. Also the ending is wrong. CC's wish is to die, right? Then she didn't get her wish. Or do they plan to be the cross dressing geass police for all of eternity? Plus the scene everyone wanted to see is the big reveal that Leleuch is alive. But there was no moment like that. Kallen immediately got used to the idea, Suzaku had 3 seconds of anger, and everyone else seemed to know or suspect it. Why was the story so weak? Code Geass is an epic tale, but this is just one nation resisting Leleuch's peace. Could have gone in so many different ways. Huge disappointment.
May 14, 8:18 AM
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Madonis said:
lazypigz said:

First of all, Ufotable does not own FGO that's hilarious. Second of all, if you've listened to what the soundtrack was like in FSN HF in all its glory in the theater, then you would know how to differentiate between a good soundtrack and a mediocre one.

Also does Ufotable really have less projects than Sunrise? All Sunrise is really doing right now, from off the top of my head, is Hathaway's Flash, Iron Blooded Orphans OVA... and yea that's pretty much it I guess save for some idol stuff I don't care about. Ufotable have Kimetsu no Yaiba and the last HF movie, one that they're probably dedicating all their time and effort into to make it an experience that will be worth the price I pay to watch it at the theater and more. Sunrise isn't doing much atm either, so I expected higher than average quality animation which I sadly did not get.

I consider peak Sunrise to be Gundam Unicorn OVA in terms of animation. Unicorn's soundtrack is god-tier too. This is nowhere near that. Which is bad because this is a movie, and I expect movie-quality among the likes of Ufotable's works.

Yes I get that maybe this movie was not meant for me, as I'm more of a Gundam fan than a CG fan. I get that this is for the people who wanted more, but for those of us that wanted to see what they could've built off of R2's amazing finale, this is very disappointing.

EDIT: Oh oops. I guess this was a sequel to recap films, not the main TV series. But whatever, it still wasn't that great they could've done so much more had it been a full 12-24 ep TV series.

I was talking about the overall state of the property, not saying it is under the same single company. There is still much shared synergy either way.

I meant that having a higher profile and a larger portfolio of successful as well as wildly popular products under the FSN brand makes it more reasonable to give each project higher budgets, no? We have seen this grow. FSN has been woken up for several years as a popular brand due to various projects and now it is truly huge. It wasn't this big back in the era of the original VN or the first anime adaptaiton. Geass is like barely trying to expand its reach and open its arms, with only two seasons, one OVA and one movie. There are manga, but those are like secondary tie-ins or spin-offs and not central works. Fate has an almost uncountable number of parts and pieces at this point in time.

I think the full list of Sunrise products is longer, if you include works that came out earlier this year or late 2018 plus what they haven't necessarily announced but will be premiering either this year or the next. Oh and I have to add one thing...Gundam Unicorn was a deluxe project for their flagship Universal Century property. Other Gundam shows don't look that good. Even the recent NT movie doesn't look as pretty as Unicorn did, so something is clearly happening over there. Hathaway's Flash will probably be a big project with a lot of staff and the best animators being mainly dedicated to it.

I'll only consider this movie to be a disappointment if I don't find that this base is used effectively in the next years. They are saying with this movie that more Code Geass is possible after all, so they have to prove that this movie wasn't just a one-off now. Gundam has had better and worse works over the years, but it's all helped to open the door to new and different attempts to try out ideas. If the end of Code Geass was only this film, then I would feel like you do. People have said it is disappointing that this wasn't a TV season, because stuff had to be simplified, but since the movie is doing well that could mean we may get a season at one point or another.

They did say they are planning 10 years worth of content for the series
May 17, 4:30 AM
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I really can't decide how I feel about this movie. Just got back from seeing it.

I didn't DISLIKE it, but I didn't really love much of it either. I love the characters and what was happening wasn't offensive in any way to me, but it just didn't make me feel much excitement or emotion apart from a handful of moments. Also wasn't really a fan of the knightmare designs and action. Through some parts of the Zilkhistan plotline I was just kinda waiting for it to end so I could see what would happen in the final scenes in regard to where would Lelouch go, etc. That said, I love Lelouch renaming himself L.L and that he and C.C are sticking together now. Would've been nicer if the epilogue content had been a bit more though. In fact the whole thing might've been better as a TV season rather than movie.

I'm so conflicted. I feel like I need to rewatch it to judge further, but at the same time I don't really feel like sitting through it in it's entirety again right away. Anyway ending definitely leaves it open enough that they can keep making more stuff to push the franchise further if they decide this was worth the $$$. One person in the row behind me, upon the credits rolling, immediately said to his friend "it was better when he was dead" and part of me still agrees, even though I don't hate this and am still interested in seeing where it goes next (but also a little nervous). Just lots of mixed feelings right now lol.
May 17, 4:35 AM
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"sequel usually sucks" stereotype confirmed yet again? lol
May 17, 3:37 PM
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I think the movie wasn't trying to create a better ending replacement, but to open things up in an alternate way. From that point of view, then only the future projects will be able to help us confirm or deny if it really was better to do this or if they shouldn't have.
May 17, 3:42 PM
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Madonis said:
I think the movie wasn't trying to create a better ending replacement, but to open things up in an alternate way. From that point of view, then only the future projects will be able to help us confirm or deny if it really was better to do this or if they shouldn't have.

they are milking the cash cow

10 Year Plan for Code Geass Revealed
May 17, 7:34 PM

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The only problem with the movie I had was a lack of SoL interactions between Lelouch and some of the cast

Ohgi got his say Suzaku got a lot of say and C.C. got the most but Kallen didnt even have a proper conversation with him and all we got from Shirley was that picture of her being overjoyed in the credits

Time constraints i guess meh
May 19, 6:23 AM
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WTH Shirley alive?
While nice to have a million character cameos, either I'm really tired, or the pacing was breakneck rushing a 1+ season war conflict into this movie, & the weird subs were hard to see & jumped up or off center occasionally. I want to rewatch for all the early part infodump on countries/factions.
Great to see the original characters again. Lloyd & Orange are still so much fun. Somehow always liked the weird Ohgi Villetta ship, nice video with all the wedding fun.
So plot's alright, fast & vague on many points. Shamna & Charlio's country want to use Nunnally to turn back time before 0-requiem, so their mercenary based life can thrive with wars it seems. Wasn't clear what make Nunnally special to enter C's World. Somehow i completely forgot the C's World from the original.
Lots of mixed feelings on broken Lelouch, but headpatting Kallen was too cute. They did ease into showing more of him. Great moment when classic pompous Zero returned, with callbacks to s1 start when CC granted him geass used to kill the soldiers in that manner & the Narita incident.
CC gets lots of outfits, and that wonderful LL end, apparently they know who's best grill. Post credits, is that a black wedding dress? Collecting geass fragments (or just them two camping) sound fine for future sequels.
Other vague details: CC very briefly said how she revived a botched Lelouch from C's world. It sounds like by the rushed temple blockage to prevent gas attack, he deduced Shamna's time travel limit is ~6 hours. But him deducing her geass ability was too rushed as well. Also her geass eventually changed from clairvoyance to consciousness/time travel, but it's unclear if this change is significant to any plot.
May 29, 9:09 AM

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Just watched it earlier at the cinemas and I've been waiting for so long for this movie because I missed Lelouch and other characters so much. :)) It was okay but it was rushed? Especially Shirley though. She was treated as a useless character tbh.

The "L.L." part, a lot laughed about it and the after credits scene was like wtf?? I was hoping for more but wth. :(( It was really rushed for me, I like the animation and the characters but their interaction was idk, unsatisfying. Season 1 and Season 2 was still the best, this could've been better if it was longer and not rushed too. Idk, I suck at explaining. Good to see Lelouch and C.C. together that's the only thing I liked.

C.C. taking care of her //baby// Lelouch without a soul was so cute aajsjdja

6-7/10 :(
May 29, 4:03 PM

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Shamna's geass was pretty much Bites the Dust they just made a JJBA reference.

Other than Shamna,the tender moments between the four main characters, and the battles this movie was just okayish.
"What has two arms, two legs, and is alive? Not your favorite character lol! xD"
Jun 2, 7:25 AM
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I have no strong feeling one way or the other.
Jun 16, 6:13 PM
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Honestly, i felt like the movie was really rushed. You can just see it in the way that it feels like they fast forwarded all of the parts where there's heavy dialogue. If they just slowed everything down and expanded on everything a bit more it could've been a good movie. Not enough setup/screentime for the villains and their backstory, not enough of knightmares fighting knightmares, and not enough scenes/interactions between the characters and a newly revived Lelouch. A lot of good ideas, but not enough time/execution to really make it great.
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Jun 21, 6:35 AM
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Just watched the cam rip. I didn't get the full quality in visuals and music, but it already felt very nice on this side.

As an anime movie, it was great. As a Code Geass sequel, it was worth it in terms of visuals, dialogues and stakes. About the story itself however, I can't sort out my feelings.

- The story is definitely rushed. The stakes are interesting, and the movie tells a lot for less than 2 hours, but it definitely goes too fast on important points of the plot. Also, many scene transitions felt ridiculous. The movie is definitely rushed... and because of that, most of what happens lacks impact. It just happens and doesn't hit you real hard, you know what I mean?

- That said, the movie itself tells a decent story. The battles are full of clever strategies, with bluffs, anticipations, and twists. Everything you would expect from Code Geass.
The links to the original story... some make sense, some don't. For example, I really don't like the characters' reactions to the events of the story. It's like they really don't care.

Finally, I really like the way they handled Lelouch's fate. They basically proved everyone wrong xD! They gave an unpredicted version of the aftermath of Zero Requiem, and took the opportunity to give a bit more explanation about how the Code works.

Now, a word about the end of the series: honestly, I'm really getting sick of this debate. NO ONE, from ANY SIDE, sticks to FACTS and everyone automatically resorts to disrespecting the others' opinions without questioning their own judgement.
As a result, everyone keeps using hoaxes and bad translations, and when they do use actual facts, they make wide interpretations of it.
That's true for both sides.
Stop the bullcrap and learn basic logic before insulting each other.

Lelouch is neither alive nor dead in the end of R2, as both possibilites are MEANT to be possible, that was stated years ago in the official DVD commentaries and that was stated yet again recently (at Sakura-con, I believe?).

Sorry for my grunt, I'm done now xD! About the movie, it's good as an anime movie, it's worthy of Code Geass on everything except the story, which is really debatable on many points.
Overall I didn't feel it was worth the 11 years of waiting.
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